How to Open a Facebook Business Page Yourself – 100% free


It is becoming harder to ignore Facebook, mainly because there are over 829 million people who are active on Facebook every day. This makes it a powerful inbound marketing tool. However, Facebook’s features have changed over the years, so the process of creating a business page on Facebook has also changed. Below are the steps you need to follow to open a Facebook business page.


  1. Pick a Classification

The first step in creating a Facebook page is picking a classification. There are six classifications to pick from, which include:


  • Cause or Community
  • Entertainment
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Brand or Product
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Local Business or Place


Each classification will require you to fill out relevant fields. This helps Facebook provide information for visitors to your page. You should be careful when you are picking the name of your business page because Facebook will only allow you to change your page’s name and the URL once, but is a tedious and difficult process to wade through.


  1. Fill out the Basic Information

Facebook will automatically walk you through the basic information selections for your Page. The first section is the ‘about’ section, which is the main description of the page. If you have a business website, you should include this link in it. The description should also include information about what makes your business brand unique.


You should also upload a profile picture. The profile picture is the main visual icon for your page.  This picture is very important because it will appear in the Facebook search results and next to any comments that you post. The recommended size of a profile picture is 180 by 180 pixels, but you can use any square image for a profile picture.

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  1. Understanding the Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is an important part of a business page. The Admin Panel can be reached by clicking on the “Settings” option. There is a vertical navigation bar that has different sections, but there are key areas that are important.


The “Page Info” setting will allow you to enter additional details about your page. This section will have different options depending on what classification you selected.


“Notifications” will allow you to customize how and when you would like to be sent Page alerts. “Page roles” is where you can set who has access to the page’s setting, so you can send invites to your colleagues


  1. Create Content for the Page

Once you have your business page set up, you need to start posting content and enacting with users. The main type of content that is used is Posts. Posts can contain links, photos, and videos. You can also create event pages for your business page.


The amount of content that you will need for your business page will depend on your business and your users. The general rule is that you should be posting at least once a day. However, do not over post because followers can become bored with your content.


A Facebook business page is an important tool for a successful company.  Facebook can be used for marketing and can help your business connect with your customers regularly.