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2023 A Complete Website Redesign Guide [updated trends]

Why do you need a complete website redesign?

Your website is ultimately the face of your company which is why it deserves your undivided attention, devotion, and enough investment. It might not even look like a big deal to many people who have a business. But, website redesign gets a lot of ignorance when it comes to maintenance. However, it’s vital to recognize and appreciate the critical function your website plays in your client acquisition efforts. As well as its overall influence on sales and profits.

It is generally a good idea to redesign a website from time to time to ensure that it stays up-to-date. Additionally, relevant to the needs of the business or organization it represents. Redesigning your website helps to improve the user experience, and make the site more visually appealing. Likewise, it makes it easier for users to find and access the information they need.

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A redesign can also be an opportunity to add new features and functionality to the site, such as improved navigation, social media integration, and responsive design for mobile devices.

Finally, a website redesign can help to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the site by making it faster, more secure, and easier to maintain.

For marketing to be successful, every point of contact with a potential client must be coordinated. One of the most important salespeople for your business, for instance, is your website.

When we talk about websites and their importance, a discussion on website design becomes almost inevitable. If you are not sure how to manage it yourself, you can always get professional help from a web design agency. Take a look at the updated list of the Top Web Design Companies and choose the one you like the most to help you with redesigning your website.

So, why do people opt for a complete or partial redesign after a point in time in the business? Well, there can be a lot of reasons why this happens and why it happens for the long-term good of the company.

Among all those reasons, here are the top reasons why you should be considering a complete redesign. Read them, so you know what you’ll miss out on the next time you turn down a website redesign project plan from an agency.

Your site is no longer an accurate representation of your brand.

It’s critical for your website to display a strong brand name that correctly represents your company. Likewise, embodies the essence of your brand to be taken more seriously and to be regarded as a professional, reputable organization. Small firms and entrepreneurs can benefit from a better brand image since it allows them to distinguish from larger rivals, leveling the playing field.

In comparison to current design trends, your site appears obsolete.

Due to the fact that design trends change every several years, a website that is two or three years old might quickly appear obsolete. Especially when compared to a rival that has a website that is up to date with the newest design concepts. For instance, flat design, employing basic two-dimensional patterns with a clean, modern style that appeals to both mobile and desktop users, is now the latest design trend. It uses a basic, minimal design style that has been accepted by a number of firms, including Microsoft, Apple, and Starbucks. 

Your site causes you embarrassment.

It may be time to consider a website makeover if you are ashamed to give out your website URL for fear of what your potential customers would perceive it as. For example, at an industry event, if there are business owners who just do not want people to look at their website since they are ashamed, it is high time that they understand they need a makeover and then work on it and just get around it already.

Due to the obvious impression it provides of your organization, a poor website may harm your business considerably as much as not having one at all.

An unresponsive website.

A site’s responsive design allows it to adjust to the display size of any mobile device. If you see that a significant portion of your website visits is coming from a mobile device like maybe a smartphone, when examining your statistics, it’s time to consider a new responsive design. Visitors to your website may be utilizing a variety of mobile devices, such as an iPad, iPhones, Tablets, android phones, and so on. A responsive design allows users to effortlessly explore your site across all of these different devices, resulting in a positive UX. Moreover, Google’s latest smartphone-friendly test now tells searchers whether or not your website is mobile-responsive.

website online design

You’re losing visitors who are using their mobile devices.

You may be losing customers and having a greater bounce rate than usual if your website is not mobile-friendly and a substantial part of your visitors come from a mobile device like a smartphone or an iPad.

Since you will lose valuable leads as a result, this will surely have a negative effect on your bottom line. A great total website redesign will solve this issue and assist you in reducing your bounce rate and increasing conversions.

