• Visual Design Shapes Your Brand Image

4 Ways Visual Design Shapes Your Brand Image

Proud business owners know that establishing a brand image is one crucial aspect of running a business. Your brand image allows your customers and future clients to recognize your business. Furthermore, the distinct colors, shapes, and styles that make up your brand image are associated with your company’s core values through its visual design components. 

New clients can get an idea of what your business does or what it stands for. Consider the advantages of incorporating visual design if you are thinking of creating a solid brand image, such as a logo, photos for your landing page, and design elements for merchandising.

What Is Visual Design? 

Visual design can assist you in communicating effectively with your client base. It creates a brand message for your company by utilizing design components such as font, space, layout, color, and shape. Moreover, you can visit a branding agency Melbourne if you want to use visual design for your business. This, in turn, will enhance your business’s aesthetic appeal and attract more clients. Now that you understand what visual design is, let’s take a look at what advantages it can provide for your business. 

Impactful Pitch Decks
  • Helps Create More Impactful Pitch Decks

Pitching is an essential aspect of most businesses. You get to pitch ideas in a space with your work peers and investors. By incorporating visual design into your pitches, you may increase the impact of your pitches. If your proposals merely use mediocre typography to present the idea, it may not be fully understood the first time. 

In addition, your pitch will have more significance if you use diverse typography, include images, be innovative with your layout, and incorporate graphs. Without needing to say much, visual design instantly connects the audience to the message.

When you do this, your pitch can get right to the point and captivate your peers or investors. If you are unfamiliar with visual design, don’t worry because several SaaS apps are available online that handle most of the grunt work. 

By following this strategy, you’ll be able to create visually stunning presentations that everyone can appreciate. 

  • Helps Attract New Clients And Customers

As mentioned earlier, visual design can create aesthetically appealing presentations. The best part is that visual design applications do not end there, they can also attract new customers and clients. Additionally, you can use visual design elements when creating posters, pamphlets, business cards, and other business paraphernalia. 

Your customers will learn everything they need to know about your company and determine for themselves whether or not you can provide a business solution for them. Moreover, you can also incorporate visual design components into your website. By doing so, your clients will get the opportunity to interact with all these elements and spread the word about your business.  

  • Helps You Stand Out More On Social Media

Nowadays, social media is used by a large number of companies. Notably, with the help of visual design, you can make your company stand out from the competition and draw in more clients. Social media posts with images or graphics generally do better than posts that are just bland typography. As a result, 90% of information can be conveyed non-verbally.

Once you grasp this concept, you’ll be able to employ visual design effectively to boost sales and pique the interest of new customers. Furthermore, a social media campaign can be planned for months if your company is preparing to launch a new product. This campaign will get people interested in the product before it is even launched, and you can start pre-orders at that point. 

In addition, the social media campaign will take advantage of several visual design techniques and elements, making it impactful for the intended audience. 

  • Helps You Establish Your Brand

Your brand is a vital element in your business. It demonstrates your company’s values, how you conduct business, and what solutions you can provide. The significance of visual design is required to strengthen the brand. As mentioned earlier, 90% of information can be conveyed non-verbally. By establishing a solid brand, you get to share a lot of information from a single image. 

Moreover, you can use visual design effectively to establish your brand by incorporating it into the following business tools: 

  •  Company Logo

The company logo makes your firm stand out, and your customers will distinguish it even if other competitors surround it. You can use your company logo on social media postings, websites, company merchandise, and company advertorials. There are several ways to design a business logo, including an image, initials, or a collection of design elements. As the face of your company, it’s imperative to make an impression. 

  • Business Website

Your business website should incorporate your company logo. This way, your customers and clients will know they have accessed the correct webpage. Your company’s website conveys to potential customers what you do and why. It’s a terrific way for customers to get to know your company’s core values while also interacting with your brand.

Ideally, your company website must contain your business’s contact information so clients can reach out if they have a query or complaint.

  • Business Cards

To swiftly exchange contact information, you can hand out business cards or tap a digital business card over the phone. The ability to properly network is critical to the success of any business. The name of the company and your role in the company (Founder, CEO, CFO, etc.) should be on your business cards.

It’s also vital for your business card to include your website, social media handles, and office contact number. More clients and income will be generated from having all of this information on a single card. 

  • The Typography

Typography refers to the style of fonts used. You can use many different font types to make your brand more impactful. The typography used in the various brand aspects should align with the company’s vision.

Therefore, if your business caters to children, using fonts like Comic Sans will be more effective. However, using Comic Sans will not be appropriate if you’re in an industry such as a law firm. 

So, it would be best not to rush into selecting a decision until you’ve thoroughly examined all of your font options. 

  • The Company Color Palette

Finally, the company color palette can aid in strengthening your brand image. The company’s color palette consists of a selection of hues that reflect the brand.

Moreover, these colors can be used in all forms of communication, including email, advertorials, merchandise, social media, and websites. Combined with your logo, graphics, and typography, this reinforces your brand image and makes it more identifiable to clients and investors.


By incorporating visual design into your business, you get the opportunity to strengthen your brand image. Ideally, a strong brand image means you stand out from your competitors. Your clients will recognize your business more easily while potential clients get to familiarize themselves with your business values, goals, services, and products.

Furthermore, a visual design might help you network more effectively. You’ll feel more confident approaching and pitching potential investors, resulting in more substantial investments, whether it’s a business card or a pitch presentation. Remember that investing in visual design will be the best decision you can make for your business.


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