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2022 Game-Changer Guide for eCommerce Business

In the last two decades, the internet has become an increasingly big part of everyday life and eCommerce Businesses are very popular. It has completely revolutionized the way modern businesses are running in 2022. In the modern marketplace, having an online presence is an essential part of being successful and reaching the right people who will want to buy your products.

To help you master the management of your магазин электронной коммерции, this handy guide is going to guide you on how to improve your online business.

Tips for the eCommerce beginners

Integration is key

First of all, you need to learn how to be an effective Amazon marketplace seller because this platform will give you the chance to reach the highest number of potential customers and be found easily through online searches.

Also, software such as SellerCloud can help you to streamline how you manage and take care of your inventory and orders, making the overall management of your listings and purchases much easier.

Accounting for success

A big part of running an eCommerce business is accounting. So finding some useful tips on eCommerce accounting and getting your accounts in order is a very good use of your time. The best way of doing this is to build time into your everyday business routine to update your records of incomings and outgoings. At the beginning of your business venture, using simple software such as Microsoft Excel will get you off to a good start. As business picks up, you can use your profits to invest in professional software such as QuickBooks for eCommerce or Xero.

Quickbooks eCommerce

Target the right people

Part of managing an online eCommerce business is to make sure you are getting high levels of engagement with the right kind of customers, which is ultimately found through defining your target market. Take a look at the type of products you are proposing to sell and ask yourself who these items will appeal to, what they use it, and how you are going to sell them to these people so they choose you over your competitors.

A good place to begin is with your разработка логотипов для бизнеса and branding. If you want to appeal to a younger audience, then going for brighter colors and dynamic visuals will catch their eyes better. On the flip side of this, to attract a more mature audience, muted colors and refined images on the logo will be more suitable.

Keeping track of your time

The final thing you need to know about managing your e-commerce store correctly is how to manage your time. Starting a business such as this means you will begin working from home and managing your time when working from home is a skill you will need to master.

When your office is in your own home, setting your work schedule can be a difficulty and it can also be hard to switch off. Setting out a clear plan for yourself and finding the things that are going to provide you with self-motivation are the two best things you can do to begin getting into good habits. Also remember to build in breaks, just as you would do in an office job so that you don’t burn out.

Ecommerce Tools For SEO

2022 Top Ecommerce Tools For SEO

Today, people use search engines to locate addresses, find online education courses, and find products. So, regardless of the type of services or products that your company sells, your potential customers are possibly searching for something similar to what you offer. That means you have to employ Поисковая оптимизация (SEO) to capture the attention of potential customers and direct them to your website.

Unfortunately, mastering SEO can be hard, particularly if you are a beginner-level digital marketer. Therefore, the best thing to do is invest in the best eCommerce tools for SEO. The tools will not only save you many hours of data analysis, and keyword research but they will also help you pinpoint the areas of your website that need improvement.  Below are the top 10 tools to try.

1.     Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the first tool on our list of the best eCommerce tools for SEO. This tool is free to use and therefore anyone with a website can use it to monitor and report on the presence of their websites on Google SERP. All you have to do to start using it is verify your site by adding a code or submitting your sitemap through Google Analytics for indexing.

With a Google Search Console, you can control the information that Google indexes and how it represents your account. In addition, you will understand how your website users view it so that you can improve your performance on Google rankings. It is a perfect choice for new website owners because it allows them to submit their pages for indexing.

Google Search Console


SEMRush eCommerce SEO tool allows marketers to identify all the new changes and search ranking opportunities. Apart from its Domain Vs Domain analysis feature that helps users compare their eCommerce websites to those of their competitors, it offers analytics reports containing the search data, traffic, and the key competitors of any website.

Moreover, it comes with an On-Page SEO Checker feature so that users can monitor the ranking of their websites and find recommendations on how to improve their performance.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is always on the list of best eCommerce tools for SEO that marketing experts use. Some digital marketing specialists love the tool because it is always up-to-date regardless of how often Google changes its algorithm. Others love it because it has a great chat portal that allows them to ask questions and get helpful answers. So, whether you have been looking for a website crawl or keyword recommendations, Moz Pro is worth trying.

