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Outsourced Services Every Small Business Should Consider

For many small businesses, finding the time and resources to complete every task in-house is unrealistic. Companies with only a few employees often rely on outsourcing to complete critical processes for maintaining company health and cash flow. Everything from eCommerce accounting to human resources can be outsourced, which frees up a considerable amount of business owner and employee time. Even in situations where outsourcing isn’t strictly necessary, it’s a convenience for business owners that can be difficult to pass up.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to the process of employing a third-party company to manage some of the more fundamental tasks of a small business. If a small business doesn’t have the bandwidth to hire someone for a full or part-time role to fulfill these tasks, outsourcing is almost always the best and most efficient way to continue operations. In many cases, outsourcing allows business owners to hire instant expertise, without having to train someone new, which also saves the business time and money. Searching for and hiring outsourcing service providers is typically significantly faster than hiring through traditional means.

Outsourced Services for Business Owners

Many small business owners aren’t fully aware of how easy and efficient outsourced services are for supporting their management strategies. In some cases, outsourced services are important for company growth and expansion. Here are a few of the most common services for which business owners should consider outsourcing service providers.

Accounting logo maker

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Managing the books is one of the most important yet time-consuming aspects of running a company that drains the time and energy of small business owners. Understanding payroll, cash flow, and financial metrics can be tricky for anyone who doesn’t work with these numbers full time or who hasn’t studied accounting in their university studies. Outsourced bookkeeping usually covers the basics of managing the financial side of the business, but for many businesses, a CPA is a better support option. However, if you’re just starting out with outsourced services, or if you just need someone to manage payroll, outsourcing bookkeeping is a good place to start.

A CPA, or certified public accountant, supports a business with more than just bookkeeping. Certified public accountants have significantly more knowledge and competitive insights for your business and will bring considerably more expertise to your company than a standard bookkeeper. An outsourced CPA is an important support for your company’s bottom line and optimizing the profitability of your operations.

A CPA can also support your business during the financial planning phase so that you’ll have an expert analysis of your company’s health. Having a clear picture of the financial wellbeing of your business helps you plan what’s next for your business, whether that’s increasing your marketing spending, hiring another person, or moving into a larger office. If you’re looking for even more expertise regarding your business’s financial matters, you may also want to consider an outsourced CFO (chief financial officer). While an outsourced CFO is always more expensive than other financial support options, it’s without a doubt the most in-depth option for creating a financial strategy for the business’s long-term future.

Human Resources

Creating sustainable hiring practices without the support of a dedicated human resources manager is often a bottleneck for small businesses that can slow down the company’s internal growth. Understanding how to manage potential candidates during the hiring process, reviewing resumes, and scheduling interviews are surprisingly time-consuming. In addition, managing matters of paid time off, sick leave, and other employee concerns is often a hassle that’s worth hiring an outsourced HR professional to handle. Outsourcing your HR helps business owners continue working towards their goals or with their clients without worrying about simple day-to-day operations.

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing your business online requires in-depth expertise that most small business owners don’t have the time or resources to hire. Marketing agency services are essentially an outsourced marketing department for you and your team. Similar to outsourcing your financial logistics, it’s often an essential part of increasing the value and profitability of your business.

Digital marketing services for which you can outsource include SEO (search engine optimization), search advertising, website development, and content writing. The goal of these services is to improve your business’s online presence on your website and through other third-party platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Marketing services are typically highly customizable based on your business’s industry, product offerings, and competitor market.

IT support services


Outsourcing your IT support services makes sense for any business owner that manages a considerable portion of their business online. Setting and managing IT infrastructure for small businesses is rarely a straightforward process. In addition, managing the servers on which your business operates and monitoring the business’s cybersecurity practices are frequently important processes even if the business isn’t managed digitally. When searching for outsourced IT services, make sure the provider you’re considering has support services around the clock to resolve any cybersecurity concerns and ensure that your website never runs into long downtimes that affect sales.

Data Analyst

Professional data analysis services can support business owners in their decision-making process for many key aspects of the business. Well assembled and presented data lets company owners know exactly what’s effective and efficient in their business so that they can respond accordingly. The outsourced data analyst essentially provides insights into what products and services are working, in addition to information about the business’s target audience. Choosing the right outsourcing provider for your business data is critical. Make sure to ask about the company’s policy regarding consumer data security, particularly regarding purchases and sales.

Conclusion- Outsourcing Services Every Small Business Should Consider

Outsourcing different fundamental aspects of a small business make managing that company straightforward, allowing business owners more time to do what they love. It enables businesses to make decisions with the support of an expert who understands their business without training. Outsourcing offers business owners complete solutions for everything from bookkeeping to digital marketing, which helps keep business operations efficient.

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