The deadweight of an unoptimized website 

Your website may have been constructed using a framework or your URLs are flexible. A website redesign can assist you in improving the structure of your page so it would be more SEO-friendly. By utilizing more advanced Content Management Systems etc, that give you additional flexibility and make optimizing your website easier, a website redesign can help you improve your coding and make your website as a whole more SEO friendly by utilizing custom page URLs, header Tags, Page Titles, Alt Tags, and backlinking.

One of the most popular and reliable strategies to enhance your website and develop your business is backlinking. A backlink checker is a fairly nice idea to make it easier to check your manually created backlinks.

Your site is designed with old technologies.

Maybe your site is still constructed in flash, which is hard to interpret for search engines like Google and impossible to access on mobile devices like smartphones, or perhaps your website is using extensions that haven’t been upgraded in years. Updating your website with the most up-to-date technologies and plugins will assist it to run better and be much more productive, giving your users a better UX.

Feeling the need to keep your Website under control?

You can launch marketing campaigns and strategies faster if you have more control over managing and upgrading your website. You won’t have to wait for somebody else to make the adjustments for you. With this feature, you can test more web pages and sales funnels and determine what is and isn’t functioning for you more quickly, allowing you to see results sooner.

Enhance the security of your website.

Cyber and online security are perhaps one of the most pressing issues of our day, For example, it can be trouble, especially for small businesses as they are the most vulnerable to website hacking and malware as bigger corporations. You’re more vulnerable to viruses, espionage, and hackers if your site was created years ago but hasn’t been updated and maintained since.

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Spiral Globe Logo Maker

Website Redesign Tips

Having a website has become a requirement for businesses around the world today. With the number of customers choosing to take part in e-commerce, businesses need to have a website in order to reach their target audience, gain profits, and stand out from the competition.

However, it’s not enough to merely have a website just for the sake of it. If you want to attract customers online, you need to make sure that your website is properly designed. How your website looks can set an impression, affect your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, and build trust with your audience, which is why you should never design it hastily.

These web redesign tips listed below will show you how you can bring your business to the next level and help you build a business that people will love to work with.

1. Keep Your Web Design Simple And Professional

One of the most effective ways of achieving great website design is to keep things simple and professional-looking. Your customers wouldn’t want to see a site full of flashy colors and animated pictures. People are very busy with their lives and often do not have time to sit down for a 10-minute sales pitch, so give them just what they want: information about your company and its products and services.

Also, keep your website easy to use. If it’s difficult to navigate or has confusing designs, you may alienate potential clients. People are more likely to click on an article that’s clear and concise, so that should also be considered.

Additionally, create an autoresponder to automate all of the time-consuming procedures involved in creating and maintaining your email list. Nevertheless, using the autoresponder will ensure that you are not wasting valuable time emailing prospects, which can lead to wasted money.

Mobile friendly

2. Make Sure Your Web Design Is Mobile-friendly

Gone are the days when customers will only use their computers to access websites. Today, most of them are browsing online with their smartphones, which are more convenient as these are compact, and allow users to access countless information at their fingertips.

You should always consider this status quo when redesigning a website. Since customers would prefer using their smartphones when surfing the Internet, you should make sure that your website is fast and mobile-friendly. This means that the content that users can access from your website when using a computer should be the same content users will see when they use their smartphones.

There are many ways to make your website mobile-friendly, namely:

Make information easier to find:

Your customers usually live hectic lifestyles, which is why they’d choose to grab a smartphone rather than sit in front of a computer to access information. One tip to make your website mobile-friendly is to make sure that information is readily available to your users. If possible, create a FAQs page to make it easier for first-time users to find information about your business and your offerings.

Prioritize speed:

Not everyone has the luxury of time, so having a slow website will likely shoo away potential customers. When designing your website, make sure that it loads fast. You can achieve this goal by compressing your images and CSS and using accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

Make your buttons big enough to work on mobile: Users won’t have any problems clicking a small button using their mouse; but, when they’re using their smartphones, the task can be tough. Another way to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly is to ensure that the sizes of your buttons are large enough to be tapped by the fingers.

