• Which Website Builder is Best for Small Business?

Which Website Builder is Best for Small Business?

For a small business, a website works as the mouthpiece, and it is also used for promotion. For the beginners in business, building a responsive website can be a daunting task. If you lack both skill and time to build up the right website for your small business, experts are here to offer you the required assistance. While there are no such one-stop solutions for website building, there are some top-rated website builders. Before hiring the builders, go through the feature quality, usability designs to ensure that you are making the right investment. However, both professionals and beginners can check https://www.motocms.com/ to get hands-on about the best website builder.

If you are looking for an easy website builder with CMS, it is none other than MotoCMS that offers some excellent benefits. To build an impressive website that can help grab the attention of the customers better, MotoCMS can be considered as a one-stop solution as a website builder. From having a positive impact on conversion and sales, it contributes positively to the SEO of the page. Let us go through some of the features of MotoCMS before we compare it with other website builders.

Website Builder for Small Business

Features of MotoCMS

  • Does not require coding

Building a website with MotoCMS does not require any coding skills. You can create a functional site by incorporating the easy functions of drag and drop.

  • Helps build a responsive website

Nothing can be better than building a responsive and mobile-friendly website, and this is what you can create using MotoCMS. Irrespective of the device through which you want to open the website page, it should offer a fast loading page.

  • Offers better eCommerce functionality

For creating a responsive online store, it is suitable to use this platform. From building business to showcasing the products, it offers better eCommerce functionalities making it easy for the users. Even filtering options are available when browsing through the product catalog. Also, it offers easy payment methods, shipping service with a secured checkout process.

  • Fast loading website

One of the biggest benefits of using this platform is its ability to load webpages fast without letting customers wait. This way, you can offer better user experience boosting the sales along with the conversion rate of the site.

Other website builders

  1. GoDaddy – perfect for fast setup

To build up your site in a blink of an eye, GoDaddy is the safest bet to try. It offers the best-customized website creation options incorporated with the perfect set of components. Starting with a lawn business or wanting to sell themed jewelry? Well, GoDaddy should be your choice to offer ease of use on the site.

  1. Wix –convenient and versatile

Are you looking for multiple themes and a customized site? Well, Wix can be the best among website builders to try. Though it is a bit expensive, it is easy to use and versatile for your business. For building a functional site, Wix is the option to try. You can choose from plenty of template options that enable create attractive websites by incorporating the right themes and colors.

  1. Squarespace -Best value for money

For a small online business, Squarespace helps fulfill most of its requirements. With excellent built-in functions, tracking customers, easy payment gateway, offering gift cards and other interesting features can be created when using this website builder. This apart, it offers plenty of options for eCommerce tools along with interesting plugins. It gives a special touch to  inventory tracking. Even for building large stores, this website builder can be considered to be a dedicated one. For a perfect and easy to use online store, this building platform is the correct to use.

  1. Site123

For the beginners, it is better to get a website building platform that is easy to use. One such is Site123 that can be set up fast and get the technical website builders of the platform are available round the clock to help. With a tight budget and a want to have a site just more than the basic one, this website builder is the ideal option.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, MotoCMS is a suitable website builder to try. If you wish to choose from the other options available, you have to decide depending on the requirement of your small scale business.

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