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7 Modern Logo Designs For Corporate Websites

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  • 7 Modern Logo Designs For Corporate Websites

7 Modern Logo Designs For Corporate Websites

Have you ever noticed how some brands are easy to recognize no matter where you are in the world? This isn’t just because of clever marketing and advertising. The value of a memorable logo should not be underestimated because it has far-reaching effects.

You want a logo that’s memorable while communicating your goals and what your brand stands for. In addition to making sure that your logo is relevant to your business’ purpose and values, you need to consider modern logo trends as well.

Look at the logo designs that are doing well in your industry and you’ll notice a few similarities. They usually follow a number of design trends that consumers respond well to.

Of course, a good logo designer must also consider past styles and what they’ve contributed to current trends, as well as their own personal branding style.

Modern design trends are characterized by a vibrantly colorful palette, uniqueness tradition, innovation, and storytelling.  This is what makes 2019 one of the most exciting years in logo design, especially for corporate companies. If you need some inspiration to help you create the perfect logo design for your website, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of the 7 most remarkable corporate company logo design trends. Read on for more.

  1. Variable logos

This particular design style is all about creating a logo that translates to different customer demographics. It takes into account the fact that your website will show up in different devices that are utilized by various types of people.

Following the variable logo design style could help you connect with large families, senior citizens and young millennials alike.  It’s flexible enough to adjust your website’s appearance depending on the demographics of the person viewing it.

Working with an adaptable logo means that you can form authentic connections with customers from the get-go by customizing your iconography and typography to suit individual audience needs.

Even if your logo has static typography to maintain continuity, it can have built-in interchangeable pictograms that’ll adapt into new logotypes for each consumer.

Modern Logo Designs
  1. Purposeful use of color

We’ve established that it’s important for brands to develop authentic connections with their customers. One of the best ways to do this is through the purposeful use of color in your logo. There’s no denying that certain colors evoke very specific emotions and brands can use this to craft an easily recognizable logo and identity.

Be intentional and mindful of your use of color while keeping in mind that it’ll affect user experience on your website. Think about the needs and preferences of your desired demographics to figure out which colors they respond to. Pair that with your own brand message to find a color that best expresses your brand ethos.

  1. Overlapping elements

Overlapping elements refers to the use of different design elements in a complimentary way. For example, we see a lot of logo designs that pair opacity with attention-grabbing shapes. There are also a growing number of designers who leverage creative use of negative space, purposeful colors and geometry to create a sense of wonder and possibility.

A good example of this trend is PayPal’s relaunched logo with the overlapping P’s and the use of bolder color and design.

  1. Geometric design

Geometric logos are easy to spot because they tend to stand out. They typically work well for corporate websites because they allow you to combine structure with innovation. You can do this by enhancing the clean lines of minimal geometry with warm colors for a friendlier and more appealing design.

  1. Prestige and pedigree

Is it possible to communicate a brand’s pedigree and reputation through logo design? The simple answer is yes. Most well-known household brands have been using the same logo since their inception. Companies like Stella Artois, Twinning’s Tea and Levi’s prove that logo design is essential to establishing and preserving a brand’s story and identity.

As such, logos with signs of the pedigree are growing in popularity because they invoke a sense of nostalgia, familiarity, and trust. These are usually characterized by expert linework, artisanal details, and vintage textures.

  1. Playful tricks

Another trend worth considering is that of logos which trick the eye. You can do this by using subtle distortion and playing with perspective in new and creative ways. This is a disruptive trend that must be approached with caution.

Three-dimensional shapes, warping letters and playing with angles is a good place to start.

  1. The use of negative space

The FedEx logo is a good example of how you can use negative space to create an unforgettable brand image. The arrow connecting the two words was a genius play on the company’s purpose which is to deliver packages.

This logo trend gives you an opportunity to play around with letters in a way that shows meaning and playfulness, whether you offer PEO solutions or delivery services.

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