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Top Color Trends in Gaming Logo Design


Black is a symbol of sophistication and efficiency, elegance and luxuriousness, power and prestige, mystery and seduction, as well as control and protection. The color is serious, authoritative, and strong, but some people might see it as evil, cold, depressing, and pessimistic.

You can use black to show the luxurious side of your brand or make your products look expensive. It is perfect for the fashion, luxury, equipment, and IT industries.


Red is known as the color of romance and therefore people are using it to stirrup various emotions. It can symbolize passion, energy, power, love, and seduction. On the flip side, this color can symbolize conflict, war, stress, and anger.

It is the color of weddings in Asia because it symbolizes happiness, fortune, and fertility. In some African countries, red is the color of mourning and death.

Some marketers are designing bright red logos to catch the attention of impulsive shoppers, especially around Valentine’s Day. They mostly pair it with black, white, and some other neutral shades.


Purple is another trending color in the world of gaming logo design. The color represents luxury, royalty, and spirituality and many people associate it with extravagance, creativity, fantasy, mystery, sophistication, calmness, high quality, and independence. Even a small amount of it can make your products appear and feel luxurious, particularly when combined with gold.

Purple is ideal for almost every type of packaging. Still, this color is underappreciated in the modern logo design. A large percentage of the companies that use it in their logo design mostly find their place in the sun.

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