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How to make a logo online in 5 minutes?

Design a professional old style vintage logo with just a few simple steps, easily discover how to generate your own branding.

  1. Choose a vector template that you love, from thousands of cool ideas to choose from.
  2. With the logo maker tool, customize your texts with unique fonts and colors selection.
  3. Happy with the final design? buy this affordable design to use it right away for print & web.

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Retro & Vintage Logo Templates

Instantly create a logo using the best Logo Maker Online. We have remarkable vintage logos for you to choose from. Pick a luxury crown symbol, Royal Laurel Wreath ornaments, shield, or Heraldic image. In real time design a logo for a law firm company, insurance company or an accountant firm. In addition, with a retro style emblem, you can brand a fashion designer, hotel, wedding planner.

Creating a logo never made easier with the best online Monogram Maker and thousands of cool logo ideas. Simply use your letters, design your alphabets in a retro style to create beautiful logos.

Vintage retro Online Logo Template
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Vintage Key Logo design Maker
Free Vintage Eagle Logo Creator Online Eagle Logo Templates
vintage crown logo design Template
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Do you need the touch of an expert logo designer?

Could not find a pre-made template that is suitable for your special needs? No problem! sometimes you need the touch of an expert graphic designer who will understand your specific requirements and prepare you a unique custom-made branding. Custom Logo Design made easy with our graphics experts. With 100% personal attention, everything will be designed within a few hours for you.

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Premium Logo Design

  1. Describe your special design concept.
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vintage letters logo design Template

Guideline To Create An Outstanding Vintage Logo Design

Vintage designs are experiencing a powerful resurgence in popularity recently, thanks in part to the aesthetic appeal of their powerful but simplistic designs. Because vintage logos are becoming more popular, we’ve put together this quick guide outlining some tips when creating a logo. Easily learn how to build cool logos with a vintage style. We hope that you find this information helpful for how to make your own high-quality oldish logos.

Tips For Vintage Logo Creation

  • Consider the logo style.

    There are a few different styles you can choose from when it comes to vintage logo design. There is the badge style, which is the most common style, for example, but also the hand-drawn style and the industrial style. Many successful and effective vintage logos utilize the badge concept. This concept centers on the use of a simple geometric shape such as squares, circles, and diamonds are the most common choices. In addition, hexagons, octagons, and even trapezoids are all viable options that can be imprinted or stamped on anything.

  • Choose an image for your logo.

    As with all logos, the image you select for your logo is incredibly important. For vintage logo design, however, the standards are a bit different. Unlike ordinary logo which often utilizes an image that directly represents something about the company (a broom for a maid service, for example, or an ice cream cone for a dessert shop), vintage logos often feature abstract imagery instead. The general idea is to create a unique logo that has distinctive visual imagery that captures (and keeps) the attention of the viewer.

  • Pick an appropriate font.

    Font selection is important for any kind of logo design, but for vintage logos it really is crucial. Many of the best and most successful vintage logos owe much of their effectiveness to the typography used in their creation. It is, of course, important to choose a font that instills the vintage feeling that you’re aiming for while also choosing something that fits with your brand image. In most cases, bold fonts are the go-to choice when it comes to vintage logo design, but if you’re aiming for a more elegant or retro vibe you may want to consider a cursive font (or something similar).