As modern technology continues to advance, more and more businesses have decided to use digital marketing strategies to engage in the marketplace. Given a variety of approaches to look forward to, search engine optimization or SEO link building remains to be an effective and popular strategy that business owners take advantage of. If you want your website to rank well in the search slides, link building is a must SEO approach.

In this article, we’ll discuss what link building is and the tips for choosing the right link building method for your small business. Let’s get started:

What is Link Building?


When we say link building, it’s the process of obtaining links from other websites to your own. Given this fact, links play an essential role in search engines. With links in place, major search engines can look for new web pages and decide the ranking of a page in the search results.

Thus, link building is indeed crucial if you’re looking to rank highly and generate more traffic from the search engines.

However, if you’re a bit curious about how link building becomes beneficial to small businesses, below are the benefits you can get when you build more useful links:

  • Makes your business more visible, resulting in better recognition and high traffic to your website.
  • Makes your brand more credible, leading to higher conversion rates and, later on, sales.
  • Provides referral traffic to your site, which is vital in producing more revenue for your business.
  • Brings in an increase in the quantity and quality of your page authority.
  • Allows you to get high-quality incoming links, which make your website a valuable source of information.
Link Building Strategy

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How To Choose The Right Link Building Strategy

Now that you’re aware of the benefits that come with link building, it’s about time to structure your link building campaign. To do that, here’s how you can choose the right link building strategy for your business:

  1. Identify your business needs and set your goals


Before you pick the link building method for your small business, it’s essential to assess your business needs and establish your goals. In such a case, determine who your target audience is, their needs, interests, and wants, and the types of websites they usually search and visit, including the way your audience or customers search in this digital age. By having valuable information about these factors, you’ll be one step closer toward getting the right link building strategy that will drive you to success.

In addition to your business needs, it’s also a good idea to determine what your business goals are. This may have something to do with your purpose of using a link building campaign. Whether you care more about organic traffic or general brand awareness, knowing your goals beforehand is essential. It helps you come up with a strategy that will provide you with higher chances of success in the online marketplace.

Just be sure that you don’t only build realistic goals, but you find a way to link them into your real organizational goals. In other words, your focus should be on the long-term benefits so all your link building efforts will have a positive impact on your business.

  1. Analyze your competitors


Sometimes, it’s hard to gather all the information about your target audience. From that viewpoint, doing a competitor analysis can be an ideal alternative. This means seeing what your close competitors are up to when it comes to their link building campaigns. To analyze your competition, do the following:

  • Use your monitoring tool for backlinks.
  • Click the Competitors tab.
  • Click View Links.
  • Look for your competitors’ backlinks and pick the strongest ones.
  • Export the data you’ve collected.
  • Look at the source and destination pages of each backlink. From there, you’ll get valuable information about your competitors’ link building methods.
  1. Determine your business assets


Finding the assets that you’ll be using to earn links is also an essential step when picking a link building strategy that’s right for you. While assets usually vary from business to business, the common examples of assets include content, data, people, products, and services. Given such examples, identify the assets that your business has that can be used for your link acquisition approach. However, be sure that the assets you figure out are also relevant to the audience you target to attract. Remember: the more you find the right assets, the more you can attract and gain high-quality links for your small business.

  1. Know the types of links you need


When choosing a method for your link building campaign, you also have to consider the types of links you want to work on. These could be links containing your company name or the keywords you target, links to deep pages, or links to your homepage. To identify the types of links you need, you should conduct a detailed link analysis about your current website and the ranking you have for specific keywords in relation to your competition.

  1. Get an idea of where to build backlinks

Of course, you need to select the right sites to target for your link building and guest post efforts. By knowing where to build backlinks, you can obtain high-quality links for your website, get the most out of your link building efforts, and expect positive results in your search engine results in the long run. To know the perfect sites for building backlinks, use your link building goals for your search. If you’re still in need of some inspiration, you can also take advantage of your competition’s analysis by identifying where they actively build their backlinks and which sites have linked to them.

For example, the audience you’re targeting is university students in New England. They love your content and frequently spend time on your site to help you attain your goals. On the other hand, your competitors have quality backlinks in the local directories located in different places in New England. Given that info, imitate the links they have, get your business listed in the local directories throughout some of New England’s states, and start engaging with media outlets. Doing it may be the beginning of your search for sites where you can successfully build your backlinks.


  1. Pay attention to your destination pages

Another important factor when choosing the right link building method is the kind of destination pages you have. The link building strategy you’ll choose won’t be helpful if you have poor-quality destination pages with no calls-to-action. Therefore, it’s essential that every page of your site is optimized so it’ll stand out in search engines and get the users’ trust. To do that, you should:

  • Polish your content very well
  • Improve on-page SEO
  • Add reviews and testimonials
  • Incorporate an engaging call-to-action
link building


Indeed, link building is a crucial element in SEO and branding. That said, any strategy you choose should be geared toward bringing more visitors to your website and having a higher ranking in search engines like Google. By following the tips above, you can come up with the right link building method that you can use to reach out to other sites and boost your online visibility.