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What NBA Can Teach You About Marketing: 5 Tips You Need to Know

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  • What NBA Can Teach You About Marketing

What NBA Can Teach You About Marketing: 5 Tips You Need to Know

The National Basketball Association or the NBA for short has not become this popular thanks to people’s love for sports only. It’s people’s love for basketball that grew thanks to the NBA’s outstanding marketing efforts. The NBA brand is present in all corners of the world. You can see it everywhere from jerseys and posters to hats and billboards. How exactly has the NBA managed to achieve such absolute dominance in the sports industry? The answer is through creative and consistent marketing. Who’s to say you cannot borrow some of their techniques to grow your own brand? Here are five marketing tips the NBA can teach you.

#1 Develop Line Extensions for Your Brand

The NBA made important marketing move back in 2006 when they created the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association). This allowed them to gain massive support from women who did not have much interest in basketball up until then. In other words, they managed to awaken a whole new audience and expand their reach in a new direction. Since this allowed the NBA to grow exponentially, they created other extensions such as NBA-China and the National Wheelchair Basketball Association. Even though your business might not have the strength to initiate similar extensions, you can expand your reach by building social media pages targeting different audiences. This way, you will establish a presence in the industry and build popularity within your niche.

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#2 Start Generating More Content

Content marketing is an important part of growing a brand. NBA has become a real content marketing machine by pushing out videos, blog posts, articles, and photos that drive traffic to their pages. They mastered the art of getting visitors through different social media networks, and you can do the same for your business. Start posting content more consistently and make it entertaining and informative. Posting more content will allow you to build a more engaged email list that can later be used to convert leads into customers. When it comes to a good content strategy, the key is to be innovative and consistent. If you don’t have time to create content, hire content marketers to do it for you.

#3 Be More Visible

One reason the NBA brand is so unforgettable is that people see it everywhere. Jerseys, billboards, clothing, and NBA trademarks are all around us. The NBA has a store where they sell merchandise that further increases their visibility. Establishing that kind of presence increases the visibility of the brand. What you can do to the same is to work with influencers on social media, especially Instagram, to get your story out there. Respond to people who are interested in the brand and keep engaging with the target audience. Collaborate with professionals and get your story on major platforms for a chance to increase brand awareness.

#4 Dominate the Spotlight

Being the best in your niche will help boost your brand to the next level. The NBA has secured its place in the spotlight by getting involved in pop culture. The way you can secure your spot is by closely associating your brand to popular trends. Influencer marketing can be a great way to get started if you cannot afford celebrity endorsements yet. The key is to make sure your brand’s name comes across whenever someone searches the specific niche or product related to the company. Keep in mind that attracting so much attention can bring online security risks. It would be best to use a VPN to protect your network from unwanted intruders.

#5 Build Brand Consciousness

Finally, one of the most important marketing strategies that the NBA uses is building brand consciousness. This includes getting involved in social causes, raising awareness about social issues, as well as leaving a positive impact on society. One way the NBA builds brand consciousness is by showing a good dose of diversity in their marketing. Introducing diversity can open doors to new markets and audiences. For example, featuring Mexican or Asian models can help a brand reach out to these specific markets. The overall goal is to send a positive message and help deal with current issues in society.


The NBA brand has achieved global dominance by combining some of the smartest marketing techniques out there. Simply copying these steps will guarantee success in online branding, especially within a specific niche.

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