Why do you need to Redesign Your Company Logo?

Planning to redesign your logo and wondering if it is the right thing to do? Well, it is definitely a tough choice because rebranding is a big decision and has a major impact on the overall integrity, name, and brand value. But is it really worth changing your brand identity? At times it really makes a huge difference.

For established brands, redesigning the logo might be out of the question, unless something happened. Take a look for example the Facebook rebranding. They created the new Meta to create a buzz around the future.

But for small businesses, it can be highly impactful. Especially if you had a hard start, and your brand failed to rise.

Let’s talk about it!

When should you consider replacing your logo?

There are several reasons for a business to go for rebranding. Firstly, a new business that has built unsuccessful branding should consider rebranding. For example, in the case you already started to do marketing, invested your time and money in advertising your business. Also, you published a website, handed business cards, and did some social media, but you did not get the attention of customers. That will be a good time to consider redesigning your brand.

Secondly, if you had a working business that had a bad reputation. In these cases, it’s appropriate to change your brand image altogether, renovate, change your slogan using a slogan generator and brand colors. Create a new logo and bring brand awareness. Make your business fresh and new and let customers know you are ready again to do business.

Focus on the audience

Start with focusing on the audience that your brand focuses on. If your brand focuses on GEN Z, the logo has to reflect the same, but if it is super sophisticated, the bubbly, vibrant, and fun-loving teenagers will not like to shop from the brand. Therefore, it is highly recommended to align your brand logo with the audience so that people can relate to it. The brand logo is a make-or-break decision, which is the reason it has to hit the right spot and check all the boxes for the branding alignment with the audience.

Choose colors wisely

Picking the colors for the brand is another vigilant task that needs to be done after careful thinking and strategizing. The primary colors are the most attractive colors. Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green. These usually help in increasing brand sales. Sometimes the rebranding can also be done with simple changes in the brand color. You will see that in a few days, your brand logo will increase sales and will help you increase revenue and profit for your business.

Top Logo Colors Trends

Small businesses usually work on trial and error methods for branding and increasing sales. So, if you feel that one particular color scheme is not working for you, you can always try a different scheme, ensuring that your business or brand is becoming more visible to people. Take a look at the best logo colors for this year.

However, it is not always about the colors only. The name of the brand also matters the most. Most of the brands do not think appropriately about the name of the brand. It is important that you check the name of the brand before officiating the brand name. You should also translate the brand name in other languages as well because, at times, you might offend people from different origins and regions with your brand name.

Have the same logo everywhere – keep it branded!

Some brands have a different logo on every platform, be it website, social media, business card, and more. But the cohesiveness matters the most when you have started the brand. Make sure you are adding the same logo on your brand page, social media, and also on stationery, business cards along with stationary as well.

This will help with the better branding of your business. You will eventually find the cohesive branding with the same logo a lot more beneficial for your business. You can get the company and brand logo printed on t-shirts, pens, letterhead, and more for the exemplary branding of your business.

The matching logo will also create a brand image that will make people remember your brand clearly. Sometimes, the matching logo and the appropriate branding will skyrocket the sales if combined with the sales tactics rightfully used to make your brand the best of all.

Branding Design Package
Best Logo Fonts

The font style and size matters

Think of the font style and size of the font when you are rebranding. The size has to be big enough to be easily visible to the people. Moreover, it is also important to choose the perfect style for your logo. Do not go overboard with choosing multiple font styles. You can also play around with multiple sizes of the font and see how it can look better and even more eye-catching. Check out some great and trending logo fonts for this year.

Take away

The professional brand identity will definitely translate into an immense increase in sales, revenue, and profit. A lot of the other tactics can also work for you if you have a great logo. The success of a business is a combined effort with a successful logo, campaigns that are great in terms of returns, targeting the right audience, and more. So, why don’t you try it out right now? start here, use the best online logo maker and redesign your logo today to see how incredible it will impact your business and how it helps with increasing the buzz in sales.

Step-By-Step Simple Guide To Redesign Company Logo

A number of companies have taken to redesign their company brand identity, and they are effectively hiring candidates with a bachelor’s degree in digital media. Sometimes you find that companies want to stay relevant to the trends of the business market. This forces them to make some changes along the way that will cause some ripples. Redesigning the company logo has not always been kind to the companies. Some redesign their logo only to notice that users do not like the brand image. So, how do you redesign a logo that the masses like?

Although there is no foolproof way to come up with this design or even to redesign it, there are a few tips that you can employ to make it easier. These include:

Keep It Simple and Tell a Story About Your Brand

Try as much as you can to keep it simple once you are using the online logo maker app. If you fall into the snare of making it complicated, people will probably not like it. It is also important for your brand to tell a story. Let it have a background of your company and how that inspired the logo. Otherwise, it would just be a drawing and words that do not cause the client to relate to your product.

Browse through our awesome ready-to-use logos collection. Choose the best template for your business.