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Redesign Your Company Logo – Step-By-Step Rebranding Guide

Why Do You Need To Redesign Your Company Logo?

Planning to redesign your business logo and wondering if it is the right thing to do? Well, it is definitely a tough choice because rebranding is a big decision and has a major impact on the overall integrity, name, and brand value. But is it really worth changing your brand identity? At times it really makes a huge difference.

For established brands, redesigning the logo might be out of the question, unless something happened. Take a look for example the Facebook rebranding. They created the new Meta to create a buzz around the future. A new example of a medium business is the design software Linearity Curve rebranding. They took a big risk changing their name, and logo and created a brand new website to appeal to their new target audience and new software features.

But for small businesses, it can be highly impactful. Especially if you had a hard start, and your brand failed to rise.

Let’s talk about it!

When should you consider replacing your logo?

There are several reasons for a business to go for rebranding. Firstly, a new business that has built unsuccessful branding should consider rebranding. For example, in the case you already started to do marketing and invested your time and money in advertising your business. Likewise, you published a website, handed business cards, and did some social media, but you did not get the attention of customers. That will be a good time to consider redesigning your brand.

Secondly, if you had a working business that had a bad reputation. In these cases, it’s appropriate to change your brand image altogether, renovate, or change your slogan using a slogan generator and brand colors. Create a new logo and bring brand awareness. Make your business fresh and new and let customers know you are ready again to do business.

Focus on the audience

Start with focusing on the audience that your brand focuses on. If your brand focuses on GEN Z, the logo has to reflect the same, but if it is super sophisticated, the bubbly, vibrant, and fun-loving teenagers will not like to shop from the brand. Therefore, it is highly recommended to align your brand logo with the audience so that people can relate to it. The brand logo is a make-or-break decision, which is the reason it has to hit the right spot and check all the boxes for the branding alignment with the audience.

Choose colors wisely

Picking the colors for the brand is another vigilant task that needs to be done after careful thinking and strategizing. The primary colors are the most attractive colors. Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green. These usually help in increasing brand sales. Sometimes the rebranding can also be done with simple changes in the brand color. You will see that in a few days, your brand logo will increase sales and will help you increase revenue and profit for your business.

Top Logo Colors Trends

Small businesses usually work on trial and error methods for branding and increasing sales. So, if you feel that one particular color scheme is not working for you, you can always try a different scheme, ensuring that your business or brand is becoming more visible to people. Take a look at the best logo colors for this year.

However, it is not always about the colors only. The name of the brand also matters the most. Most of the brands do not think appropriately about the name of the brand. It is important that you check the name of the brand before officiating the brand name. You should also translate the brand name in other languages as well because, at times, you might offend people from different origins and regions with your brand name.

Have the same logo everywhere – keep it branded!

Some brands have a different logo on every platform, be it a website, social media, business card, and more. But cohesiveness matters the most when you have started the brand. Make sure you are adding the same logo on your brand page, social media, and also on stationery, business cards along stationary.

This will help with the better branding of your business. You will eventually find cohesive branding with the same logo a lot more beneficial for your business. You can get the company and brand logo printed on t-shirts, pens, letterhead, and more for the exemplary branding of your business.

Branding Design Package

The matching logo will also create a brand image that will make people remember your brand clearly. Sometimes, the matching logo and the appropriate branding will skyrocket sales if combined with the sales tactics rightfully used to make your brand the best of all.

Best Logo Fonts

The font style and size matters

Think of the font style and size of the font when you are rebranding. The size has to be big enough to be easily visible to the people. Moreover, it is also important to choose the perfect style for your logo. Do not go overboard with choosing multiple font styles. You can also play around with multiple sizes of the font and see how it can look better and even more eye-catching. Check out some great and trending logo fonts for this year.

Take away

The professional brand identity will definitely translate into an immense increase in sales, revenue, and profit. A lot of the other tactics can also work for you if you have a great logo. The success of a business is a combined effort with a successful logo, campaigns that are great in terms of returns, targeting the right audience, and more. So, why don’t you try it out right now? start here, use the best online free logo maker, and redesign your logo today to see how incredible it will impact your business and how it helps with increasing the buzz in sales.

Step-By-Step Simple Guide To Redesign Company Logo

A number of companies have taken to redesign their company brand identity, and they are effectively hiring candidates with a bachelor’s degree in digital media. Sometimes you find that companies want to stay relevant to the trends of the business market. This forces them to make some changes along the way that will cause some ripples. Redesigning the company logo has not always been kind to the companies. Some redesign their logo only to notice that users do not like the brand image. So, how do you redesign a logo that the masses like?

