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What do The Logo Colors Say About Your Branding

Your logo should represent the overall values of your business. You can put your logo on many different places, including your websites, social media profiles, marketplaces, groups, forums, etc. You need to think about all elements inside your logo very carefully, for example, your logo font, logo color, brand message, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss some popular colors that can be used for your logo design.



This is another common color that can be used in your logo design. Yellow color reflects friendliness, accessible, and also youthful energy. This color is suitable for your business, especially if your business is associated with products for youth. If you want to sell any mature or luxury brands, you should avoid using this color.


Yellow can stimulate feelings of hope and optimism. It is used by some companies, such as Yellow Pages, Hertz, Shell, Nikon, Sprint, DHL, IKEA, IMDb, etc. This color can increase the warmth and cheerfulness of your brand. It is recommended for you to use this color when you want to emphasize the friendliness of your brand.



Not many business owners consider using purple in their logo design. Purple is commonly considered as a low-arousal color. This color can stimulate feelings of mystery, spirituality, arrogance, and royalty.


When it is used for promoting any products, this color is commonly associated with some beauty, anti-aging, and technology products. It can represent a creative, wise, and imaginative brand. Some companies that are using color as their primary colors on their logo designs are Welch’s, Yahoo, Hallmark, Wonka, T Mobile, etc.


Selecting the best color for your logo design is very useful to help you create a strong presence on the market. You can stand out from the crowd when you have the best logo color that can represent your business. It is a good idea for you to plan everything before you start designing your logo for your company. A well-designed logo can help you boost your business performance on the market effectively. Read more about What Do The Logo Colors Say About Your Company Brand