3. Pay Attention To Typography

Another important factor that should be considered when designing your website is typography. The typeface and body texts should come in a size that allows online users to read them with ease, and the background color scheme of your webpage should also allow these texts to stand out. All of the information you placed on your website will be useless if your font blends with your background color or if your texts are too small to read.

Typography in web redesign is important not only because it affects how your website looks, but because it influences the users’ ability to grasp information from your website. If you want to make the act of reading effortless for your online visitors, take note of the following typography tips:

Keep the number of fonts used at a minimum:

You’ll have countless font styles to choose from when you decide to design your website. However, this doesn’t mean that you should fully utilize this option because using more than three different types of fonts will only make your website look unprofessional and unstructured. Ideally, you should only use one font style throughout your website. If you find it necessary to use two font styles, make sure that these complement each other based on their character width. For example, you can pair Impact with Baskerville, and Georgia with Verdana

Try to use standard fonts:

There are many interesting fonts available online and offline today, but using these can distract online users from reading. Using Trajan and other handwritten fonts will make it challenging for online users to understand the message that you’re trying to convey on your website. When choosing a font for your website, opt to use standard fonts. Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica are great options as these are easily readable and suitable for many types of businesses.

Avoid all caps:

Unless you’re indicating an acronym, you should avoid using all caps in your website as this will make it more challenging for online users to read your content. Using all caps on your website will also de-emphasize what’s important and make readers feel as if you’re shouting at them.

Consider Hiring Pros

Designing a website isn’t a walk in the park as there are several factors to consider. The task can even become more challenging if you don’t have the necessary skills or tools for the job.

If you don’t want to take any chances, consider hiring professionals to design a website for your business. Sure, this professional service will require money from your pocket, but this amount is all worth it as you’ll end up having an appealing and fully functional website.

B2B Web Design As A Branding Opportunity

B2B Website Redesign

Companies that aren’t using their websites to expand their operations and increase revenue are missing out and won’t be as competitive as others. Most sales professionals greatly underestimate a company’s digital presence and its potential in keeping their business future-proof.

Although traditional marketing may still be effective in attracting new business and closing sales, in today’s digital space, a business website is a superb source for generating new leads, turning these leads into clients, and maintaining relationships with existing clients.

In this article, you’ll learn how incorporating good practices from B2B web design in your branding may help you grow your company. Read on!

What Are The Characteristics Of B2B Web Redesign?

A business-to-business (B2B) service is where one business sells goods and services to another business. Think of the company from where an aircraft company sources its aluminum and rubber to manufacture its planes’ cabins or tires to be sold later as the complete airplane to airliners. That company sourcing all those materials is a B2B company.

B2B companies have grown since going online, and there are many reasons for their success, one being is how these businesses design their websites. For a B2B website to achieve outstanding results, it should have the following features:

  • Stacked content on every page
  • A page with detailed information on goods and services offered
  • Manuals and brochures that prospects and customers can download
  • Detailed and numeral contact information

That said, here are seven ways how you can incorporate the best of B2B website redesign as a way to improve the reach of your brand:

B2B web design tips
  1. Direct Prospects To Relevant Content

A competent sales team requires up-to-date and industry-standard tools to attract, nurture, and convert leads into actual sales. The customers of today are very well-informed and do a lot of research before coming to a conclusion. And to cater to your customer’s needs, your website needs content showcasing your products and services. This could include delivery times, pricing plans, best practices, frequently asked questions, functionality, implementation procedures, etc.

If your website already has all these, the next step is to send links to clients where they can view your website anytime. These links save both the clients and the company time. Before a customer conducts business with you, their questions will have already been responded to through your FAQs or reviews left by other customers.

  1. Create Content That Addresses Customers’ Needs

The majority of B2B marketing is centered on content as a crucial part of lead generation and conversion. Nonetheless, there are still more traditional companies that underrate the power of creating information, which is paramount in solving customers’ problems and addressing their needs.

