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Decorative Lions ornaments like this beautiful crown logo design, used for branding a wide range of businesses. Lion symbols are excellent for branding a luxury jewelry store, insurance company, finance and accountant, law firm, a security company. In addition, Elegant crown Logos used also for a branding wedding planner, hair salon, Resort, and Hotel.

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What Do the Logo Colors Say About Your Branding?

While bringing your business to the target audience, entrepreneurs need to work on so many things. One thing that demands most attention is your marketing material, as it should lead to the desired level of branding. Experts advise hiring professionals to create a logo for your business as they know the best tools and techniques to execute the task.

Choosing the right color for your logo is really important as it has a direct concern with the identity of your brand in the market. When you want to create an impression on the market, it is better to choose the most efficient combinations of colors. They should create a visual appeal while communicating the hidden feelings of your company.

Colors are the main elements of the logo as they leave a psychological impact on the viewer’s eyes. Below we have highlighted a few points about what these most common logo colors say about your branding. It will help you to make an easier selection:


Well, it is a primary color in the list that is considered as the universal symbol of excitement, passion, and anger as well. When you are eager to create a playful, young, and loud brand image in the market, red must be your ideal selection. However, in case if you are leading a business with a more conservative and understated approach, red is not good for you.


Many people feel that white may get ignored in the normal background, but it can be used as a secondary color to lead contrast in the logo appeal. White color can help you create a simple, clean and creative background. Moreover, the reflective behavior of while color adds more efficiency and sophistication to the brand. Brands that convey luxury and exclusivity with their business can consider white for their logo.


Here is another warm choice in your bucket. The yellow color is known for its cheerful and friendly appeal. When you wish to create comforting and youthful energy for your brand, the yellow color may be a preferred choice. It can radiate an affordable and playful identity.


Orange color is an energetic and playful choice for your branding. This logo color is believed to mix the active emotions associated with yellow and red as well. Orange suits to the brands that lead a feeling of happiness and vitality. It is more suitable for travel companies.


How can we forget to talk about the impressiveness of green color in a logo design? It looks amazing with a sense of calmness and balance. At the same time, it connects you to nature. Brands that are interested in making a bold statement with the warmth of nature and a sense of security can go ahead with green.

In simple words, each and every color has its unique meaning and deep connection to the brand. When you are launching a new business into the market, it is good to be more careful about making the selection of logo colors.

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