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Logos give life and energy to your brand. They can be combined with a different dash of colors and patterns to create surprising results. Logos are created for a long tenure and relate to the identity of your organization. Hence, it becomes significant to attain perfection and complete satisfaction before you sign it off! The design must be authentic, modern, futuristic and appealing to connect with niche customers. This post is to help you with 5 tips to elevate text from words and support the graphics along!

  1. Pick ideas to have an image in mind: Pen down the keywords associated with your brand as they will help you in choosing your logo from available templates. This is because the firm logotype should relate your line of business. For instance, if you are into the service industry, your logo can’t have apples or bananas in the logo (unless you carve out some creative message from them). Browsing through various logo options gives you exposure to logo designs and ideas.
  2. Color is vitally important: the color palette is a very important consideration as it gives context to the shape and background. If you want a soft logo, then pastel shades can do justice, while for a tough brand, dark hues go well. Black and negative space can be used innovatively to create a lasting impression. If the logo of the Apple brand would have been red in color instead of black, it might not have turned out to be equally elegant. On the other hand, YouTube with a black and white logo instead of red and white might have been dull! Hence, the colors play a very important role in making an inspiring logo design.
  3. Keep it easy & flexible: The best example to quote in this is the Amazon logo. It is simple enough to be understandable which points to its wide inventory with a small arrow pointing from ‘a – z’. It is flexible in size as it can be squeezed or stretched to adjust on any size of paper/ carton etc. Your logo is created to last through the ages but might require small iterations along the way, hence, keeping it simple and flexible is important.
  4. Pick fonts carefully: If you are planning to keep some text in the logo then font needs to be chosen wisely. Bold fonts create a strong personality for your brand while the subtle colors give a sweet base to your brand. Avoid using any gimmick fonts for a lasting impression.
  5. Add some animation: if you want a simple yet classy logo, add some animation to it. The newly launched ‘Zoom’ logo represents travel destinations around the globe with map iconography. Animation can elaborate on the logo design seamlessly.

If you are looking to create a logo for your firm use the travel logo maker to design yourself! The logo carries a personality that is as vivid as the brands they represent! choose from a wide variety of firm logotype templates.


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