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2023 Best Low-Cost Small Business Ideas & Type Of Businesses

This article explores the best low-cost small business ideas you can establish in 2023. The list of these businesses or side hustle you can establish, operate and work from home. If you are wondering how to make money or what type of business you need? probably this article is for you. We bring you ideas to make money along with the best logo ideas that can accommodate the businesses listed here. So no matter what business you choose to establish, we are here with a huge variety of ready-made logos for you to choose from.

What do we mean when we talk about small businesses?

Here is what we mean when we talk about small businesses, let’s dig deep.

What is a Small Business?

Any privately owned corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership with few employees and relatively less annual revenue than a regular-sized business is considered a small business. Besides, they cannot apply for government support or qualify for preferential tax policy (varying city or country).

Small businesses have fewer human resources. Moreover, they also face challenges when it comes to building up-front capital dedicated to quality initiatives.

Types of small business

The 5 most common small business structures are;

Sole Proprietorship

This is the most common and accessible business structure to establish. You are solely accountable for profits, losses, debts, or any liabilities.

You only have to obtain the necessary permits and licenses.


A partnership is when a single business has two or more shares of ownership. The partners share the profit or loss and contribute equally, whether skill, capital, labor, or property.

Partners sign a legal partnership agreement which includes all the claws that all the partners have agreed to build up a partnership. It is not compulsory to make a legal partnership agreement document, but it is advised to prevent any complexities in the future.

Types of small business


A corporation is a business organization, an independent legitimate body owned by several shareholders. It is managed by a board of directors and officers. The shareholders elect the board of directors, who in turn appoint the officers. The officers manage the day-to-day operations of the corporation. In case of any legal actions, the corporation is held responsible and not the shareholders.

This small business structure is a little complex compared to others as it tends to have complex tax, legal requirements, and administrative fees.

Limited Liability (LLC)

LLC is an amalgam kind of legal building. This offers flexibility in terms of the partnership that is also operational. This partnership can contain one or more people. Keep in mind that LLC laws vary from country to country and, in the US, from state to state. If you want to apply for an LLC in Texas, for example, make sure to comply with that specific state’s requirements.


A Cooperative is a people-centered structure that is run by and operated to benefit the people using its services. Cooperatives are based on the principles of democratic member control, member economic participation, and autonomy and independence. It is common in restaurants, healthcare, agriculture, retail, etc. Instead of earning profit for investors, the cooperative focuses more on benefiting its members.

What are the characteristics of small businesses?

Usually, we dream of starting as an entrepreneur and turning it into a business empire sooner or later. We also look for creative ways to make money ideas. But, some small businesses operate best on a smaller scale for years. They serve local communities and focus on generating sufficient profit for their owners.

Further, there are specific characteristics of small businesses that set them apart from their competitors.

Low Revenue and Profit

Compared to large businesses, their revenue is low. Approximately it can generate $21.5 million per year depending on the type of business. But, it does not mean they are not profitable; small businesses’ costs are also low compared to leverage businesses. Take a look at some great small business revenue per year statistics.

Less Number of Employees

Depending on the type of business, the number of employees in small businesses is low. In most cases, it is under hundred people.

Small Targeted Market Area

Small businesses like retail stores or other service providers usually target the local area. So, their focus is a small market area, and growing beyond that area can make them jump to other classifications.

Sole/Partnership Ownership and Taxes

Small-scale businesses prefer sole or partnership ownership as they keep the most significant degree of managerial control over owners. Besides, it also helps with the minimalizing expense of business registration and other hassles.

Work in Limited Area

A small business doesn’t have multiple outlets; they are working in one specific area and known in that locality for their product or services. You can run a small business from your home also.

Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas

Importance of Small Business

Foster Local Economies

Small business is a traditional way of earning a handsome amount of money. Besides empowering communities and providing opportunities to entrepreneurs, they also help in fostering local economies.

Create Job Opportunities

Small businesses generate job opportunities for freshers. In this recession and with fewer employment opportunities, these small businesses can be a great initiative in providing job opportunities with pride.

Diversified Ownership

Small businesses provide opportunities to minorities and women. They play a significant role in small businesses and later develop their own. Besides, the government also appreciates small businesses and provides loans to women and minorities, so it becomes easy for them to get financial assistance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Business Ownership

Every business in the world involves risks. Being an entrepreneur, you have to weigh the pros and cons of small businesses to know if the risk you will take is worth it.


You are your boss and responsible for the profit or loss. Moreover, you have control of your destiny in your hands so that you can take or deny potential risks.

There is a potential of earning more on your own as compared to working for someone else. You can get inspired by the autobiographies of multiple entrepreneurs who are millionaires now.


You have to spend a lot of time as an owner to build and run a small business. So, you have to strain time from your friends and family to launch your venture.

No matter business is big or small; it has risks involved in it. You cannot eliminate these risks. So, while leaving your secured job, be sure that you are ready to take risks.

Even the smallest business requires specific capital, to begin with. Entrepreneurs usually have their savings or retirement funds as an investment. Others go for bank loans, so while entering this business world, know that uncertainty can also happen. Perhaps you are successful initially, but a dramatic entrance of a potential competitor can share your marketplace. So, be ready for any uncertain situation.

