If you are in the process of developing a website, you probably have heard these three different terms used to describe mobile web options. They all are essential to developing a good website, but they have different functions. In this article, we are going to look at what mobile optimization, mobile friendliness, and responsive design are, why they are important, and some tips for starting the processes.

Mobile Optimization:

What is Mobile optimization?

Mobile optimization is how you ensure that your website is adaptable so visitors can access all of its features from a mobile device. It also ensures that visitors have access that is customized to their own device. Basically, this is how you know your site is going to be accessible and easy to use from the user’s desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Why is it important?

It’s important to make sure that your site works well on a mobile platform because today, about 80% of Internet goers use a smartphone for at least some of their browsing. This adds up to about 1.2 billion people. Mobile optimization encourages additional traffic on your site, which can develop leads for your business. Additionally, mobile users engage differently than desktop users, and are more responsive to visual media. It is important to have the means to engage customers per this route. There are financial benefits as well. Tablet users make more transactions on average than users on any other device. If your site’s main function is eCommerce, it is essential to have a version that is mobile-friendly.

Mobile Optimization vs. Mobile Friendliness vs. Responsive Design

How do I optimize my site?

There are several simple steps you can take to begin optimizing your site. You can optimize videos to make them compatible on smart devices. Images should also be high quality so they do not degrade when loaded on a mobile browser. Content should also be scrollable, so users do not have to load multiple pages on their devices, and buttons should be formatted for mobile use.  Using Accelerated Mobile Pages, which are light-weight web pages, will also create faster mobile experiences for users.

Mobile Friendliness:

What is mobile friendliness?

Mobile friendliness is similar to optimization, but it is focused more on function and appearance. Basically, a mobile friendly website is a site that both functions and looks great on any mobile device. A mobile friendly site should have code and sizing that allows for easy interaction on a smaller or differently shaped