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Small Business Logo Trends for the New Entrepreneur

Are you launching yourself into the world of entrepreneurship and need a logo to keep your business afloat the highly competitive market? You have just made the best decision for your business, and it will one day thank you for doing that. Having a quality and effective logo is an important part of business branding, but sometimes, it can be a daunting experience choosing the best logo for your brand.

However, here are some design trends every new entrepreneur should consider to help keep their business and brand ahead of their competitors. Let’s get started!

Overlapping Elements

Here, the designers utilize stimulating shapes and opacity to create attractive wordmarks, pictorial marks and more. Business branding in the year 2020 will see more overlapping designs incorporating other trends such as negative space, meaningful logo colors, and 3D logotype design or geometry.

Logos with Pedigree

In the year 2020, brands will go for more classic designs with impressive lineage. Logos will include precise line work, artisanal touches, vintage textures and more. If you are not sure which logo trends will evade the market this year, here is just one of them.

Creative Business Logos

Specifically, those of creative companies are among the logo design trends to look out for in the year 2020, whether they are accompanied by a logo or not. Typically, this would include the full brand name written in a specific, unique and recognizable manner.

Minimalist Logotype

Minimalism has been a fairly constant trend in recent years, as this makes the logo look clean and simplistic, but still impressive. In addition, such simplistic logos go well with all kinds of marketing materials and brand designs. We should expect to see more of them this year.

3D Logotype

Geometry and logos are a combination at the top when it comes to logo design. The 3-dimensional configurations have a very valuable quality as they can easily simplify even complex figures. 3D logotype has a unique way of adding fun and details to logos. You don’t have to use those static logos for your business this year too. Get a 3D logotype and make your logo linger more in the mind of your customers.

Use of Bright Colors

Bright logo colors are definitely one of the graphic design trends that have been at the top of the charts in recent years. In fact, some of the most modern logo designs this year will be amazing combinations of bright colors making a firm statement.

Gradient Use

Gradients have really proven to be a constant graphic trend in recent years when it comes to business branding. No wonder they have also made their way to the design of logos.

Metallic Logo Design

Metallic designs are not new in logo design, but in 2020 they will really be on the pedestal. The shiny metallic effect is an effective way of making even a simple design stand out. This is what any brand requires from a logo. This type of logo design is often associated with the upper class but has even more powerful quality.

Artistic Logos

It is well known that an artist’s dream is to receive a project for a logo in which they can express their skills. Fortunately, artistic logos and logo illustrations will be among the 2020 logo design trends.

Illustration Replacing Letters in Logos

Here, the logos often include an illustration that replaces a portion of a complete word. In most cases, it is one or two letters. However, when using illustrations to replace letters, you need to ensure that the letter itself remains significant.