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With a stunning 3D animated logo video, take your brand to the next level.


  1. Upload your logo or send it via email to
  2. Our graphic designers will create your logo in motion within a few hours.
  3. Receive an email with your customized logo animation video.
  4. Publish your animated logo video on YouTube, Social media, website, blog, and more!


  • HD Resolution
  • Format: H.264 (HD MP4)
  • Video length: 18-20 sec
  • Music track included

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Make your business stand out with Logo Animation

Do you also wonder why people love videos so much? It’s because they move. We easily get attracted to anything moving; that’s the way our brain is wired. Be it ocean waves, blazing fires, waterfalls, or dancing peacocks, we all like moving objects. Get your logo brand moving with stunning animation logos that your clients and customers will love.

Use our logo animation maker to create your brand alive!

Logo Animation has never been easier to make! … receive a youtube intro and attract more subscribers and viewers with an amazing YouTube intro video. Receive your own dramatic motion Logo Reveal.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Send us your logo via email or via upload.
  2. Our Graphic designers will create your logo in motion.
  3. Receive your animated logo video, via email, within only a few hours.

Promote your business in style

Use amazing motion graphics for all advertising needs. Upload your new animated logo to your YouTube and Twitter. Use it as an animated Facebook cover. Showcase your logo in the most innovative way in a Powerpoint presentation or simply as an opener for your website.

Buy this amazing animated HD Video logo

  • HD Resolution
  • Format: H.264 (HD MP4)
  • Video length: 18-20 sec
  • Music track included

***Customer must Provide Logo in HD vector file (vector file AI or EPS file)***


Logo Animation Trends You Should Check Out Now

Nowadays, animated videos are one of the most widely used video formats. They are known to be eye-catching and short enough to relay most of the relevant information. Most of these animated video formats are used by professionals, business people, artists, and comedians. Whether you want to express art, share a new idea, or sell a product, animated videos are one of the go-to styles today.

Only a few people will prefer to read a lengthy article to watch a 5-minutes video addressing the same topic. No wonder animated logos are presently making so many waves in the design arena.

Whether you are looking to get some inspiration for your next animated logo or just want a good reference to show your logo designer, here is a list of logo animation trends to help you out.

So waste no time; get your brand moving. Choose one of these trends, combined with a well-animated logo maker to produce stunning YouTube Intro and animation logos your clients and customers will love.

#1: Breaking News Video With Your Logo

The breaking news video is custom-made and tells the news about your company launching its new logo design. Inform your audience in an unforgettable way about your recently launched brand.

It’s a compelling news video intro to make a fantastic first impression on your audience. Your company’s logo is custom-designed within the video. Whether you’re a side hustler or a small business owner operating from home, make a strong first impression.

#2: Morphing Logo Designs

Trust me, it can be really amazing to see an elephant blend into a moving cycle. That is what you can get with animated logos. What can be more fun than this animated Intel logo? It features a tab, a phone, and a laptop. The phone and the tab gently slide out of the laptop and again backslides back into the laptop.

Then the laptop transforms into the “Intel” signature icon. This amazing logo represents the company that makes processors for smartphones, computers, and tablets. And you will agree the logo indeed tells a story.

#3: Hiding and Revealing Logo Designs

This is another amazing logo design idea you would love. It sets a table of curiosity before a big revelation comes into play. Everyone loves surprises, and that is exactly what this animated logo design does.

It usually involves having initials taking the center stage while the full name is slowly revealed using motions. It can also be the other way around.

#4: Expanding Logo Designs

With this type of logo, you have the chance to shrink or expand your logo to any dimension or scale in the bid of saving space. A good example of expanding logo designs is the Eat logo designed by Fable. As the fonts continue to feed, they also become fatter and fatter.

The shift from light fonts to moderately bold, and to bold is indeed seamless. And within a split of a second, the big E turns to F showing a transition from “Eat” to “Fat”.

#5: Hand-Drawn Animated Logo Design

And the last on this list of logo animation trends are hand-drawn animated logos. This type of logos reveals a more personal and human-like feel that makes it super easy for a brand to connect with its audience.

Many designers are already doing this – blending animation into hand-drawn logos, and by this, they have been able to put out some really satisfying designs. An example of such logos is the Burnt Toast Creative logo above.

The truth is that animated logos has a unique way of engaging and entertaining users, which makes them perfect for this era of short attention spans. Whether you decide to make the animation obvious or subtle, it’s essential you come up with a good logo that also conveys your business story. So go for it.

Get a well-animated logo maker or go online to design your own animated logo to do the job without stress. However, remember to keep your logos short.

#6: Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is one of the most classic animated videos styles to use. It is easy to make and one of the go-to styles for videos that are focused on explaining the content. The whiteboard animation style is one of the simplest forms of animation.

It is called whiteboard animation because you can see the artist’s hand drawing or moving images on a white surface while explaining a concept to the audience.

Despite being simple to make, this style is still one of the most effective ways to share information because of the straightforward and minimalistic art that allows the audience to remember the content.

#7: Live-Animated Video

Did you know that you can combine both Live-Action and Animation to create better videos? These videos take time to finish producing but the outcome will leave a good impact on your audience. Video quality does not have to be that great if you are a beginner.

Even recording videos with your iPhone has good enough quality. Next, select a good video editor to add the necessary graphics and details to add that pizzazz.

Keep in mind that it is the content of your video that will make your audience remember you and your video. What are you waiting for? Take out your camera and record a video now!

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