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  • Photography Power Tips To Take A Photo For Your Logo Design

Photography Power Tips To Take A Photo For Your Logo Design

Your logo plays a vital role in the success of your business. If you use a logo that’s convenient to remember and clearly represents your brand, it’ll be easy for you to haul in customers and gain profit. Your logo can also become your tool to be ahead of the competition and create a name in the industry. But with the number of logos seen on the market today, how can you make yours stand out? How can you create a logo that is appealing to your customers? This article can provide accurate answers to these questions and more.

For more information on your next logo design, you can use different resources such as books, existing websites, and other resources on the internet. All of the information you can get enables you to create a logo suitable for your needs and goals. If you want to expand your options, here are some photography power tips for your logo design:

  1. Know how to frame your subject.

Taking a photo for a logo is different from taking a typical photo as the former usually has just one or two subjects that you need to focus on. The way to make this effective for your design is by knowing how to frame your subject. Consider what the subject for your logo stands for and choose an angle that conveys a certain impact. Should you take the photo from a high angle or a low one? Should the perspective be straightforward or slightly to the side? Consider the distance of your subject as well in relation to how it is framed as this will affect the size of the subject, consequently affecting how it impacts your logo design. For example, if your subject is a pair of glasses for, say, a logo for an ophthalmology clinic, taking a close, low-angle shot of the glasses could make it seem bigger than it actually is. On the other hand, if you take the photo from a high angle with a bit of distance, it can make the subject look smaller or classier depending on the impact you want to convey.

Photography logo trends
  1. Keep it simple.

Creating a logo isn’t about having the most intricate font or colorful details; on the contrary, it’s about conveying the brand of the business in the most straightforward way possible. For you to achieve this goal, remember to keep your photos for the logo design simple. Determine what kind of photo can best represent a brand or business and focus on that. If you’re going to add in texts or typography, make sure that it doesn’t overpower the photo as your logo. Everything should be cohesive with each other.

You don’t need to pack your photo and logo with too many elements as this will be very messy to look at, and might even confuse the public. If possible, only include one or two points of interest and highlight these properly in your photo.

  1. Invest in books, not gears.

As mentioned, a logo is important to a company. It can make or break its chances for growth and success in the business arena. To ensure that you’ll be able to take a photo that can contribute to a business’s success, invest in books, not gears. Buying expensive cameras and other gears would never guarantee that you’ll be able to take great photos. If you have the necessary skills and mindset to master the craft, you can basically take amazing photos with the use of a smartphone. Instead of wasting money on the latest cameras and gears, buy different books on photography. Choosing the latter will not only inspire you to do better, but you’ll also be guided on how you can improve your shots.

  1. Consider the psychology of colors.

Different colors have different effects on people. This is one of the reasons why color should always be considered when you’re taking a photo for a logo. Make sure that you’re using a color that accurately represents your brand. If a business is selling products that are environmentally friendly, consider using green in the logo as this represents earth and health. If the business is offering life coaching services to improve the lives of their clients, think about using yellow in the logo. This color shows happy emotions and enjoyment.


Be Guided

Creating a logo for a business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Adding or missing out one detail can create long-term consequences for the business and, in the worst cases, can even become the reason why the business will have to be closed. Stray away from this direction by following the tips from this article. Let this become your guide so you’ll end up using a logo that can help business progress, not lead it to disaster.

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