The Internet is where all the action is.  With more and more are coming online to get business, it is easy to be fooled by website companies that promote “affordable” websites. These types of companies may a big promise to provide your company with and user-friendly website for a small monthly fee, and will even “list you on Google”.

It sounds too good to be true, right?  And it is.

What do these types of providers actually give you for your money?  The best web design companies never, ever use pre-made websites.  They design custom websites to be attractive and Google friendly, from the ground up.

Themes, Website Buildings and Templates Just Aren’t Worth It

When you try to take the easy way out and turn to companies like Wix. Weebly, Godaddy or Square Space, be prepared to get what pay, and not get what you don’t pay for:

  1. Recycled Designs: Your website will look exactly like the others who used that specific template as well, because they are the same templates that have been used over and over again. Your clients won’t remember you if they can’t see what sets you apart from other companies.
  2. Too Rigid: If you use a template, you do not have control over may parts of your website. What happens if you want to add new features or make minored layout changes? You need a content management system that enables your company to grow with your website.
  3. Poor Website Coding: With templates, you do not know who created your site. The developer could be talented, or it could be a novice developer who created low quality code for your site. IN fact, with templates and pre-made WordPress themes, they are design to sell for cheap and code quality is not an issue or a priority.
  4. Little or No SEO: Search engine optimization is a crucial component to the success of your website. Google does not like to push out sites from template-based website providers over a quality, completely custom website that was designed to do well on the search engine from the ground up. Templates and theme-based sites rarely rank well on Google in competitive niches.
  5. Lack of ownership: with most web builder sites, you don’t actually own the site. When stop paying, they turn the website off – you can’t take the web design with you to your own host, and you could lose all the valuable content.

Conclusion, templates web builders and theme websites are not worth it if you want to take your digital marketing strategy seriously – and use it to grow your business.