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Color is the most important factor in your logo. The color of your logo says more about branding than you think. What you are selling, what type of company it is, the colors say it all. Colors say what words cannot. They convey the message of your company to the viewers. Think of any brand, you will realize the color of their logo perfectly match the type of branding they are doing. In short, with the wrong colors, your logo will lead to the failure of your company and the right colors will help your brand to be famous.

Here, we will explain why the colors of logos are important for the company. We will also the question that what does the Travel logo colors say about the branding.

So, we will discuss a few common colors to explain to you the meaning of these colors in branding.

  1. BLACK:

You have noticed that most luxury products create a logo of a black color. The black color shows power and authority. This color is often used to attract young customers. When you see a black color, you see feel the mystery and sophistication. The black color is also premium. Most expensive garment brands use this color to show others how premium they are.

  1. YELLOW:

Yellow is completely opposite to black. It shows happiness and relaxation. Most brands set their logo of yellow color. They do this to show the customers how caring and loving they are. The perfect example of the yellow logo is McDonald’s. Many children love McDonald’s because they show love to them. The yellow color shows warmth and coolness. Most café brands are using this color to design a logo.

  1. BLUE:

The main theme of blue color is to show trust and care. You have noticed that most banks are using the blue color in their logo. This color also shows power and authority. Hence, this is the perfect color for banks. When you see the blue color in the logo of a bank, you get feelings of trust and loyalty in the bank.

  1. RED:

Two types of brands use this color and those are Restaurants and undergarment brands for females. Restaurants use this color because it shows hunger and spiciness. When you see the red color, you want to eat something spicy. So, it’s a good tactic for the restaurant to use it. On the other hand, undergarment brands use this color to show love and passion.

  1. GREEN:

The green color symbolizes health and nature at most. Many hospitals and schools are setting their logo colors like green. This allows them to attract more people to their brand.


The color of your brand shows a lot about your branding. When a customer sees the logo color of your brand, he understands the nature of your brand. If you want to make a logo online, we can help you with the matter.