We all strive to improve our life and work and be productive. It is for that reason you will find many people trying to achieve much at their homes and workplaces while working less. Unfortunately, distractions in digital and personal space make it hard to stay productive, particularly when working remotely. That is why taking the help of a few productivity tools makes sense.

The best online productivity tools should encourage employee engagement because surveys show that engaged employees are roughly 21 percent more productive than non-engaged ones.

Also, the tool should support remote working, and help with team collaboration, time allocation, and information and file management. It should be rich, easy to learn, and integrate with your existing workflows.

Below are 10 of the best online performance tools you can use to boost your work.

1.     Online Logo Maker

While design is a vital element of visual communications and digital marketing, designers find themselves using many apps or software tools to complete a single piece. Online AI Logo Maker is here to simplify things. It is a smart AI logo design online platform that is not only easy to use but also comes with many beneficial features.

Designfreelogoonline.com offers many hand-crafted templates, meaning that there will be no need of starting every design from scratch, particularly if your goal is to develop quality logo designs within the shortest time possible.

Apart from helping you complete your designs faster, the tool is easy to learn and you can use it to share your brand on your social media posts. It is free to try. Whenever you are ready to start using your logo, choose the basic or HD package and download your brand image in high quality and without a watermark.

2.     Zapier

Zapier is the second tool on our list. This online automation tool connects more than 1500 applications so that all your favorite tools can communicate. Synching the applications you use every day will de-stress your business and get it to full capacity. The tool is easy to use because you just need to follow the listed steps to complete the synching of apps.

3.     Happeo

Interacting with your colleagues can be hard when working remotely. It is for that reason many people are now using Happeo. This social intranet solution connects employees to increase productivity.

Furthermore, It combines intranet, collaboration, enterprise social networking, and targeted news distribution to make one digital workplace. That means it fixes most of the problems that workers are facing today and inspires a productive work environment.

4.    Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps improve your writing skills. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze your text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and tone. It provides real-time suggestions and corrections, allowing you to enhance the quality and professionalism of your writing. With real-time suggestions and corrections, AI tools can speed up your writing process. They can help you identify and fix mistakes as you type, allowing you to maintain a smooth workflow.

5.    Apploye

Apploye is an online employee monitoring and productivity tracking software. It offers a range of features and functionalities designed to help businesses effectively manage their remote or distributed teams. They provide tools for tracking employee working hours accurately. It allows employees to log their time manually or through automated time tracker features, providing insights into how time is spent on various tasks and projects. Also, Employers can gain insights into individual and team performance, track trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall productivity.

6.     Time Doctor

This is an important software tool for business people who would want to track the number of hours their employees spend on a task or project. It will track the time each of your team members works and provide a breakdown by project, task, and client.

This tool syncs up with many accounting and project management tools, such as Trello, Asana, JIRA, GitHub, Slack, Basecamp, Teamwork.com, Salesforce, Padio, Todooist, Zoho, Yammer, and Google Apps.

7.     Notion

If you have been looking for an all-in-one application that can help you create databases and to-do lists, then Notion might be a better choice. This online app allows users to take notes, link their documents, create calendars, checklists, and to-do lists, create databases, and manage their tasks and projects.

You can further use the app to integrate various external applications and links. Finally, Notion will help you avoid organizational drag.

toggl Time tracking

8.     Toggl Track

Toggl Track is another powerful online productivity tool that will help you manage your time in a better way and track your tasks. All you have to do is launch the timer immediately after you begin a new task and stop it immediately after the task is complete.

The tool will provide you with monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly progress reports so that you can manage your time in a better way.

Besides, this tool will help you track the performance of your teams and generate reports in various formats such as PDF and CSV.

9.     Pocket

We come across new educative blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, and memes almost every day but we might lack the time to read or watch them. So, we will mostly save them for later. Unluckily, we mostly forget about them immediately after they are out of sight.

Pocket is here to prevent this problem. It allows users to save links to blogs, articles, pictures, videos, and podcasts so that they can access them easily in their free time. It works perfectly with internet browsers and apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, Pocket will synch with all your devices automatically so that you can access the saved information from any of your devices. It allows users to save web pages and articles for offline use too.

10.     Dashline

How often do you find yourself trying to remember passwords or revisiting your notes to find the passwords of the websites and apps that you use less frequently? The reason behind this is that password management can be a hassle if you have many accounts and apps to manage.

