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How to make a logo free in Minutes‎?

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Trends in Industrial Logo Design

The bright color industrial logo design has been at the top of the chart for the past few years. This logo design is popular because it can be adapted to different kinds of brands easily. It also enhances the emotions that the logo conveys.

The bright color logo catches the attention of clients easily. This gives the industrial logo a special identity that makes the brand stand out from other competitors. Logo colors are chosen, recently, by designers in a purposeful way to convey the identity of the brand to customers.

Geometric Logo Design

Geometric logo design is one trend that is becoming more recognizable recently. Designers are consciously paring their geometric shapes to create logos with vibrant colors and friendly composition to improve its outlook and suit for industrial work.

Geometric symbols mixed with bold letters and color palettes are warmer to the eyes. Each shape in geometry symbolizes a meaning on the logo. For example, a square means stability while a circle conveys completeness. Geometric logo design simplifies a complex figure and still captures the identity of the brand.

Overlapping of Element

The use of overlapped elements in logo design by designers is adding uniqueness to industrial logos. The use of opacity and stimulations of shapes to produce eye-catching pictorial is the trend in industrial logo design today. These marks, letters, and colors convey information to the audience.

Many manufacturers have started using this trend in an industrial logo for mass production. For instance, PayPal is using two overlapping “P” that shows the devotion of the company to over 250 million users. Other manufacturers are following suit.


A simple CFC, or AFC, can speak volumes when it comes to logo designs. Using this trend means you are going above the normal typography, you are aiming to speak directly with your target audience and make a connection.

Wrap Up On Trends in Industrial Logo Design

Trends in industrial branding are becoming more interesting with different patterns of designs that are tailored to draw the attention of prospective clients. While most manufacturers will consider geometric or bright color industrial logo design, other on the flip side will go for a minimalistic design, and all of these tend to do just one thing… capture the attention of clients.

It is no longer rocket science to create an industrial logo that will help your business scale high. With little or no design skills, you can also create your own industrial logo at no cost. You can use our free online logo maker to design a good logo for your business. We have hundreds of templates there that you can choose from. So even if you know nothing about logo design, you will still be able to create a stunning logo for your business without stress.