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Triangle Human Logo as this creative triangle logo design is used for branding a wide range of businesses. Threefold Logo Designs are excellent as Human Resource Management logo designs. In addition, because of this innovative Human image has a variety of colors, uses it as a hi-tech symbol and also a technology logo. Triangle logos with a link connection used as start-up and blog logos and Security logos.

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Tips to Create Your Own Modern Logo

Uses Easy-To-Understand Symbols

The world is now moving away from the abstract and oftentimes ambiguous designs to straightforward designs.  A visual element should be simple and straight to the point. It should communicate the same language as your audience as it brings the brand closer to its potential customers. Nowadays that the competition grows among companies even internationally, companies have now started coming up with symbols that are globally recognizable. That is the only way to appeal to an audience across different countries – think Facebook and Apple.

Original Patterns

Whether used as standalone elements or on a colored background, original patterns have become an organic part of modern logo design. These elements have a way of playing tricks on the audience, which makes them take a closer look at the details, and so memorizing the logo without even realizing it.


This should have been the first on this list because simplicity is widely regarded as the most crucial feature of any modern logo. It makes sure that your emblem remains legible on any carrier – whether digital or not. Billboards, signs, magazine ads, postcards, online shops… a densely colored logo may find it difficult to represent on these varieties of contexts. Because of this, lots of brands are not going back to the basics, stripping off excess details and colors from their emblems. A minimalist logo immediately gains a new quality.