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Explore Expert Tips for Boosting Microsoft Outlook’s Efficiency

MS Outlook has been a pioneer in the arena of e-mail communication. When Outlook was introduced to the corporate world in general, web-based email providers such as Gmail were non-existent, and you had to pay exorbitant charges. Over the past three decades, the MS Outlook E-mail Client has won immense popularity as a versatile email client and effective productivity tool.

It is presently dominating the desktop email circuit and boasts millions of happy users. However, Microsoft Outlook has a glaring drawback. It has inherent PST data files that are prone to data corruption.

According to Forbes, businesses depend on data recovery tools to safeguard themselves from critical data loss due to hardware failure, user error, or software corruption. Many people utilize data recovery tools or software for retrieving files deleted inadvertently. Others use advanced data recovery tools to retrieve crucial data lost because of a natural disaster, power outage, or virus attack. Outlook is popular because it is known for streamlining calendars, emails, tasks, contacts, and more in a single dashboard. It is not surprising that MS Outlook has been witnessing steady progress since 2017 on mobile. You may consider a few tricks and tips ideal for boosting productivity in MS Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook

Focus on Getting Your Emails Organized

Organizing your e-mails is the best way of streamlining your MS Outlook e-mail client. This could be challenging, particularly when your inbox is perpetually flooded with e-mails.

Despite this, it is wise to organize all your e-mails and keep them in an intuitive, hassle-free, and easy-to-navigate folder system so that you do not have to waste any time looking for specific old emails, among numerous others.

A seamless folder system is a way to go. It keeps you motivated to organize your emails as and when they come instead of delaying the matter perpetually. Also, add branded email signature to make it official.

Consider Saving All Critical Calendar Events, E-mails, and Notes on Desktop Files

If you save all your notes, emails, and calendar events on desktop files, it will be best for streamlining your inbox. Moreover, it can give you easy and quick access to critical messages. If may start by dragging an email, a note, or a calendar event into your folder on the desktop, or you may ‘click File > Save’ and go ahead and save it in a precise format.

Once you are set to save the email in a specific file format, you may double-click when accessing the file. The file will open automatically in MS Outlook.

Use Cortana: MS Productivity Assistant

You can use your voice and rely on Cortana, which is in-built into Outlook mobile to play your emails. When you install Cortana in Outlook, you can relax as all your new emails are read out to you even on the go.

You can organize and manage all emails using your voice and the productivity assistant, Cortana. You can carry on flagging, deleting, and replying to emails hands-free, using your voice. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (Cortana) informs you about changes in meetings or events. It could successfully pinpoint schedule conflicts relating to your calendar.

Utilize a Scheduling Assistant

While sharing a calendar, you may use Scheduling Assistant instead of emailing to arrive at a time for getting together. You may start by creating an event on the calendar and keep adding the invitees.

You may then seek assistance from the Scheduling Assistant. When you choose a specific time on your calendar, and when the slot turns green, it implies that all invitees are available on that date and time. You can freeze the date.

Consider Blocking Emails from Particular Senders

It is a fact that it is best to seek anti-spam protection from a reliable IT adviser. However, you should be equipped with the knowledge of performing particular actions to fortify security. When in doubt, it is best to block all sorts of junk mail.

Depend On Sticky Notes to Ensure Superfast Reminders

From any place on your Outlook Interface, you may ‘Press Ctrl + Shift + N’ for creating a new note. You can drag the note and position it somewhere on the screen. It is highly effective and convenient for fast tasks that do not require entering manually into your calendar.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Outlook PST File Corruption & Repair

How Do Hardware Issues Lead to PST File Corruption?

We may encounter three kinds of hardware issues that may be responsible for damaging or corrupting your PST files.

  • Faulty Networking Mechanism: You store the Outlook PST files on your Network server and attempt to access the files from the computer of a client through network links. In case one of the devices comprising the network (for instance, cable, network interface cards, hubs, routers, and more) has issues, then the PST file could get corrupted. You have to initiate the PST Repair process.
  • Power Outage: In case of a power outage while accessing a PST file, it may corrupt the file.
  • Data Storage Device Fault or Failure: When you have bad sectors in your hard disk, and the PST files are in this sector, you may be allowed to read just a portion of the information or data. Moreover, the info will be incomplete, and you will encounter a host of errors in the information.

How Do Software Issues Lead to PST File Corruption?

  • Using untrusted inferior-quality tools or incompetent professionals could lead to PST file damage. You need to choose the experts and products with care and caution.
  • Wrong file system recovery may lead to PST file corruption.

What Are the Causes of PST File Corruption?

Outlook PST files are susceptible to corruption. Issues associated with any hardware or physical damage can lead to PST file corruption. Unanticipated termination of outlook may culminate in PST file damage. If you suddenly shut down your system or MS Outlook without shutting down the applications, PST files may get corrupted. Abrupt termination of Outlook will damage your PST files. Moreover, when PST files exceed their size limits, they may get corrupted.


Microsoft Outlook is often bogged down by issues with its PST or Personal Folders File. Microsoft has identified the problem and that is the reason why Outlook has effective built-in software known as the Inbox Repair tool for fixing corrupted PST files.

In the majority of cases, running the damaged file through this tool may help resolve the issue. However, at times, you may have to seek assistance from third-party tools for recovering lost data.

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