Selecting a color palette when building a brand identity is one of the most important decisions you are required to make when designing a logo. These branding colors are used for your logo, also used for your website, business cards, social media and letterhead, and so on. Therefore, when it comes to visual stimuli, your color choice is critical. Especially when you want to create a logo that will go a long way in influencing the opinion people have towards your brand. When learning about the psychology of logo colors, it is good to understand that color goes way much far and has the ability to convey different messages.

Take a look at the top 2022 branding colors that can kick off your small business and create a difference. So, let us get started!

  1. Red Logos

Let us talk about “Red”. The Red color in logos portrays the concept of thrill, energy, passion, and amusement. If your brand is exciting then this is the color for you. Among other things this color signifies; danger, aggression, and passion, so use it with special attention. Apart from improving the aesthetic value of your logo design, it helps stimulate an appetite for business. This is probably why it’s a prominent feature when most businesses what to create a logo.

Luxurious Restaurant Logo
  1. Yellow Logos

The color yellow is associated with a lot of things, however, one common feature is the radiant sun. Most businesses that use this color on their business logo tend to portray their warmth and friendly nature. However, pay attention when using this color as it’s used to symbolize cowardice and this might greatly affect the image of your brand.

  1. Blue Logos

Blue is one of the top branding colors on our list because many famous brands use blue colors. This is because the blue color helps to create a strong impact and the audience can remember the colors easily.

Also, Blue is widely known as the corporate color. This majorly is due to the fact that this color signifies professionalism, calmness, integrity, and sincerity. Most people also say that it is a symbol of authority and success.

  1. Black & White Logo Designs

When talking about the white color, it is only fair enough to start by saying that it is the most common and widely used color when it comes to free logo designs. The reason for this is either due to its simplistic nature of the fact that it conveys the message of purity, cleanliness, and peace.

black logo maker
  1. Green Logos

Even before saying it since green is the color of nature, it’s obvious that companies that want to go environmentally friendly will definitely want to consider this color in their logo design. The different messages that get passed across with color include; growth, freshness, and ethical standards. Organic and food supplying industries are the most characterize when it comes to using this color.

  1. Orange Logo Colors

This color is ideally characterized by innovation, contemporary, and youthfulness. Depending on the design when you create a logo, this color can help your brand stand out from the rest. There is also a claim that the orange color has a direct link with approachability explaining the fact why most customer support firms use and like this color. That is why it is important to understand what are the top Logo Colors.

The above are six of the best logo colors in the market. Understand the philosophy behind every color before you decide to create a logo using any particular color.

3D fire Logo
  1. Gold Logos

Now, let us talk about gold in branding. As the name determines, gold stands for luxury, and class. Again, if your small business is dealing with something glamorous or glittery, then this color is for your brand. However, most luxurious brands use gold as their branding color, and as a small business you can also use it to deliver a great impact on the audience.
Here are some common brands that use gold in branding: Versace, Porche, Lamborghini, Gucci. You may notice that all these brands are luxury brands, so choose gold only if you have a luxury item or service.

Coat of arms symbol Logo

When developing your brand identity, you have to list all the important brand elements. One of the elements is choosing your brand colors. Keeping a color scheme will help customers remember your logo and image and will increase brand awareness.

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