Moz Pro will provide you with insights into the performance of your website and how to improve it. You will have a chance to try the free-to-use MozBar toolbar, which is designed to provide users with metrics of any website when browsing it. Moreover, Moz Pro allows you to attend an annual conference, known as the MozCon, so that you can learn more about SEO.


Unlike many other eCommerce tools for SEO, this free-to-use keyword finder tool helps users identify the highest-ranking keywords and the intent behind them. Ubersuggest will provide you with a list of the highest-ranking SERPs, ranging from short keywords to long-tail keyword phrases so that you can find the best terms to use on your website.

Some of the features to expect on Ubersuggest include keyword volume reports, competition reports, CPC reports, and seasonal trends reports. It is ideal for people working to market their products and services through paid PPC and organic SEO.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google page speed insights might be the tool you need to figure out the problems affecting the ranking of your websites and to identify all the areas of opportunities. You can use it to improve the Core Web Vitals of your site to ensure that it loads up very fast. It is free to use and offers comprehensive insights as well as detailed reports on the overall performance of any website.


Woorank is available both as a premium and a free SEO tool and people use it to track and report their marketing data. With this tool, you can plug in all your competitors so that you can discover the keywords that they are targeting and target them too.

Even more, the tool will help you track how your target keywords perform over time and optimize them for search engines and users. And most importantly, you will get a list of things that your website lacks from both a content and technical perspective. You will identify downtimes, duplicate content, and security issues and fix them.


Many marketers choose Ahrefs for various reasons. One of the reasons is that this eCommerce tool for SEO supports competitor analysis, keyword research, and link building. It also allows the users to identify the broken links and figure out where their websites rank on the search engine results and how far they can go. You can use it to identify the website pages that link to your key competitors and those that link to you.

It further offers a Content Explorer tool to help you compare your website content, track key metrics, and compare your website to those of your competitors.

ahrefs eCommerce tool

Raven SEO Tools

Raven SEO is another great tool that you could use to improve your eCommerce site. The tool is available in two versions – the Raven Classic, which is the original SEO tool, and the Raven Reimagined or Raven by TapClicks. Raven Classic is both a search engine optimization and reporting tool. It offers various features like Backlink Tools, Website Audits, Keyword Rank Checker, Marketing Reports, Link Building Manager, and Marketing Reports.

On the other hand, the Raven by TapClicks is both an SEM and SEO tool. You can use it to increase the visibility of your site, drive leads, get actionable insights and close more business. Its main components are SEM Competitor Research, Site Auditor, Backlink Analysis and Authority, SEO Competitor and Keyword Research, and Rank Tracking. For another way to track leads, consider getting a CRM software that can help you manage all parts of the sales process.

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Helium 10

The developers of Helium 10 know that keyword research is vital for the success of every Amazon seller. They, therefore, provide many tools that help users discover high-volume and high-ranking keywords. Therefore, you can use it to identify the best keyword terms for your SEO marketing.


This SEO keyword tool helps users identify all the long-tail keywords with a low level of competition. Therefore, you can use it to find the best keywords for your SEO marketing and run an analysis on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and backlinks. Its Rank Tracker feature helps users determine the ranking of their websites on the search engine results and track their improvement. Even more, it offers many new keyword ideas to help them improve their websites to rank even higher.

Most digital marketers like the fact that the tool shows them information on keywords that they search for and pulls in suggestions for the related terms and their comparison to the searched term. The information will help you target the highly ranked terms and those that are more likely to convert through focused content.

Affiliate Summit West

eCommerce Business Affiliate Summit West

You yearn for a good endorsement, right? Then don’t miss the Affiliate Summit West conference. Affiliate marketing could be the only thing you need to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Why Affiliate Summit West?

