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  • Tips for Branding your Site and Publishing On Major Websites Like Forbes

2022 Guide For Publishing Your Small Business Brand On Major Websites

Getting your small business on big websites such as Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes and Inc takes time and effort and a little know-how and we’re going to provide you with the know-how – so read on.

In order to make your small business or side hustle successful, you have to ensure that people notice it. The brand identity, business logo design, contact, and marketing strategy will represent your company. It helps in creating the first impression. Therefore, you must devote a significant amount of time, effort, and money to creating an appealing brand identity and getting it out there. Let’s have a look at how Publishing Your Small Business Brand will help you grow, and how we do it right.

How Does A Good Brand Design help To Promote Your Small Business?


An appealing branding and logo design helps in building the credibility of your company. In a pool of millions of companies, people only notice and memorize those which have a well-designed brand identity. It shows that the company is professional and is worthy of being trusted.

When people see a poorly designed logo or website, it creates a wrong impression, which shuts them down. It has been reported that consumers turn loyal to a brand when they have their first experience with it or purchase from it. Hence, the importance of creating the right first impression can never be ignored.


A powerful contact, logo and brand design, and marketing always draw in more customers to your business. Also, it helps the company to be remembered by the people. A simple, web-based, user-friendly design will attract and impress consumers in more than one which is totally confusing. Especially if you Publishing Your Small Business Brand on major websites.

According to an article published on Forbes, 38% of users do not continue with a website that has an unattractive layout. A report by the Content Marketing Institute reveals that most B2B marketers see brand awareness as the most crucial goal, followed by sales and lead generation. There is much more to a design than just visual aesthetics, and this is better understood by those who are the experts in the field. The logo design and good brand identity help you to create recognition for your startup.

best logo designs

Speaks for the brand

Through the brand design, a company conveys to the consumers what they promise to deliver, what they say and serve, the way they will be serving it, etc. For any start-up, the logo, the name of the company, marketing contact, and other designs are a means to communicate to the target customers. Accordingly, it is very important to build a powerful brand identity. So with a powerful brand, your can easily publish your small business brand on major websites.

There are ten million small businesses on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook alone. Hence, a company’s brand identity should be something that is more memorable and successfully outshines others. And this is where a good brand design company is necessary to promote any startup.

Merging strategy with creativity

Professional designers can understand how to bring creativity in line with strategy while creating a brand identity. A design can only become exceptional when the business strategy aligns with the creative vision. Thus, for every startup business of any other industry, it is crucial to understand its vision, its capabilities, and its core culture and convey the same to the graphic designer. Build your website in a way to provide its customers with an outstanding shopping experience. Its primary focus is on making the functionality, process, and experience, simple for the users.


Publishing your small business brand on major websites will help you increase your conversion rate. The expert publishers know which marketing contact and design should be used to enhance the rate of conversion. For example, a responsive design can improve the conversion rate to a large extent. This kind of aesthetic understanding can be expected only from a professional. Due to a good design, a person is motivated to take home the story of a brand which gives them a feel-good experience. Thus, a visitor or a browser converts into a purchaser.


With the help of a powerful visual brand, a sense of cohesion and union is created. Consumers can instantly identify a brand when the brand design is consistently used in every marketing material when you are busy publishing your small business brand on major websites. So if you publish your brand on Forbes, make sure that the same logo and branding will be published on entrepreneur magazine and inc magazine.

It is very important to use the exact same design on all different platforms; otherwise, it would lead to confusion among the customers. This again adds to the value of the company. As consumers want to be connected with good brands, having a good design that can be used in various marketing platforms will automatically attract more customers. Thus, a good brand design company can help you to increase the recognition of your service or product, bring in more customers, and persuade them to return to your startup company.

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Start Writing Newsworthy Content

Quality content is a very important step. As you continue networking with new clients, it is important to provide them with content that is worthy to be published. Although they might create content on their own if they decide to choose you to do a feature article, they might also prefer tweaking or editing a press release you directly submit to them.

The important thing to realize is a press release isn’t an article with a heavy sales slant but is a newsworthy story instead. Although they are written from the third person point of view, they should not sound like the website or business owner wrote it. That is a critical mistake that many people make when they submit a press release. That is why it is essential to understand the format as well as the guidelines for writing an outstanding press release.

Considering all of that, press releases still have a lot of room for engagement and creativity. Fundraising events, acquisitions, and startup launches are among the most popular press release topics.

Getting on big websites such as Forbes and Inc

Research Trending Topics And Events

As a small business owner, side hustler, or blogger, it can be very easy to get caught up in how valuable it can be to get your company brand published. Whenever you are networking with new contacts, make sure to send relevant and trending communication. It can be industry trends, global trends, or national trends. Find creative and innovative ways to brand yourself as being a leading industry expert and connect your blog or business to current trends.

Research To Find The Best Way To Get “In”

Do not hesitate to reach out to other people to ask about how they were able to land a spot with a certain online publication you are targeting. For example, there is an email address provided by TechCrunch so encourage people to send them newsworthy information. They sort through those emails and then choose from them when they publish content.