While the time you need to search for the passwords may appear insignificant, it can disrupt your concentration and affect your productivity negatively.

Dashline is a great productivity tool because it allows users to store 50 passwords and analyze them for security at no cost. The online tool will tell you if your passwords are compromised, weak, or used many times. It will further notify you if any of your passwords is a victim of a data breach event. The tool can synchronize your passwords across many devices too.

Tips for Using a Planner to Boost Your Productivity

For many people, keeping track of life with a planner makes sense. A planner helps keep things orderly and systematic when there are too many duties. It is a powerful productivity tool that boosts your work.

To prevent cognitive overload, information such as birthdays, anniversaries, kids’ activities, appointments, and meetings needs to be safely saved.

A planner is not just about avoiding things that you might forget but is about maintaining a schedule on packed days. Irrespective of the fact that it is electronic or paper-based, most people do not understand the concept that a planner is way more than just planning your days.

It can be challenging to figure out the right ways to use a planner, even when you have the best intentions. When you do figure it out, it is almost surprising to see how it can enhance your productivity as well as help you make steady progress on your professional and personal goals.

Let’s focus on helping you make the best use of a planner using effective techniques. If you inculcate these in your life or in work, you are bound to see a positive change.

Picking a Master

With so many options for tracking our schedules at work, it is essential to have a master planner. First, a master planner offers the chance to glance at the entire calendar in one go. It must be something that you can access at home and office both. Second, it is the best way to be aware of all the different things you might be doing the entire day. You can keep a pdf of the tasks you have accomplished to understand things where you require focus.

Finally, having a master planner by yourself won’t cut it. You’ll also need to employ it. It will be nothing more than a waste of space if we don’t accomplish that. Since it is your time, try to be as proactive as you can. For everything that is important to you, make sure you schedule time.

Top 10 Tips for Using a Planner to Boost Your Productivity

Blocking Out Whitespace

You will need a significant amount of time to think, apart from the time you spend on planning the to-do list. Having whitespace in your regular time slots will boost your productivity. Hence, it will be very useful when you want to catch up but also beneficial when you want to do some learning. It could be sometimes like looking inward time or looking-forward time.

It is necessary to reserve a time that cannot be booked. If you’re going to use a pdf, make sure you include it. It is not good to spend all of your time in meetings. You will also require holy time, which will be used to recharge, relax, or engage with your team members.

Building Habit

When you go for a productivity tool day planner, you must be using it for planning good habits and just filling up the time slots. You must include things like grocery lists, reading, gym time, blog writing, etc. when you are making the schedule. Also, look at things one week ahead and create targets accordingly. Nevertheless, commit to the whole plan because it is essential for your mental and physical well-being.

Creating a Record of Success

Regardless of the kind of activity, noting down progress can be very useful. It is considered to be a significant motivating factor, mainly because you get to see yourself moving closer to your goal and success. When you look back a month or week, you get to see how far you have honestly come.

Revisiting It

It is not unknown that you are busy. Most people consider it be to a badge of honor, but a planner must be able to support your productivity. It shouldn’t be another to-do list in the list of tasks you have to do. If you want your effectiveness to increase with a planner, you will have to revisit it and make small changes according to the situational demands.

Look Ahead In Time Flexibly

When you are using a productivity tool such as a planner, you intend to look ahead in time. It represents a futuristic viewpoint and is more of an idea than a concrete proposition. As a result, you must be flexible and willing to change your schedule as necessary.

Finding the Best View of Working

There are several planner options available on the market. You can view it in various ways thanks to it. Some might be monthly on two pages, daily pages, weekly pages, and so on. You can experiment with many varieties until you find the one that best suits your working style. Finding something that complements your personality and working style is essential.

People prefer the monthly view because they can monitor their progress and important appointments all at once. This view also provides a week-at-a-glance.

Using Colour-Coding

When there are different types of events, using different colors can be very useful because it allows you to go through the important things at once. You can code high-priority tasks in one color to make them instantly visible.


A productivity tool planner will help you visualize your daily goals and make them a reality. Getting everything crossed off the list may be joyful and productive. However, because each person’s demands are unique, it is imperative to keep all of these factors in mind as you choose a planner that suits you.

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