Logo Design Trends For Your Inspiration

Logo design is ever changing and dynamic according to customers’ demands, taste and many other factors. This is why on daily basis; different trends emerge in this design. The top logo design trends in 2017 are discussed below for your Inspiration.

These are some of the top trending logo designs in 2017.

Literal Minimalism Logos

This is one of the most trending logo design style in 2017. It has to do with removing unnecessary details from the trademark and leaving only essential elements there. This will make the it to be catchy and unique. This concept is on our Logo Design Trends list for a good reson. It is applied when designing logo by making it look smart, focus and simple, removes distracting effects and focus on the main purpose of the design.

Sometimes the simplest logos catch the customers’ attention and convey the message directly. The purpose of every trademark design is to convey to the customers what you do immediately at first glance. With absolute clarity of concept and simplicity of design the message every logo wants to pass can easily conveyed at a glance.

Cartoon Logo Design

Cartoon logo design is becoming a popular design trend for businesses. It is the right logo design choice for business that wants to use a friendly, fun and expressive approach to penetrate a particular market. Contemporary organizations invest more money in their trademarks to have a cartoon design. They believe that a good design can make their business interesting and inviting while a poor design can make businesses to look awkward and disconnect from the customers. Creating a good positive first impression is important for newly established brands.

The first step for creating a good first impression is a well desigedn logo. Cartoon design is the right design for creating catchy trademarks for new companies. This design style connotes credibility, warmth and charisma, these are attributes that are very difficult to capture using computer aided design.

sexy woman face Logo
Overlapping Gradient Link 3D Logo Design

Overlapping Gradients Logo

Overlapping gradients was one of the most trending designs in 2016 and it is also among the top trending logo in 2017. It involves forming overlap with simple geometric to form an overlap. They are highly effective in creating stylish and unique design.

Moving Parts Logo Design

This is one of the most trending logo designs in 2017. It introduces trademark design variation both in printed materials and web based animations GIF. Companies using this design format showcase to their customers through their animated graphics that they are dynamic and move along with the societal trends.

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Lettering Logo Design

Lettering is one of the trending logo among most companies in 2017. Graphic designers use their strategies and techniques to beautifully arrange letters to form logos. These letters are sometimes name of the company beautifully arranged to form a stylish logo. Examples of companies that use lettering as design logos are; coca cola, IBM etc.

Letter Stacking Logo Design

Letter stacking style was created in 2016 but it is still trending in 2017, therfor you will find it in our Logo Design Trends list. It involves using text to create original visually appealing logo. These texts are usually paired with graphic elements and are stacked either horizontally or vertically. The purpose of this design style is to attract customer attention and make them to be more focused on the text.

Luxury Lettering Logo Template
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