Understand this simple idea: the best restaurant in town, the best college, the most reliable antivirus software, the best web hosting company— we always want confirmation from a bigwig we trust that it’s buy-worthy. Affiliate marketing utilizes the services of online influencers to boost your e-commerce business. Affiliate marketing using online influencers and digital marketers can be a strategic decision you need to improve your sales and connect with customers you would otherwise never meet. With this conference, you can never go wrong!

Why affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing industry plays an essential role in reducing the costs of running e-commerce businesses. Партнерский маркетинг is among the marketing methods that give you a full return on investment all the time. This strategy gives you a chance to pay for promotion expenses, in the form of commission, after selling your product. Doesn’t it sound good?

When you attend an affiliate marketing conference, such as the Affiliate Summit West, you get to understand how top companies in the world make millions of dollars by taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them by digital marketers. That can be very handy when you manage an eCommerce business.

Электронная коммерция

What are the characteristics of good affiliate marketers?

  • They can influence their followers’ decisions
  • They post useful content on their websites
  • They run reliable websites that generate traffic

Affiliate marketers work for commission. Therefore if you are running an eCommerce business, you need to figure out how to convert your site visitors to customers. You may need to provide your affiliate marketers with an attractive earning per click-EPC. Affiliate marketers tend to concentrate more on advertising products that pay higher earnings per click.

Five ways affiliate marketing can impact your eCommerce business

The Affiliate Summit West brings together all players in the affiliate marketing industry— small, medium, and large affiliate companies. This performance marketing event can affect your e-commerce business in the following five main ways.

Growth of your indirect sales revenue

Affiliate marketing can expand your e-commerce business tremendously. The move to incorporate online influencers, who may be experts in your field, can grow your business beyond limits. How is it so? Affiliates are experts in driving quality traffic to your eCommerce business site. Imagine award-winning digital influencers and Youtubers like Neil Patel mentioning your product on their online platforms! Imagine how it would generate interest in your business! Quality traffic leads to higher conversions. More conversions lead to more revenue. More revenue means more capital to expand your business. In addition, the Affiliate Summit West conference is your chance to explore networking opportunities presented by more than 1000 exhibitors.

Boost customer loyalty

Old customers are likely to spend more money on your products than new customers. Therefore, choose your affiliates wisely. Good affiliate marketers need to command trust from their followers. Using trusted influencers to endorse your products enables you to benefit from the trust and experience they have in the eyes of their audience.

In the workshops of Affiliate Summit West, you will have a chance to strike a business deal with one of the 200 expert speakers like Neil Patel, Mark Walters, Steven Barlett, Charles Calabrese, Ryan Deiss, and Robert Glazer. This exhibition is an excellent business opportunity for businesses at all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Affiliate Summit West eCommerce business

Numerous routes to conversion

Affiliate marketers are available in all product categories and markets. Whether a customer wants a mobile phone, a computer, or furniture, there are readily available affiliate sites to contact.

Since these sites already have an established audience, collaborating with these sites creates various opportunities for your eCommerce business. Think of affiliate marketing as a way of extending your current sales. Also, the marketing team, which results in a much broader online presence.

It is economical

Affiliate marketing lowers your expenditure on ads. Since you only pay a commission when your goods sell. Your marketing budget can be utilized in other income-generating streams. For example, hiring freelancers to optimize your content. Optimizing with your targeted keywords, social media marketing, or strengthening your public relations department.

Furthermore, acquiring affiliate markets in a new market. Firstly, it reduces the overhead costs of establishing a new sales campaign team. Secondly, it is moderating the need to spend money on the unconfirmed market for testing.

Affiliate markers can enhance your reputation

By promoting your products on their sites, affiliate marketers boost customer confidence in your eCommerce business. Verified marketing researcher data has revealed that buyers trust reviews. Hence, they are more likely to trust the opinion of other users more than what the producer of the product. Users also have a certain degree of trust in websites they visit for product endorsements.

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