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  • Marketing Strategies with Salesforce DevOps & SF Pardot

Flosum Study; Devising Marketing Strategies with Salesforce DevOps & SF Pardot

Considering different business operations that contribute to your business’s success, marketing is one of the top functions to decide the fate of a business. A successful marketing team will be goal-centric, and a good marketing strategy will help optimize your brand visibility and boost customer traction, with the ultimate objective being earning higher profits.

Salesforce is now the top CRM platform, and with SF DevOps, it has become much easier now to ensure collaboration between operations and application development. This will also enable the marketing wing to leverage better strategies for winning more results. By using the toolkits like Pardot, it is possible to automate marketing operations and better synchronize sales and marketing operations.

Compared to other similar tools, Salesforce Pardot has a more sophisticated and expedited approach to marketing. This can overcome many of the shortfalls of conventional marketing and bring new opportunities for business marketers to identify the right opportunities and pitch in at the right time. They can figure out the best timely marketing plans to ensure better lead generation to advanced digital marketing strategies.

Understand How Flosum Works With Salesforce

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is a simple but mighty tool for marketing automation. Brought into the market by Salesforce, it offers a complete toolkit integrable with SF Marketing Cloud. The functionality of Pardot can be extended to many related areas, and it makes use of cutting-edge technology to ensure ease of access and flexibility in marketing operations.

Pardot is tested and proven to be powerful in terms of better lead generation, better engagement, expedited lead closure, and upgradation of sales processes. Altogether, Pardot helps its users to enhance the overall ROI by maximizing the outreach. Pardot can also assist the marketing teams in gathering better momentum through more action-oriented and insightful reporting.

Lead generation

When it comes to end-to-end marketing operations, the primary and most important phase is generating quality leads. Pardot can serve this purpose really well. Lead generation is done with optimum intelligence by giving a unique and impressive outlook to the enterprise and its products or services. Marketers can use Pardot to build impactful and compelling landing pages with the Page Builder tool’s help. Even without programming or designing knowledge, you can build pages flexibly and uncomplicatedly. Pardot also offers the generation of entry forms in order to gather information on prospective leads.

Users can also run a customized search on Pardot and use this to understand the return of their digital marketing campaigns and SEO initiatives. With the use of the Pardot toolkit, you can integrate your Google Ads and get the needed stats to track each individual ad’s performance. So, you can understand the ROI of various campaigns and readjust them as and when needed in real-time. Also, by using the FLOSUM Pardot suite, you can monitor, track, measure, and predict social media campaigns’ performance possibilities and plan these accordingly. Using Pardot for strategizing digital marketing campaigns will ensure that you always avail the best opportunities in business marketing online.

Flosum Works With Salesforce

Flosum Works With Salesforce

Following up the leads and nurturing them

Once you start to earn returns through your marketing campaigns as prospective leads, next, you have to work on those leads and nurture them. Pardot comes into your support here, too, by automating the lead follow-up process. Pardot can be custom set to send automated emails based on the set schedules. It will also help to automate the lead follow-ups and alerts on dormant leads to be pursued from time to time.

Marketers can also get a better insight by analyzing the data more engagingly and effectively on the Pardot platform. Pardot will also help in understanding the engagement level of each individual needs. With this, you can effectively plan the investment across different active and dormant leads to try and convert them. Pardot features many analysis tools and can also set priorities for the marketers to work on different lead nurturing tasks. With such a sophisticated approach, the marketing team can always be on top of their leads and track and improve the same progress.

While using Salesforce DevOps, too, Pardot will further make it easier to coordinate between the dev-ops teams to work on the priority needs with a systematic plan of action. It is much easier to segment the leads based on set criteria and priorities. Pardot also has the ability to custom create different dynamic listings and can also create interactive and personalized content for communicating more effectively with customers. All these come together to enhance your ROI and conversion rate.

Marketing automation

Pardot can help in marketing automation, not only by sending preset emails, but it offers many other tools to gain more customers with targeted marketing efforts. It is very easy to do email formatting and content management using Pardot. You can set schedules, alerts, and reminders on Pardot, and the platform itself can take action and alert you too to take the initiative as needed. As in the case of AdWords and social media campaigns, for email campaigns, there is a provision to find out each email’s engagement level. Another big feature of A/B testing will help in optimizing the impact of mail marketing campaigns.

Owing to the Salesforce DevOps, Pardot can also help in better collaboration among the organization’s various functional departments. Sales executives can use Pardot for automated scheduling as soon as the marketing team is transferring a lead. They can also effectively collaborate with the products/service delivery team and also finance /accounting teams to ensure timely coordination of the sales and aftersales activities.

This advanced integration of various functional departments in an organization will help businesses leverage the scope of offering more products or services to an already engaged audience. It will further help increase the success rate of all the teams and the organization as a whole. With all these advanced features, Salesforce integration with Pardot will help you better monetize each lead and help take an individualized approach to each customer. It can also give you a real-time view of the operational departments to assess how close each of them to the set goals.

Final Word

Marketing Strategies are one of the key business operations that determines a company’s performance. A solid marketing plan will help you maximize your brand visibility and increase consumer traction.

With SF DevOps, it is now much simpler to assure collaboration between operations and application development. Salesforce is currently the leading CRM platform. This will also make it possible for the marketing department to use better tactics to achieve more success. It is feasible to automate marketing operations and better synchronize sales and marketing operations by using toolkits like Pardot. Use it correctly and get your business to the top.

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