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Are you searching for how to make a powerful logo for your new business? With our Modern Lion Logo Maker, you get the opportunity of making a custom label that reflects your brand. Use this unique vector template with blue, reggae lion, or golden colors, to create an eye-catching bold branding. For example, using a powerful icon will be a great branding solution for business Consulting, management, security, Finance company, Banking, or Insurance.

How to design a logo with a powerful Modern Lion Logo Maker

We have thousands of animal templates that you can choose from to create an impressive brand. The steps below will help you design any crest style finance logotype for your business right away.

  1. Check out the various powerful templates that are available and select the best icon adventure that is most appealing based on your type of business.
  2. Use our free icon generator to have unique designs customized. Type in your name and choose the best fonts as well as colors.
  3. Create unlimited ideas until you are 100% satisfied with the design for your company. This is only when you can place an order.

Instantly download your customized label

Your new customized logotype is ready to be used, just as you have designed it. All you have to do is download it from our site after placing an order.

Start using your new powerful Logo on different online platforms to reach the right audiences. Promote it on letterheads, blogs, websites, or business cards. It can also be published on various social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others.

  • License – non-exclusive template
  • Print & Web formats – PNG transparent, JPG, PDF

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PDF vs JPG vs PNG: Which Format Is Best For Your Image?

Did you know that people share and upload over 1.8 billion images each day? These go from Facebook posts to cloud storage, and more.

If you plan to upload an image for whatever reason, you must get the best format for images. But without a lot of technical experience, you won’t know the difference between PNG vs PDF. That means you’re likely to use the wrong format.

Don’t feel discouraged yet.

With this guide, you’ll know the best file format for images. That way, you’ll know when to use PNG, JPG, or PDF formats. Read on and find out more:


The Joint Photographics Export Group developed the JPG format, hence the file name. In most cases, you’ll also see JPG referred to as JPEG. Don’t worry about these differences because they mean the same thing.

In earlier days of computer technologies, file types often had character limits of three. But as it developed, these limits disappeared, meaning JPEG is becoming the standard instead of its JPG counterpart. Regardless, its design is to decrease image file size to make them better used for web design purposes.

That’s why most images you encounter on the internet are using the JPEG format.

Main Attributes of JPEG Images

These are the things that make JPEG images stand out compared to other file formats. If you can’t see the file extension of an image, check out these attributes. That way, you’ll identify whether it’s a JPEG photo:

1. Smaller File Size

As mentioned earlier, developers designed JPEG images to have a minuscule file size. This is one of the biggest advantages of using this file format. If you’re making a website, using these images helps achieve faster loading time, giving your users a better user experience as they browse.

Having a fast loading speed is a huge factor in determining your website’s rank on the search engine results page of Google. The search engine titan confirmed that its algorithm considers landing page speed when determining how high up your webpage is in the rankings. With JPEG images, you have a more viable way of becoming more noticeable to people who search for you.

2. Loss of Quality in Compression

The small file size of JPEG images is a double-edged sword. When compressing images to the image format, the algorithm looks for pixels with the same color value and merges them. It makes the file smaller, but the way it does this leads you to lose some image data.

The result is that JPG images have lower quality. Also, when you save the image using the JPEG format, you lose the data forever. That means you have no means of restoring a JPEG to its original quality.


An acronym for Portable Network Graphics, this format’s design optimizes graphics like text, logos, and graphs. But the good news is that you can also use this file format for images. Compared to JPEG images, PNGs have higher quality in most cases.

This is possible because PNG files don’t intend to reduce an image’s file size. It means the image retains more details and information compared to JPGs.

Main Attributes of PNG Images

These are some factors that make PNG images stand out. Check out how they vastly differ from JPEG images:

1. Lossless Image Quality

When making a PNG image, it uses the LZW compression method. That means it suffers no loss in quality, so saving the image won’t result in quality degradation. The same applies when editing and accessing the picture again.

This is the opposite of JPG files’ attributes. With PNG, you need not worry about compression and lost information whenever you save it again.

2. Larger File Size

Because of its web-friendly size, JPEG images are more desirable as a format for internet-based images. Take note; you have the means of compressing a PNG image to make its size more manageable. But this process won’t have the same level of compression as JPEG files.


When discussing the best file format for images, PDFs aren’t on top of the list in most cases. But sometimes, you might get into a situation where you must convert an image into a PDF file. It’s because PDFs are the industry standard for document sharing since it makes an exact duplicate of documents and images.

PDF images aren’t the best if you’re using it for web images or your logo design. They’re great if you’re using them for emails and combining text documents with images. It’s easy to use too, as long as you have a good PDF editor as your tool.

Main Attributes of PDF Images

These are things that make PDF images stand out when comparing PNG vs PDF. Use these to think whether using the PDF format is the best for your photographs:

1. Reliability

With PDF’s technology, the PDF file preserves the original design or photograph. The identical nature of this format allows you to have a perfect copy of your image. That’s what makes them one of the most ideal file formats for sharing files.

The reliability of PDF images extends to any device. No matter what gadget you use to view images using this image format, it displays the same way. You need not worry about unexpected alterations.

2. High-Quality

Images using this format enjoy a higher degree of customization compared to other formats. It allows you to export images and edit them to suit your intended purposes. It means you can modify it for printing, editing, and sharing.

This degree of quality makes PDF images the best if you intend to print physical copies of photographs. For example, you can use PDF for brochures and magazine materials.

PNG vs PDF vs JPEG: Learn the Difference Today!

These are the factors that determine the differences between PNG vs PDF vs JPEG. Use these attributes to know the right format to use when you’re dealing with images.

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