Stay Persistent But Don’t Be Too Pushy

There is a very fine line between being pushy and persistent. Although sending just one email won’t be enough to attract enough attention – it is overkill to send an email every day or every other day. Keep commenting on the social media profiles of your contacts, send out direct emails one or two times a month, and make updates to your newsworthy portfolio once a month.

The above tips can help you with connecting with industry insiders within the publishing and content world. Just remember that it takes time to get published in a major online publication. However, the benefits it will provide you with are definitely worth your energy and time.

How Content Marketing Can Help Your eCommerce Store

How Marketing Can Help Your eCommerce Store?

Are you running an eCommerce business? Do you know how big is the eCommerce world? How many online stores there are in the world?

There are 12-24 million eCommerce stores selling products online around the world. It’s not easy to position yourself in front of your target audience.

Good news?

Content marketing can help you. Or you’ve heard this phrase, “Content is King.” Right?

I hear you ask what’s content marketing – it’s all about creating and distributing quality and relevant information to communicate (or engage) with your audience.

Content is the soul of all forms of your marketing channels. Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent Inc. put it best:

“Content isn’t ‘stuff we write to rank higher or infographics or long-term articles.’ Content is anything that communicates a message to the audience. Anything”

Let’s take a look at how content marketing benefits your business.

1. Understand your customers and market

To create solid content for your eCommerce business, you first must understand your targeted customers and market to tailor your content accordingly.

Can you create relevant content before you know who your targeted audience is?

Content Marketing Work for Your eCommerce Store

Ask yourself some questions: Who are my current customers? Who is my competitor? Does your product (or service) solve a problem? What your audience really wants to hear about?

Take a look at your Google analytics and Facebook insights to find out your audience’s taste. Creating a buyer persona is a great way to understand your customers. An eCommerce SEO agency helps you if you don’t want to make any mistakes, especially when you are publishing your small business brand on major websites and wish to know who are your readers.

To publish your small business brand on major websites you need to create solid content for your eCommerce business. Firstly, you first need to understand your targeted customers and market to tailor your content accordingly.

Can you create relevant content before you know who your targeted audience is?

Ask yourself some questions: Who are my current customers? Who is my competitor? Does your product (or service) solve a problem? What your audience really wants to hear about?

Take a look at your Google analytics and Facebook insights to find out your audience’s taste.

Creating a buyer persona is a great way to understand your customers. Xtensio provides a free and easy-to-use buyer persona creator. An eCommerce SEO agency helps you if you don’t want to make any mistakes.

2. Create a Content Marketing Strategy

You wouldn’t get in a car and drive without an end destination; you’d be wasting fuel.


A content marketing strategy provides a roadmap for your content. You need a definite plan and you need to be consistent with it.

How can you develop a content marketing strategy?

Set your marketing goals, Identify the buyer’s journey, come up with content ideas, content creation, and auditing.

3. Send Automated Personalized Email Campaigns

No doubt, email is the most effective and popular channel for driving revenue for your eCommerce store today.


72% of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication.

Email allows you to send targeted and personalized messages to your prospects and customers.

When it comes to sending the right content to the right people at the right time, email automation always wins. So when you Publishing Your Small Business Brand, make sure to have a subscribers link.

As an eCommerce store, you must send automated personalized emails to spike your conversion rate. Here are some automated emails to start:

  • Welcome email series.
  • Shopping cart abandonment emails
  • Post-purchase follow up email
  • Re-engagement emails to inactive subscribers
  • Product recommendations
  • Updates and information

Here you can see an example of an eCommerce welcome email from Brooklinen:

eCommerce welcome email from Brooklinen

4. Visual Content

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Ever heard this phrase?

So true!

Visuals have the power of grab someone’s attention and educate them in a more interesting way.

Venngage surveyed over 300 online marketers and 41.5% of marketers said that infographics and other original graphics had the highest engagement.

As an eCommerce business, you must use the power of visual content in your content marketing strategy. It makes a difference in how consumers shop. Visuals like videos, images, logo design, and infographics tell a story in a short time and in a more human way.

Watch this product description video from Kelty:

5. Build Relationships with the Right Influencers

Whether you’re a big brand or a small eCommerce store, building relationships with influencers in your industry can help you to build an online presence and drive customers to your store. People value the opinions of real people.

Meetup is the great platform to find a meetup near you

Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.

Social media is a quick and effective way to connect with your industry leaders, share their content, show your love, and ask their opinions. Attending in-person meetups and conferences is also a great way to build a personal relationship.

Meetup is a great platform to find a meetup near you.

6. Make your sales page irresistible

Probably you’ve seen some different sales page formulas on the Internet. I think no formula is good or bad. Different formulas give you different results – you just need to test what works best for your audience. You just have to remember some important elements of an effective sales page.

Use modern sales page templates
  • An attention-grabbing headline that talks to your audience.
  • The promising first paragraph generates curiosity.
  • Tell a story because people connected with them emotionally.
  • Make your sales copy easily readable.
  • An irresistible offer they can’t ignore.
  • Show some testimonials or proofs.
  • A solid call-to-action button that encourages them to buy.
  • Use modern sales page templates
best logo designs

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