Creating content that solves problems and addresses needs places a company at a competitive edge. It also shows its potential to understand customers’ expectations. When consumers contact your website and discover you have the solutions to their problems, they are likely to keep doing business with you.

  1. Generate Inbound Leads Using SEO

Many companies market their services and products using search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, or others. To get ahead of your competition, revamp your web page for traffic search engine optimization.

SEO refers to increasing traffic or awareness about a specific website by ensuring it emerges among the top search results in search engine tools. However, SEO visibility is crucial as search engines are the key ways to search for prospective clients on the internet. For one, small businesses need SEO if they need to establish their presence in their target audience.

SEO also appropriately grows your audience because

  • First – it’s still evolving to be at per with mobile and native SEO,
  • Second – it eases searches for customers interested in the company’s products and services, and
  • Third – it reduces costs and keeps your brand competitive among similar companies.

Optimizing your website for SEO and steering keyword phrases your target audience uses will generate additional inbound leads. The good news is that these leads have the most potential to be converted into actual sales and ultimately maintained into returning clients. 

  1. Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Advertising, And Targeted Ads

SEO requires time and continuous efforts to maintain. Though natural search traffic seems to perform well, a business can use different ways to generate leads. Pay-per-click campaigns may allow your company to pay for directed ads so your company’s website stays on top of your competition. When a client submits a Google search for keywords related to your products and services, your ads will direct them to your website. It’s best if you use the google keyword planner to find the most popular keywords.

In the same way, social media marketing aims at providing consumers with valuable information through popular social media channels. In turn, your customers can share your content across their networks leading to increased traffic to your site. Social media content influences SEO attempts in increasing relevance in the search outcomes in social media networks. This results in a reduction in marketing expenses while raising lead generation.

Targeted ads are very powerful tools in digital marketing. They are used to advertise goods and services offered by a particular company which helps to attract the attention of the audience. This increases the number of potential buyers.

  1. Convert Leads, Make A Follow-Up, And Then Close Leads

All individuals that visit your website are potential buyers. When they download a free e-book, complete a form, and enroll in your mailing list, they become potential clients. But with no further action on your end, they remain just that—leads. As important as lead generation is to the growth of the company, lead conversion is equally or more important.

Now that you have your potential clients’ data on hand, start by cold calling them or sending them an email confirming their interest in your products and services. Contacting them will ensure you don’t lose your business to a competitor. All these website leads are valuable and thus should be nurtured. Any sales professional worth their salt shouldn’t ignore inbound leads. This can be equated to ignoring someone’s window shopping in your store.

  1. Industry Events

This is a leading networking tool. It involves gathering companies within specific industries in one locality to demonstrate newly developed products. Industry events give companies chances to create or bolster relationships with the main industry customers, partners, and prospects.

Valuable connections develop from face-to-face encounters with buyers and suppliers. The partnership established with different companies in your field leverages each one’s knowledge and experience and builds better solutions. Since industry events are on the rise, any business that ignores the potential of events is missing great opportunities.

  1. Referral Programs

This refers to a company using individuals or partner brands to create awareness among other people about their goods and services. Referral programs are an efficient way to use recommendations from satisfied customers to attract more sales.

Referral programs simplify the process of sharing goods or services with other businesses and make tracking referrals easy among businesses. Businesses that aren’t using referral schemes should consider employing this method to ensure growth.


One key ingredient of business success lies in a good marketing strategy, including a website redesign to stay competitive in today’s digital age. B2B web design is a good marker from which all other businesses should pattern their websites to promote their brands and establish credibility, trust, and a good initial impression among prospects.

Web redesign is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Any company that wants to grow must create a web page and use the strategies mentioned in this article. Your company will not only grow but also have happy clients.

Web design is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Any company that wants to grow must create a web page and use the strategies mentioned in this article. Your company will not only grow but also have happy clients.

