There have been significant changes in Google’s search results. Nowadays it’s an indisputable fact that business and entertainment are moving online as now we get the opportunities to see maps, videos, images and social media links. And the effects go further than that as well.

If your sales and page view is reliant on search engines, you have to keep track of changes so that you continue to be found at the top. If it is essential for you to to be clicked and seen, make sure you implement the following actionable SEO practices and don’t use some optimization techniques that can only harm your business.

So for you, we have gathered few do’s and don’ts in SEO. Let’s begin with the things you should implement in your business SEO strategy:

Do Place Your Relevant Keywords in the Right Place

Keywords are not the be all and end all anymore when it comes to ranking your site, but they still play a significant role. You still use these keywords to generate traffic, so you have to make sure they are placed in relevant positions. Be sure that your content is readable, grammatically and logically correct and, of course, has some value for readers.

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Do Validate Your Code

Too many people forget that having a “clean” code is preferred by the search engine crawlers. If your code is accurate, it can be scanned quicker, rather than having to deal with various errors and erroneous tags. Having a validated website code means your indexing results will be much better.

Make a User-Friendly Responsive Design

Mobile design is required for your site by Google. As it’s a proven fact that it ranks higher the resources that accomplish this condition.

Moreover, we should pay attention to that our site design is based on the user experience and is user-centered, but in the same time is simple and logical. Because the right visitors’ behavior (like more extended time of the session, more pages per sessions scrolled by the reader, etc.) is a powerful signal for a search engine to crawl your blog frequently and rank it higher. So, make the user-friendly responsive design for your site is an effective SEO strategy that will not only increase your blog SERPs position but also traffic and sales rate.

Think Local

It is very likely that a huge amount of the searches you perform on Google will show the Google Places listing. Customers are starting to take notice of this.

In fact, some case studies have been conducted on this, and it shows that people are beginning to make a greater instant in Places listings, even if they are in an organic list. They want to see a list of about six or seven places, preferably in the middle of their page, that has to do with local results on their search term. So, if someone types in “pizza,” they want to see pizza places in their local area immediately.

So, use citations, Google Maps, My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages to get yourself found.

Be Social

You cannot separate searching and social media anymore. If you want to get noticed, you need to have Facebook likes and Twitter shares, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, because these are strongly influencing page rankings. So, if you want your information to be found and shared, you must include a social media link.

SEO Actionable Practices: Tricks to Get it Right and Tips To Get Rid Of

Do Use Site Directories

Before the big search engines were there, we used site directories to find websites. They were like the yellow pages of the internet. People seem to have forgotten about them now because we all use Google if we want to look for something. However, when you place your site in a directory, you immediately get a high quality, relevant backlink, which demonstrate why you should still use these directories.s

Optimise for People, not for Robots

Remember that Google is a machine, but those who use it are people, not robots. They think in a real language, and they search using actual language. Hence, think about what someone who should find you might be asking themselves and use that as your keyword. Sure, you need to check how popular that keyword is, but your focus has to stay on this human aspect, rather than on the machine that is Google.

Let’s move to the tips you should get rid of in your SEO strategy as they can only harm your business:

Don’t Stuff Your Meta Tags with Keywords

Once upon a time, you could cram your meta tags full of irrelevant keywords. It isn’t possible anymore. You can still choose to do this, of course, but you will find that the real effect of this is that your site gets penalized, rather than being sent to the top of the Google page.

Don’t Work with Link Farms or Free-for-all Link Exchange

For Google, link building is hugely important. However, it is about quality, not quantity. If you use link farms or a free-for-all link exchange options, Google will think you are not doing any work on building your authority. Besides, it is very likely that there are many irrelevant links in those packages, meaning your rating will drop. The best is to use link building services from professional companies.

Don’t Use Hidden Text or Links

A lot of people have used a sneaky way of incorporating links and text in their pages with keywords that Google likes. What they do is create text that is the same color as their background, so that it is there when they get crawled, but their visitors don’t see it. Google is very strict on this, and the penalties are quite severe.

With these tips, you should already be able to have a more successful SEO campaign. Other pointers include using content links and good writers, checking your backend and using the right kind of data. Combine all of these things, and you may be one of those lucky few that finds themselves on the first page of Google and is there to stay as well.

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