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Mandala ornaments like this beautiful decorative pattern logo design, used for branding a wide range of businesses. Pattern Mandala symbols excellent for branding a handcraft jewelry shop, spa, hotel, salon, wedding planner, drawing or painting, flower shop, a tattoo artist, art school. In addition, Mandala flowers Pattern used also a spiritual Christian Enrico and Buddhism place, an Indian restaurant.

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How to Use Brand Colors to Attract Customers

“If the right colors are used and the right customers receive the right message, you will get fewer objections to the purchase, regardless of price”- Niel Patel. Source

Color has a very powerful influence on the human mind. It is of stronger influence compared to word or image. Colors influence people’s buying behavior. A buyer can decide to purchase a product in seconds or minutes because of his perception of the color of the product. The color that prompted the decision may be represented in the logo, advertising, signage, or packaging.


How to Use Color in Business to Attract Customers

Color communicates values and it is a value that customers are looking for in products. Firstly, remember that color represents your brand, so you should use it in marketing and advertising to attract customers to your business. Secondly, a good color used to build a website can greatly enhance the value and price of things sold in that online store. And finally, colors add beauty, warmth, strong meaning. It has a powerful call to action to your website, product shelf, Mandala Pattern Logo, or wherever you have showcased it.

Color is used in changing people’s attitudes and perceptions of a particular product for them to make a factorable buying decision. Therfore, it must be tactically positioned to create a powerful first impression. Also, in order to capture the interest and fancy of impulsive buyers and customers who may be seeing the product for the first time. Moreover, color has a strong pulling effect on customers. So, appealing logo brand color can be used to make a strong call to action call and that alone can increase the rate of conversion. For example, yellow represents intensity and passion.

  1. Identify the Color that Best Represents your Brand Image and Use It:

Different colors evoke different images. A bad color choice will mean bad business as your target audience will not connect with it. If a particular color is associated with something traumatic, or remind the potential customer of danger, he will choose an alternative product.

  1. Stick to Two Major Colors:

It’s very much easier for your market audience to remember two colors, but will find it difficult to remember four or five.