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Different Style of Logos for the Painting industry

A logo is an essential element that helps businesses in different industries, particularly the painting industry, to attract potential customers. But first, what is a logo? A logo is a mixture of images and texts that tells your potential customers the name of your painting company, and also works as a brand identity. Since most people link different logos of different companies to their names, they may not even remember the name of the company. Having an attractive yet easy to remember logo is quite important. Many businesses such as malerkanonen in the painting industry keep this logo in very high regard.

There are many different styles of logos, especially for the painting industry, and each style can give your painting business a different feel. As a painting brand, you need to make sure you have chosen the perfect logo for your brand. But first, here are some of the different style of logos particularly for the painting industry:


Monogram logos (letter marks)

Monogram logotypes are also known as letter marks only consist of letters, and each of these letters is supposed to be brand initials, for instance, HBO and IBM. Rather than using long boring names, monogram logos help your potential clients to remember your painting brand since anyone could remember 2-3 words. These logos identify your brand and represent your organization. Monograms or letter marks are helpful in shortening the name of any brand. It is quite useful, especially if the brand has a long name. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the font you choose for the letter mark suits your brand’s theme.


Logotypes (wordmarks)

Similar to the monograms, a wordmark focuses on the font type and the brand’s name as well. There are many good examples around the globe such as Coca-Cola and Google. Also, this style works best with brands that have distinct and unique names, as the combination of a catchy name with nice typography attracts the attention of people. Just like the letter marks, selecting the right font in this style of the brand, that helps you to tell people what your brand does is quite essential.


Painting Logo symbols (pictorial marks)

This style is literally an icon or is based on a graphic image. Many companies have this style like Apple and Twitter. When people think of these brands, the first thing that comes to their mind is their icon. These brands are so successful and recognized over the globe that their Paint Brush logo alone is enough to create an impression. Hence, making it harder for the newly established businesses to use this style of symbol since they are yet to be recognized. While deciding on the pictorial marks, you need to make sure you choose an icon that shows the purpose of your company.


Abstract logo marks

Abstract marks fall into the category of symbols. However, it is a specific type and custom made, not like the image of an apple or a bird. Some of the most famous brands such as Pepsi and Puma have abstract label marks. There are no restrictions whatsoever in this style of branding, making it easier for the brands to convey their message through only a logo. With the help of form and color, you can create meaning and emotion around your business, just like how Nike’s implies freedom and movement.


The combination mark

This is a kind of branding that is a mixture/combination of all the types mentioned previously aka a combination of the wordmark, pictorial mark, letter mark, abstract mark. This is flexible and can be created in many ways. You can create a combination mark by laying out the text and the picture side-by-side or integrate them together or stack the text and picture on top of each other. Some of the most famous brands use it like Burger King, Lacoste, and Doritos. The combination is versatile as well because of the choices. A combination mark also helps your potential customers remember your name and associate it with your pictorial mark. Since the combination creates a heavier impression and a distinct image, people often remember them.


The emblem

Last but not the least, an emblem is a type of logo where the text is written inside an icon or a symbol, just like crests, badges, and seals. These logos often create a striking impact because of their traditional appearance, making them the first choice for some organizations, schools, and even government agencies. This kind of logo is quite used in the auto industry. The logo has a classic style. However, some of the brands have customized it that suits their brand such as Harley-Davidson’s crest. Another example is Starbucks’ mermaid. An emblem may seem great at first sight but if you choose this type where the logo and the font are intertwined so much that you will not be able to get versatile with it. So, make sure that your brand doesn’t mind an emblem.


The best way to design a Painter logo online

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