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USA colors, Silver, gold, and bronze Pegasus, a unicorn with wings, and Flying horse with powerful wings logos used for branding a wide range of businesses such as Management and Business Consulting. In addition, Flying Pegasus icon further used for insurance and finance companies, a hotel, and a law firm logo.

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How to Choose a Font for your Brand


The purpose of your message determines the font you chose. Is your brand targeting young trendy adults, putting out news, or talking to children? You must understand the purpose and get the message that matches the right font for the brand. If your audience must connect with your objectives, then your font choice must represent your brand correctly. Every aspect of the font choice you make in building a brand identity has strong psychological and emotional influence over your viewers. It either connects with them or sends them away.

Why Font is Important:

Font plays a crucial role in the public perception of a company’s brand. There are times you see a logo or a billboard and instantly you dislike the company even without knowing what product or service they sell or offer. The font is very important to branding and organizations put in their best to choose the best font for their branding. Selecting a careless generic font for a company logo that has been overused will produce a distasteful reaction and outright dislike for the image of such an organization. Fonts make the first impression of the image branding of any company. It creates meaning for the text. You must choose a font that portrays a positive image for the company.

Font alters the mood and sends important messages to the reader. Reading a font in Times New Roman depicts seriousness or classic whereas Comic Sans is all about fun, being whimsical and young. Texts and paragraphs are written in fonts that are difficult to read spoil the mood of the reader.

Meanwhile, a paragraph written in a font that represents modern or classical is read with ease, calm, and in a relaxed mood. A bad font choice can ruin your brand identity. In building your brand, the font you choose for your logo is as important as the ones used across your website and social media handles. It all adds up to enhance or downgrade the impression of your company’s branding.

There is a Difference between Typeface and Font

The typeface is what you see written in designs or texts. The font includes both the typeface, size and style. Times New Roman 12, and Time Roman Italic 10 have the same typeface but different fonts. Don’t choose a typeface that can’t be read. People mistake font and typeface to be the same thing but they are different. For your Pegasus logo, you want to select an elegant front.