Some entrepreneurs, especially beginners, have many myths about believing they are true and making mistakes. These misconceptions are the most common when creating logos, and how to avoid mistakes. We will talk about them later, some of which are even applicable to larger companies. However, if you aspire to be a pragmatic entrepreneur and manage your funds wisely, then this article may help you optimize your budget.

From what type of typography a logo should have, to whether these designs always have to incorporate a symbol, there are many ideas and notions that have wanted to impose themselves around the design of these emblems.

Together with Zemotor we have collected for you some of the most prominent myths  and misconceptions about logo design:

  1. You shouldn’t make sketches on paper

Although today many designers prefer to use their newest design devices in which they have software and design tools, it is also true that these technologies can cause designers to create logos with colors, letters, or elements that are quite common and can be considered a cliche.

Paper sketches will never go out of style, as they are very useful for enhancing creative skills and helping to think differently. Drawing newer ideas will be generated around the way in which a company, business, or brand can be represented since these are often seen as something very abstract on some occasions.

2. A logo should reflect everything that the company is

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A logo acts as a form of identification and not as a narrative resource, so it should not say everything about a company, but its purpose is another: to identify and differentiate the company, business, or brand from the competition.

There are brands such as Apple, Coca Cola and Nike, which although they have logo designs that are easily identified around the world, do not express anything about what these companies do.

 3. A logo design should be timeless

The design of a logo must adapt to the changes that occur in societies, so to think that it is timeless is only a mistake. For this reason, it is very important to keep track of the brand image that this emblem is projecting on the brand’s target audience, since that way the design can be modified at the appropriate time.

In this sense, some logos can become outdated over time, requiring a design that is more in line with current trends, since even recognized companies such as IBM, Shell, Coca Cola, Xerox, among others, have repeatedly changed the appearance of their logos, adapting them to the needs of the current historical moment. It’s best if you check some great Tips to apply for an International Trademark.

4.  You have to focus on the masses to design a logo.

Contrary to the idea that a logo should be designed with the masses in mind, it is important to focus on the brand’s target audience in order to be more precise in creating this element of Visual Identity and really make a difference in the market, as that you could make one of the most common mistakes when creating a logo.

It is recommended that logos reflect a bit of the personality and identity of the brand’s consumer, for which it is necessary to have a fairly deep understanding of who the customer is, focusing on what they think and feel, what attracts them and he likes, in addition to the behavior that these people have before some shapes and colors.

5. A symbol should be included in the design of every logo

This is usually another of the erroneous considerations that must be taken into account when designing a logo since these should not carry symbols in all cases.

This is due to the fact that the symbols in some logos can be seen simply as a superfluous decoration that does not give value or meaning to this element and only with the use of appropriate typography can a symbol of the brand be created that is truly representative and add value.

The Sony and Coca Cola brands have recognized logos in which only typefaces have been used and people have no difficulty in easily remembering them.

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6. The logo must follow the style of a certain industry

Although it is true that every industry seems to have some implicit rules around logo design and how these emblems should look, it is important to innovate when conducting the Brand Identity analysis and design proposal for this element.

As far as possible you should avoid falling boredom with the design of logos that have that well-known black and white style with few symbols and graphics.

A clear example of this can be seen in most real estate logos that use a tree and a house, as well as a hill or sunset.

7. You have to design a logo focusing exclusively on the latest trends.

Just like believing that a logo is an element of timeless Visual Identity, it can also be quite harmful to make a design based on the latest effects that are available in design programs, due to the fact that updates are becoming more and more common and they tend to go out of style quickly.

To create a logo with a design that is personalized and meets the requirements of the brand, it is important to ask questions that revolve around the value that the brand brings to the world that is not provided by others, the central axis of the product, and/or service, as well as the differential value of the brand and the way it is seen.

We hope that now that you know these myths that can bring negative repercussions to the visual image of your brand, you do not incur them and you can create a logo design that has value for your brand, company, or business.

8. If the team likes this logo, customers will like it too. 

The logo is created for your customers, not for you, your colleagues, or your friends. You need to know who your customers are and what they want. 

To do this, define the quality of the company you want to convey to the audience and try to create a logo that can be conveyed. 


9. First is the logo, then sales and branding. 

What do many aspiring entrepreneurs do when they start a startup? Yes, we have created/ordered the logo and corporate image. money.   Logo production is a resource-intensive creative robot. Starting your own business is very important to save energy and money for product development.   

So maybe in the early days of entrepreneurship, you should pay more attention to products and sales.  However, this does not mean that you should not have a logo or its quality should be poor. There are many ways to create a great logo on a tight budget, for example, collaborate with an online logo maker or hire a freelancer.

10. A logo design must have a symbol  

Who said a logo should have an icon? Many companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Sony do not have icons, but instead sell their products and/or services, such as hotcakes. You don’t need tigers or wheels as logo symbols to attract consumers. The Apple on the Apple iPhone seems to be symbolic. You know this is an Apple product and you agree with it. However, there are some foods. No symbols are needed. Simple text can be self-explanatory, but no permanent symbols are needed!

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Logo Design Trends For Your Inspiration

Logo design is ever changing and dynamic according to customers’ demands, taste and many other factors. This is why on daily basis; different trends emerge in this design. The top logo design trends in 2017 are discussed below for your Inspiration.

These are some of the top trending logo designs in 2021

Literal Minimalism Logos

This is one of the most trending logo design style in 2017. It has to do with removing unnecessary details from the trademark and leaving only essential elements there. This will make the it to be catchy and unique. This concept is on our Logo Design Trends list for a good reson. It is applied when designing logo by making it look smart, focus and simple, removes distracting effects and focus on the main purpose of the design.

Sometimes the simplest logos catch the customers’ attention and convey the message directly. The purpose of every trademark design is to convey to the customers what you do immediately at first glance. With absolute clarity of concept and simplicity of design the message every logo wants to pass can easily conveyed at a glance.

Cartoon Logo Design

Cartoon logo design is becoming a popular design trend for businesses. It is the right logo design choice for business that wants to use a friendly, fun and expressive approach to penetrate a particular market. Contemporary organizations invest more money in their trademarks to have a cartoon design. They believe that a good design can make their business interesting and inviting while a poor design can make businesses to look awkward and disconnect from the customers. Creating a good positive first impression is important for newly established brands.

The first step for creating a good first impression is a well desigedn logo. Cartoon design is the right design for creating catchy trademarks for new companies. This design style connotes credibility, warmth and charisma, these are attributes that are very difficult to capture using computer aided design.