Although there is no foolproof way to come up with this design or even to redesign it, there are a few tips that you can employ to make it easier. These include:

Keep It Simple and Tell a Story About Your Brand

Try as much as you can to keep it simple once you are using the online logo maker app. If you fall into the snare of making it complicated, people will probably not like it. It is also important for your brand to tell a story. Let it have a background of your company and how that inspired the logo. Otherwise, it would just be a drawing and words that do not cause the client to relate to your product.

Browse through our awesome ready-to-use logos collection. Choose the best template for your business.

Customize your logo with the AI free logo maker online. Start by typing your name, selecting your industry, and customizing colors and fonts.

Versatility, Fonts, and Colors are Important

Make your company logo relate to different people regardless of their age or orientation. Redesigning a more versatile and inclusive logo could make your company or business more visible to people. In addition to this, make the most out of color. If you pick a different color, it makes the logo pop. Darker colors make the design plain but more official. Whatever the case, color is a very important part of your branding. Changing color only could still make such a big difference even with no other changes.

Custom Logo Design

Get a Professional tool to Redesign your Logo

In some cases, you are unable to redesign the logo yourself and have to hire a professional logo designer. A professional graphic designer can help you Rebrand your company. For example, he will create a special and custom design just for your brand. Also, he is more likely to come up with something catchy that will not be received negatively by users in the market. It is also important to tell your experts exactly what you want. This will help to come up with what is best for you and closest to what you would want.

Redesigning company logos might sound simple. However, it is more involving than people tend to think. You could still do it in a short period of time, but that is probably why most online users reject and mock redesigned logos that do not embody the product or service. It is even worse when the previous logo was better than the latter one.

Custom Logo Design
Building A Brand And Logo Design

The word Logo design and branding has now become a commonly used term throughout the business world. Businesses all of size and form are taking branding more seriously because of the huge benefits it has. Branding simply means creating a sort of identifiable identity that expresses your core value to people. It is a means of creating consciousness, awareness, and an image of your business. That is to say, your brand is what defines the personality of your business.

However, as important as branding is to both small and big businesses today, it is unfortunate that not every business owner is getting it right. This is even more common with small businesses or your side hustle venture. Most of them fail in their branding adventure after a small time of giving it a try. Since branding is important for the success of your small business, you don’t just have a choice but to master how to make it work.

In this article, we have provided you with some common branding mistakes that have caused the failure of most small businesses. Get to know about them so you know how to avoid them in your own branding journey.

Importance of eye-catching logo design and brand identity 

Eye-catching logos and branding are very important for small businesses and side hustle ventures. Basically, the logo brand is the first thing buyers will see and remember, therefore you need it in order to grab the attention of potential customers. Firstly, it plays a significant role in the growth of small businesses. Secondly, it helps you better connect with your customers and make your company name stick with them for a longer time.

Additionally, logo and branding help boost your startup SEO. Search engines like Google give priority to branded listings because customers are more likely to click on them. What this means is more clicks to your business. More new customers. And increased revenue in the long run. You can now see why every small business owners need to make building a strong brand for their business more seriously.

Your branding should be done with utmost care. A mistake in the branding can be all customers and competitors in the marketplace know about the company. Therefore, companies seeking to create a business logo should avoid making the following mistakes.

4 Common Logo Design & Branding Mistakes You Should Avoid

The brand of the business is what’s associated with the face of the company. As such, every business should have guidelines for their brand that govern any decisions made when making changes. While change is good because it brings new ideas and trains of thought, at times, it can confuse customers and clients. Therefore, the logo designs should merge the business’ brand identity (the old and new look).

#1: Underestimating the power of branding

This is likely the most common mistake small business owners make with their brands. They tend to often forget how essential branding can also be to small businesses. Branding is not only for big-name companies like Wal-Mart or Apple.

#2: Not defining your brand before starting the logo design

Your brand is an express representation of who you are. It is what tells prospective customers about your business in an instant. When you fail to take advantage of this first-time impression, you may struggle to gain the trust of these people afterward.

That means you need to first understand who you are and why you matter before setting out in building your brand. You need to identify what your company’s core value is, your customers, and your competitors. Writing all of these down on paper will provide a solid base of reference to guide your branding.

A good understanding of your brand will help your visual graphics. It will impact your website design, logo design, customer support, and advertising.