Finding the Best SEO Company Online


It is important to create a website that actually serves its purpose. There are a lot of websites out there that are not responsive, lack important content, are outdated, and are irrelevant. If you are busy with your website redesign or building a new website, you want your users to benefit from it because at the same time you are also benefiting from it. People are drawn to supporting businesses that they have knowledge about and if your website can give that you will garner more patients.

Establish the purpose and the goal of your website.

A website can have multiple functions and uses. You need to know what it is you want to gain from having a website so that you can create it specifically for that purpose. This is an essential step before proceeding to any technical and design aspect in website creation.

This is also a good time to think about your audience, also known as your target market. You want your design to speak to your audience. Creating a website that is tailored to what your audience might like is a good place to start when designing a website. You want the website redesign to meet their needs. For example, teens would look different from a website that is designed to cater to older people.

Website Redesign and Layout

UI and UX design have a great impact because it affects the way people respond to the website. UI is the aesthetic aspect of the website and UX deals with the flow and responsiveness of the website. A great UI and UX design affect the user’s experience positively. A website that ties the UI and UX perfectly has a smooth flow and is easy to navigate.

Typography and Color

These are major elements in design and it is part of the UI aspect of web design. Using the right typography and color palette is essential in making sure that the design of the website reflects the brand identity of your business or practice.

Site Performance

This is important in the user experience and this is part of the UX aspect of web design. Remember, good design makes sense. This means, the functions are intuitive and the flow of the website is smart and reasonable. The website should not be complicated. It has to be simple and easy to use so that anyone and everyone can use it.


A well-made website redesign is nothing without all the necessary content. You want your website to have all the information you want your patients to have. It defeats the purpose if it is not actually useful. Put yourself in the shoes of the user and think about the things they would want to find on the website.

A great way to test the usefulness and effectiveness of your website is to conduct user testing. This can help you make the necessary adjustments needed.

Following the guide above will greatly help you in making the perfect logo and website for your practice.

Why Do You need to Redesign Your Business Logo?

Every business owner will agree that customers remember a logo that represents a company in a sleek modern design. The big companies that have redesigned their brand identity recently have reported increased sales. So consider redesigning your business logo design brand too.

A simple letter in your logo, a word, or a color scheme will reflect the identity of your company. The logo will be the first thing your new clients will see and possibly, they will base their first opinion on it. Your logo should reflect your character, values, and quality of service. If it does not do that, it is time to redesign it.

During the redesign logo process, you have to consider the various types and styles of logos. Besides, you have to consider the views of your current customers and the potential ones. After all, you do not want to come up with something that will drive them away.


It’s very easy as well as tempting to become comfortable when your business site performing well and generating revenue. But it’s equally critical to utilize the options available to you among which investing well in a complete website redesign can be a good idea to reach more people. Brilliant marketing entails continuous development in order to boost revenue, enhance return on investment, and decrease acquisition costs.

The first thing about logo creation and design is to always hire a professional. They are trained, skilled, and most importantly, right for the job. If you want your logo and website to be professionally made, then hire the right people for the job. For example, using an online business logo maker will be a good start. Just like you have been striving to be the best in your field, graphic designers have been working hard to become leading experts in theirs. They have the experience and the track record that deserves your trust.

Here are some of the advantages of working with a graphic designer and a UI/UX designer:

  • UI/UX designer is knowledgeable about design
  • They are good with collaboration
  • They are worth the money. Money that’s spent that will do you good is an investment, and that is what hiring a UI/UX designer is an investment.


You might be asking yourself, why are logos important anyway? A website logo is not just some little piece of graphic that you stick everywhere. Firstly, it has a purpose and it plays a big role in a business because it establishes your identity. Secondly, it shows what you are all about. It is so vital and one should not underestimate its importance. A good logo projects the essence of the brand visually. It is also a tool to establish recognition.

When creating a logo for your website, here are the things to consider. As discussed above, these all will be taken care of by the graphic designer but here are the things that you might need. It will be good if you know what to expect too.