The list of the small business ideas you can start on your own

  • Art & Crafts homemade goods, Photography, Graphic design, print-on-demand t-shirts, Interior designer – Art Logos.
  • Jewelry & accessories, stylist, online fashion shop, fashion designer, Wedding consultant- Fashion Logos.
  • Bookkeeping and Accountant, Financial Advisor – Finance Logos.
  • Business Consulting, marketing, management, dropshipping, affiliate marketing program – Business Logos.
  • Website developer, eCommerce online shops, eBay and Amazon, Computers, startups, Create digital products – Technology Logos.
  • Child Care, Therapy, Family center, Kids products- Family Logos.
  • Personal trainer, fitness, yoga, dancing, sports team – Sports Logos.
  • Dog Walkers, Dog Trainer, pet sitting, vet – Animal Logos.
  • Real estate agent and Property Management, construction, roofing. – Real Estate Logo
  • Launch your own book, Writer and Copywriter, Private teacher, and online courses – Education Logo.
  • Massages services, Home spa, medical products, health care, dentist – Health Medical Logo.
  • Private Chef, Catering, bakery, cafe, Fast food, Sandwich Shop, candy store- Food Logo.
Best Logo Design Ideas For Side Hustlers & Small Businesses

Top Ideas For Home Businesses You Can Start Today

There are many reasons why you could want to start a home business. If you want to start a home business today to start making extra money, you will need to make your own logo and have a good idea for your business. Here are the 5 top home businesses that you can start today.

Online tutoring or teaching

If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can offer tutoring or teaching services online. Online tutoring or teaching refers to providing educational instruction and assistance over the internet. This can be done through a variety of platforms, such as video conferencing software, online learning management systems, or virtual classrooms. Online tutoring or teaching can be done on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting. It can be offered to students of all ages, from elementary school to post-secondary.

To be an online tutor or teacher, you will typically need to have a teaching license or certification, as well as a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. You may also need to have experience teaching or tutoring.

Personal coaching or consulting

If you have expertise in a particular area and enjoy helping others, you could start a business as a personal coach or consultant.

Online personal coaching or consulting refers to providing advice, guidance, and support to individuals over the internet. Personal coaches or consultants can work with clients on a variety of topics, including career development, personal growth, health and wellness, and relationship issues.

To be an online personal coach or consultant, you will typically need to have specialized knowledge and experience in the area you are coaching or consulting in. Some coaches and consultants may have a background in psychology, counseling, or a related field. Others may have extensive personal or professional experience in the subject they are coaching or consulting on. It is also common for coaches and consultants to have a coaching or consulting certification.

Social media management

Many businesses are looking for help with their social media presence. If you have experience with social media and a passion for connecting with people online, you could offer your services as a social media manager.

Online social media management refers to the process of overseeing and maintaining a company’s presence on social media platforms. This includes creating and scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and monitoring and analyzing the performance of social media campaigns.

To be a social media manager, you should have strong communication skills and be proficient in using various social media platforms. You should also have a good understanding of marketing and be able to analyze and interpret social media data. Experience in social media management and a bachelor’s degree in a related field (such as marketing or communications) may also be helpful.

Professional Organizer

There is a growing trend of people simplifying their lives, but at the same time, most people have a lot of stuff. The problem is that most people just put off organizing and decluttering, mainly because they always have something else to do. If you are good at organizing and have extra time, being a professional organizer can bring a good income.

Pet-sitter or House-sitter

In the last decade, people have felt that they need to increase their security. This has led to more people using house-sitters when they are out of town. House sitting does not need a lot of skills; you just need to be reliable and trustworthy. You will need to decide if you are willing to take care of pets, before opening your business. Having pet-sitting services does make your house-sitting marketable, but if you do not like animals, you may want to avoid jobs with pets.

Desktop Publishing

The reality is that there are a huge number of people who do not know create a good poster or flyer on a computer. If you know how to use your computer’s design programs, are good at design, and have a good printer, this can be a great business to start. Take some time to create your portfolio, and then start marketing your services

Freelance Secretary

There are many individuals and small businesses that need secretarial services but do not want to hire a full-time secretary or use a temp agency. As long as you have a good computer, an email account, a printer, and good office skills, you can start this business. It is recommended that you charge per job, and not by the hour.

Personal Shopping Services

There are a lot of activities that people do not want to do or do not have the time to do. This is where personal shoppers come in. You will need to be dependable, trustworthy, and know how to shop. Offering personal shopping services can also bring in extra points on your reward cards and extra cashback rewards.

Wrap Up the small business ideas

All businessmen have been through the journey of entrepreneurship once in their life. Many succeeded and turned small businesses into multinationals, whereas others were lost in the dust while coping with uncertainties. However, small businesses have their market, and they can work wonders with proper planning and strategy.

This was all from us on what we mean when we talk about small business. I hope it was helpful. In conclusion, we are hoping that we manage to bring you some new ideas for the establishment of low-cost small businesses.

The Logo maker team wishes you success in any way you choose. We are here with a huge range of ready-made logo designs you can choose from, innovative logo maker software, and outstanding customer service.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for advice from a trained professional. By using this website, you agree that Free Logo Maker Online cannot and will not be held liable for any action taken as a result of using the information in this article.

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