Wonderful Wedding logo design ideas and marriage logos

roses wedding logo

The wedding is one of the most exciting days in human life. This is a very special day where everything is magical, meaningful, and memorable, a milestone life event, you’re going to get married.  Now, it is easy to make your day even more magical with a custom wedding logo, unique Wedding Monogram for your big Marriage day.

Our graphic designers have chosen the best wedding logo templates selection for your inspiration. Select your favorite template and customize it online – 100% free to try. Pay only if you want to use it.

Best Wedding Logo Ideas

floral monogram logo
Frame Elegant Logo
vintage frame logo
vintage frame logo
floral crown
Diamond ring Logos
 Initials Logos
Wedding Ring Logo
infinity birds logo
vintage roses frame logo
Vintage Roses Logo Templates
vintage roses frame logo
 Pink Swans Logo
Swans logo
Swans logo
Monogram Maker
Gold Wedding Logo Floral Design
Monogram Maker
 floral logos
Minimalist Alphabet Maker
Floral Frame Logos

With the wedding logo maker, you can change your name and fonts, choose a color that reflects your wedding theme, and much more. Create a beautiful Wedding Monogram and wedding symbol that will stay with you for marriage days and will look great on your wedding invitations, menu, Facebook, save the date Invitations, place cards seating for the big event, wedding website, and even your marriage logo website.

Love Birds Logo Design
luxury group logos
Love Birds Logo
Wedding Cake Logo
Wedding Cake Logo
Wedding Cake Logo

What Is A Wedding Logo?

A wedding logo is a unique symbol, a Wedding Monogram that represents your union and your new life as a couple. It’s a great way to bring coherence to your theme and everything that flows from it. Wedding logos are often made of a combination of the initials of the bride and groom, to which is sometimes added a pictogram or other graphic element.

If the term logo is rather modern, the concept is not. Centuries ago, families and important people already used symbols to represent themselves. The first register of heraldic crest seems to be on the Bayeux tapestry, dating back to the 11th century. In the Middle Ages, the shields of the warriors were decorated specifically for each of them. Some blazons have been passed from generation to generation after them as a proud symbol of family heritage.

Monograms and other letter combinations have also been in fashion for some time, especially among royal families. It was the Victorians, however, who actually started the trend of monograms, even raging a writer of the time who was then wondering if the followers of the monogram mania would go so far as to tattoo their logo on forehead…

Nowadays, wedding logos fall into two broad categories: timeless or temporal. The timeless symbolize the union of the couple. There are many monograms and blazon-type designs in this category. It can also be a very good alternative to the common name (20 % of married women keep their maiden name). Temporal logos are more focused on marriage itself. They can complement the theme chosen for the ceremony or capture the portrait of the bride and groom at this time of their life together.

Luxurious crown Logo
Vintage Crown logo
Luxurious Royal Logo
Vintage Crown logo
Diamond Logo Design
 Lotus Flowers Icon
Ornamental Letter Logo Design

Why choose a free logo creator for your wedding logo?

For the simple reason that it’s free to try and easy to use in the comfort of your home. You do not have to sit for hours, sometimes days to come up with a design.

We offer quality ready-made wedding logo design templates to choose from. Also, the logo maker tool is made easy to use. Simply change your names, add your alphabet letters, colors fonts, and more. Customize it online with unlimited wedding logo templates and the easy monogram maker.

Your marriage lasts only one day, but your love is forever. Why not think of a design that will last after the celebrations? Your wedding logo can turn into a romantic symbol of your union and decorate your first home, for example.

Hand Drawn Heart Icon
 Hearts tree Logo
Floral wave Logo
Pinky Promise logo