Finally a company that had what I was looking for
Thank you so much Design team. You are the best I have had in 9 years of searching for a logo that would mean something yet show elegance. By the way I love the video too, I actually cried because it was what I needed to work on next. The colors were perfect for the intro for the you tube videos my team is working on, and the business presentations I will be presenting. OMG!! my company is exactly what it is suppose to represent elegance.It was a small dream created in 2009, I created the original logo with powerpoint. I created the business after both of my parents passed away in 2008. I did not realize it was more of a memorial than a business, however it was beautiful and elegant. But it would always be a home based small business, I did not see the level of corporate america every with the logo. I had bigger dreams for PGE Travel Group than that. I had a person on a contracting site create one and I could not figure out how to make it work, huge waste of money. Had a friend create one just seemed childish, I was giving up hope. Then last week a did a google search I can't even remember how I found your company, but I know it was not by accident. As I reviewed the site I saw travel and clicked the link. I saw the logos and was not able to see what I wanted until I came across this one. I love unicorns and they made the logo and the wording elegant and strong. Thanks very much to you and your team for having what I was looking for but most of all how you made it come to life. It is beautiful, but once the mock-up and all the 3-D, but most of all the gift which I have blow up do a picture on my desk of our logo on the side of building. I showed it to my family and everyone loved it, and were proud. Not to mention the superior turnaround amazing, my last logo took 3 wks and still could not use it right. You will be advertised on my website when it is up and running and all of my social media. I LOVE IT you made me cry tears of joy. Thank you for helping my dream become a reality. Thank you so very much!