• Tips for Branding your Site and Publishing On Major Websites Like Forbes

Tips for Branding your Site and Publishing on Major Websites Like Forbes

Getting on big websites such as Forbes and Inc takes time and effort and a little knowhow and we’re going to provide you with the know how – so read on.

Start Writing Newsworthy Content

This is a very important step. As you continue networking with new clients, it is important to provide them with content that is worthy to be published. Although they might create content on their own if they decide to choose you to do a feature article, they might also prefer tweaking or editing a press release you directly submit to them. If you want to know how to do it then read this post from VelSEOity.com.

The important thing to realize is a press release isn’t an article with a heavy sales slant but is a newsworthy story instead. Although they are written from the third person point of view, they should not sound like the website or business owner wrote it. That is a critical mistake that many people make when they submit a press release. That is why it is essential to understand the format as well as the guidelines for writing an outstanding press release.

Considering all of that, press releases still have a lot of room for engagement and creativity. Fundraising events, acquisitions, and startup launches are among the most popular press release topics.

Getting on big websites such as Forbes and Inc

Research Trending Topics And Events

As a website owner, business owner or blogger, it can be very easy to get caught up in how valuable it can be to get your content published and forget to provide value to the content publishing company that you are trying to attract in the first place.

Whenever you are networking with new contacts, make sure to send the relevant and trending communication. It can be industry trends, global trends, or national trends. Find creative and innovative ways to brand yourself as being a leading industry expert and connect your blog or business to current trends.

Research To Find The Best Way To Get “In”

Do not hesitate to reach out to other people to ask about how they were able to land a spot with a certain online publication you are targeting. For example, there is an email address provided by TechCrunch so encourage people to send them newsworthy information. They sort through those emails and then choose from them when they publish content.

Stay Persistent But Don’t Be Too Pushy

There is a very fine line between being pushy and persistent. Although sending just one email won’t be enough to attract enough attention – it is overkill to send an email every day or every other day. Keep commenting on the social media profiles of your contacts, send out direct emails one or two times a month, and make updates to your newsworthy portfolio once a month.

The above tips can help you with connecting with industry insiders within the publishing and content world. Just remember that it takes time to get published in a major online publication. However, the benefits it will provide you with are definitely worth your energy and time.

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