  • Color

This is the most remembered element. It is the first thing people see. They notice color before they notice the typeface used or even before they read the actual words on the logo. Colors have different meanings that are why it is a must that you make sure to use colors that give off the look you want.

  • Size and Shape

Will it be square, rectangle, or circle-shaped? Is your website logo tall and narrow or long and wide? Just like color, the size and shape should also give the feeling that you want the people that see to get because shapes also have meanings. Therefore, when you do your website redesign, make sure your logo fits on the header perfectly.  

It is also important to think of its uses. Will, the size and shape that is chosen look good on your signage, social media, calling cards, ads, marketing collateral, etc?

  • Different versions of the logo

These are to have the right logo file for different uses. For a guide on how to use the different HD files 

  • Primary logo. This is your official and primary logo. 
  • PNG file with a transparent background. This is in case you will need to put your logo on a colored or graphic surface.
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Modern Logo Designs For Corporate Websites Redesign

Have you ever noticed how some brands are easy to recognize no matter where you are in the world? This isn’t just because of clever marketing and advertising. The value of a memorable logo should not be underestimated because it has far-reaching effects.

You want a logo that’s memorable while communicating your goals and what your brand stands for. In addition to making sure that your logo is relevant to your business purpose and values, you need to consider modern logo trends as well.

Look at the logo designs that are doing well in your industry and you’ll notice a few similarities. They usually follow a number of design trends that consumers respond well to.

Of course, a good brand identity considers past styles and what they’ve contributed to current trends, as well as their own personal branding style.

The dynamic color palette, distinctive tradition, innovation, and storytelling that characterizes contemporary business logo design trends. This is why this year, especially for corporate businesses, is one of the most exciting years for logo design. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some ideas to develop the ideal logo for your website. The seven most outstanding business logo design trends are shown below.

  1. Variable logos

This particular design style is all about creating a logo that translates to different customer demographics. It takes into account the fact that your website will show up on different devices that are utilized by various types of people.

Following the variable logo, style could help you connect with large families, senior citizens, and young millennials alike.  It’s flexible enough to adjust your website’s appearance depending on the demographics of the person viewing it.

Working with an adaptable logo means that you can form authentic connections with customers from the get-go by customizing your iconography and typography to suit individual audience needs.

Even if your logo has static typography to maintain continuity, it can have built-in interchangeable pictograms that’ll adapt into new logotypes for each consumer.

  1. Purposeful use of color

We’ve established that it’s important for brands to develop authentic connections with their customers. One of the best ways to do this is through the purposeful use of color in your logo. There’s no denying that certain colors evoke very specific emotions and brands can use this to craft an easily recognizable identity.

Be intentional and mindful of your use of color while keeping in mind that it’ll affect the user experience on your website. Think about the needs and preferences of your desired demographics to figure out which colors they respond to. Pair that with your own brand message to find a color that best expresses your brand ethos.

  1. Overlapping elements

Overlapping elements refers to the use of different design elements in a complementary way. For example, we see a lot of logo designs that pair opacity with attention-grabbing shapes. There are also a growing number of designers who leverage the creative use of negative space, purposeful colors, and geometry to create a sense of wonder and possibility. However, when a website redesign is done, make sure the overlapping logo is clear and doesn’t have too many details.

A good example of this trend is PayPal’s relaunched logo with overlapping Ps and the use of bolder colors.

  1. Geometric design

Geometric logos are easy to spot because they tend to stand out. They typically work well for corporate websites because they allow you to combine structure with innovation. You can do this by enhancing the clean lines of minimal geometry with warm colors for a friendlier and more appealing design.

  1. Prestige and pedigree

Is it possible to communicate a brand’s pedigree and reputation through logo design? The simple answer is yes. Most well-known household brands have been using the same logo since their inception. As such, logos with signs of pedigree are growing in popularity because they invoke a sense of nostalgia, familiarity, and trust. These are usually characterized by expert linework, artisanal details, and vintage textures.

