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  • Things You Need To Know Before Renting Self Storage

Things You Need To Know Before Renting Self Storage

Self Storage Toronto is a business in which you provide space such as lockers, rooms, containers, outdoor space. These are also referred to as storage units which are available for rent on a short-term. These storage units can be owned by a business or an individual. In simple words, these are just a space available on rent to store your things. You can easily find self storage Guelph, self storage Richmond hill, self storage Etobicoke and even any big or small town in Canada. There are two types:

Traditional Self Storage

In traditional self-storage, the tenants can access the storage anytime as long as they are paying the monthly rent. They can remove or add anything they want at any time without any problem. This type of storage is very small in size and has some locking units. When it comes to the security, the traditional storage units are not much secure and the lighting is very poor around the building. This type is more expensive as you have to pay for transporting, shipping and monthly rent. In most cases, you need to provide the locking mechanism on your own. That is why; this type of self-storage is costly and time-consuming. It can be even more expensive if you do not have your transport and you have to pay for renting the truck.

Full-Service Storage

On the other hand, full-service storage is very inexpensive and provides security and other benefits. With the full-service storage, you can rent space and forget about the security. Moreover, the company provides you pick and drop facility free of charge anytime. Insurance service is also available to full-service storage facilities. Moreover, the people are not allowed in the facility which makes it more difficult for the thieves or worst.

It is Not New

The idea of self-storage is not new, they were used since 1958. In which the first storage facility was open in Florida. After that, the facilities keep opening in other countries. Nowadays, there are thousands of self-storage facilities available in Canada.

Renting Self Storage

Who Use Self Storage?

The self storage industry often refers to the 4D’s whenever someone asks why someone need self-storage.


Most of the people move in their life due to marriage, education, and job. While moving, they need a place to keep their things where they can easily access and organize them.


Death is a certain thing and when someone dies, it left things behind. It is up to the family that what they want to do with the stuff their loved ones left behind. They can use self storage service to store the extra things.


Just like the death, in divorce, your spouse left many things, for you do not have space in your house. The people who can afford storage can store these things to make the space they need in their house.


Most of the people living in over-populated areas have very little space. By renting storage, they can store extra things that they do not use to make some space in their room.

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