Using a planner to track life makes sense to a lot of people. When there are too many responsibilities, a planner can come to the rescue to keep things systematic and organized. Information like anniversaries, birthdays, kid’s activities, appointments, meetings, etc. needs to be stored somewhere safe in order to avoid overloading the brain.

If you do not have one, you must get one as soon as possible. But if you do, you must be aware of the various ways you can utilize its full potential. A planner is not just about avoiding things that you might forget but is about maintaining a schedule on the packed days. Irrespective of the fact that it is electronic or paper-based, most people do not understand the concept that a planner is way more than just planning your days.

It can be challenging to figure out the right ways to use a planner, even when you have the best intentions. When you do figure it out, it is almost surprising to see how it can enhance your productivity as well as help you make steady progress on your professional and personal goals.

Today’s article is going to focus on helping you make the best use of a planner using effective techniques. If you inculcate these in your life, you are bound to see a positive change.

Picking a Master

With so many options for tracking our schedules at home and work, it is essential to consider having a master planner. A master planner offers the chance to glance at the entire calendar in one go. It must be something that you can access at home and office both. It is the best way to be aware of all the different things you might be doing the entire day. You can keep a pdf of the tasks you have accomplished to understand things where you require focus.

Using It

Well, having a master planner alone won’t do the track. You will also have to use it. Without doing so, it will merely be a waste of space. Try to be as proactive as possible, because it is your time. Make sure you keep time for everything that is important for you.

Top 10 Tips for Using a Planner to Boost Your Productivity

Blocking Out Whitespace

You will need a significant amount of time to think, apart from the time you spend on planning the to-do list. Having whitespace in your regular time slots will be very useful when you want to catch up but also beneficial when you want to do some learning. It could be sometimes like looking inward time or looking-forward time.

A time that cannot be booked must be blocked. Make sure you do it in your pdf if that is what you are doing. It is not healthy to give your time away in meetings back to back. You will require scared time as well, and it is going to be the time when you recharge, relax, or connect with your team members.


It is not necessary to write a gratitude journal. But noting down the daily gratitude points could be very useful. It does not take a lot of time but offers a very positive outlook when you are going through a bad day. Just thinking about them won’t do any good. Try to write them down. It is going to be something that you may quickly forget when things become very hectic and crazy.

Building Habit

When you go for a day planner, you must be using it for planning good habits and just filling up the time slots. You must include things like grocery lists, reading, gym time, blog writing, etc. when you are making the schedule. You have to look at things one week ahead and create targets accordingly. You also need to commit to the whole plan because it is essential for your mental and physical well-being.

Creating a Record of Success

Regardless of the kind of activity, noting down progress can be very useful. It is considered to be a significant motivating factor, mainly because you get to see yourself moving closer to your goal and success. When you look back a month or week, you get to see how far you have honestly come.

Revisiting It

It is not unknown that you are busy. Most people consider it be to a badge of honor, but a planner must be able to support your productivity. It shouldn’t be another to-do list in the list of tasks you have to do. If you want your effectiveness to increase with a planner, you will have to revisit it and make small changes according to the situational demands.

Look Ahead In Time Flexibly

When you are using a planner, you intend to look ahead in time. It is a futuristic view and something that is more of an idea than being set in stone. Therefore, you must be open to changing or schedules and flexing when there are unexpected demands.

Finding the Best View of Working

You will find plenty of options for planners in the market. It will provide you with different ways to views it. Some may be weekly, daily pages, month on two pages, and so on. You can try different types until you find the best that suits your style of working. It is crucial to find something that goes with your personality and working style. People are mostly fond of the monthly view that offers a week-at-a-glance because you will be able to see your progress and necessary appointments as well.

Using Colour-Coding

When there are different types of events, using different colors can be very useful because it allows you to go through the important things at once. You can code the high-priority tasks in one color to make them instantly visible.


Having a planner could be great for seeing what you want to do in a day and materializing it. Finishing every task on the list can also be exciting. But as the needs of every individual are different, it is critical to keep every aspect in mind to use them in selecting a planner that works well for you.

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