  1. Playful tricks

Another trend worth considering is that of Logos that trick the eye. You can do this by using subtle distortion and playing with perspective in new and creative ways. This is a disruptive trend that must be approached with caution.

Three-dimensional shapes, warping letters, and playing with angles are good places to start.

  1. The use of negative space

The FedEx brand is a good example of how you can use negative space to create an unforgettable brand image. The arrow connecting the two words was a genius play on the company’s purpose which is to deliver packages. This logo trend gives you an opportunity to play around with letters in a way that shows meaning and playfulness.

How to choose images to sell more with your website?

How to choose images for a website redesign?

The decade of the 21st century, supposes the era of the image, hence the great importance of social networks such as Instagram and YouTube, whether it be photography, vector, or video image. This has caused search engines such as Google to give great importance to choosing an optimized design and good images for web pages, in this way search engines are determining their notoriety.

Knowing this, you will imagine that the design and making a good selection of images for your website redesign are essential. We give you some tips to choose the best images for the design of your website. Keep reading!

How to define your website redesign through images?

The first thing to keep in mind for any marketing or communication strategy that you are going to carry out is to answer the questions that we will see below. The design you want for your website and the images you are going to choose are not an exception in the marketing strategy.

How do you want to be seen on your website redesign?

This response is to who you are as a person. Each of us has a personal image, a brand, which must be transmitted in the web design and in the images that will appear on it. If you are, for example, a casual and fun person, it would be better if the photos on your website reflect a relaxed atmosphere. If you are a professional person, more serious and methodical, then choose photos of people in suits, or that show more professionalism and seriousness.

Each of us has a personal image, a brand, which must be reflected in the web design and in the images that will appear on it. This is especially important if you make a personal website (for example if you are a coach), but you also have to take it into account for your company.

How do you want your company to be perceived through images?

This answers several questions, from what sector you do, whether it is a family business or not, whether it is a small or large company, to how you want your customers to see you. This is very important since the more defined you have, the better choice of images you will make and the better it will be to understand what you want to convey to them. Although you can always guide the type of image you want to give through the design, there are some sectors that ask for a more defined type of image than others, which allows a broader design orientation. We explain it to you with three examples:

Products for babies or young children

– The sector of products for babies or young children asks for a type of images (whether real or with drawings), sweeter, and more fun, which communicates to the user that in your company you have the best products for the little ones. Have no idea? You can find a lot of free stock photos you can use!

Legal Sector

– In the legal sector, however, the use of images and/or more serious designs are required, which demonstrate the professionalism and diligence of the team that works within the organization.

Event planner sector

– However, if you work in the event planning sector, you can decide to be more professional and through the selection of images, access larger companies or that require a more serious image. For that images, you should try freepik.com.

It is necessary that you define what you want and who you want to reach and not try to “reach everyone”.

How to choose the images according to your clients?

How to choose the images according to your clients?

We have already commented to you above how important it is to define your company. Also, be clear about what type of people your clients are going to be. Consider age, sex, tastes, and hobbies. This way, you will know what to offer them to meet their needs

For example, if you are a cosmetic brand that specializes in anti-wrinkle products, most of the images would be better than photos of older women with good looks. It would not make sense for example to put photos of a 20-year-old girl.

How important is the origin of the images for SEO?

For some time, Google bots and other search engines have taken into account which images you are going to show on your website. This means that they also provide relevant information for the user, for what counts for SEO.

How to edit images to make them original in front of Google?

Select stock images and modify them, crop them, change the horizontality, so that it looks like a mirror on the other side, modify the light, and/or put some filters. This will be interpreted by Google as original content because you will not find it anywhere else. For this, you can use photoshop or an online program like Canva.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a web design specialist. Especially if you are unsure of how to provide your goods and services or what look and image you desire for your business.

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