#3: Creating a brand design only you like

This is one of the mistakes that is bringing most small businesses down today when it comes to branding. Everyone has their unique tastes and opinions and wants to put their mark on a creative project. Most small business owners have been caught in the web of wanting to maintain complete control over the design of their brand. They want it to be just as they have only thought.

While this might look like a harmless thing, it can make things go wrong down the line when we start getting emotionally involved in things that concern our personal tastes and likes. You don’t have to completely keep your personality from the design process but you should always put the brand ahead of any other thing – even your personal desire and tastes. That way, you will be able to make the best decision for the business at all times.

#4: Failure to establish clear brand guidelines

When looking to build a brand, you should have clear and defined guidelines to help you through the process. Your guidelines should cover the entire range of basic elements including:

  • Your brand and logo design
  • Brand colors
  • Topography and fonts
  • Voice of the brand
  • Imagery
  • Spokespeople
  • Taglines
  • Mascots

Without thorough brand guidelines documentation, your branding efforts may not produce the consistency and results you have expected from it.

Custom Branding Design Package

Different Types of Branding You Should Know

Just like we have different types of logos you can use for a business, there are also different branding strategies to help you grow your home-based business or profitable side hustle. Take a look and decide which branding strategy is best for your industry.


As the name suggests, co-branding is the brand formed by two or more companies with a specific product or service. It is usually used as a marketing strategy. Here, the partnership serves as good fortune for one or both brands.

Since customers already trust one of these brands, they automatically show the same trust to the partnering brand. This type of branding is effective for building business, breaking into new markets, and increasing awareness.

Service branding

Service branding, unlike product branding that puts all attention on the product, its emphasis is on the customer. It is geared more towards providing satisfactory services to customers. While it is normal for all brands to take their customers seriously, service branding takes that a step further. It concentrates more on adding unique and specific value to customer service.

Think of an airline giving out hot chocolate chip cookies on international flights. The same goes with a local coffee store that also gives out a “DIY Guide” with every purchase.

Online branding

This is also referred to as “internet branding” and it shows your positioning or your company online. This involves having a professional website, publishing a blog, building a social media presence – anything that happens under your name on the web.

When building an online presence, you need to ensure you stay consistent across the whole channel. Have a good business logo designed and use it across all your online channels. The same thing should also go for your color scheme.

“No-brand” branding

This is also called minimalist branding. It tends to focus on the fact that a product alone is enough to grab the attention of customers without having to rely on any whistles or bells. A good example of this type of branding is a company that emphasizes on lack of brand to its customers. They make the customers see that they can pay less for their products or services and that’s all. No form of branding whatsoever is done by such a company, instead, it focuses on delivering the best.

Final word

Now that you know the different types of branding strategies available out there, the decision is now left for you to make. However, when choosing a branding type for your business, think about the face you want your business to show the world. That will help you decide which branding strategy is best for you!

How Choosing the Right Brand Color Can Impact Your Small Business Side Hustle

When choosing the color for your logo and general brand identity, you need to think of how the colors will impact your customers.

Color calls attention to your brand

When people see a logo, the first thing they will likely notice is the colors of the brand identity. Research has confirmed that the human brain connects well and faster with color than with texts and context. If you know how important a first impression is and want to create one, leverage the color of your brand. Your brand color will make it stand out and remain forever in the minds of your customers.

If you notice the most iconic brands today, you will see that most of them use bright, eye-catching colors like red on their logos. This and some more colors have a way of calling for the attention of your prospective audience. They keep screaming for attention. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make a statement with your logo, start by choosing the perfect color for it.

What do the Logo Colors say About Your Brand?

What do the Logo Colors say About Your Brand?

Color impacts on conversion

Every business relies on some sort of conversion to survive. Whether it be having your audience purchase a product, sign up for a course, subscribe to your email, and many more, you need good conversion to stay in business. Good news: color also impacts conversion.

According to research conducted recently by Hubspot to check the relationship between colors and conversion, the result favored color. A call to action button on a website was either made red or green to assess what the conversion rate for each color looks like. It was found that conversion went up by 21% with the red button. More people clicked on the red button.

That means you need to know what color works best for your industry when it comes to conversion before you choose your brand colors. Know what your brand values are and understand what colors best portray those values. Consider what colors your competitors use and know why.

3D Globe Logo design
3D Triangle Logo Of Technology

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that Design Free Logo Online cannot and will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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