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  • Print & Web Formats: PDF, JPG, PNG Transparent.


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What Makes a Cool Logo Design

Logos are an important part of branding and marketing that is often overlooked in favor of other business matters. A logo functions as a simple visual representation of your company, and as such, it should be able to convey something important about your brand or products. Whether the logo symbolizes what you have to offer to consumers or is more evocative of your company’s ideals, it should be both distinctive and memorable. Your company branding will be exposed on Twitter, Facebook, T-shirts, billboards, business cards, letterhead and more.


Because the creation and implementation of an effective logo is so important for a company’s branding success, we’ve put together this quick article to go over some tips for how to make a cool logo design of your own. We hope that you find this information helpful for designing your own company logo.

Tips for the business owner How To Create A Logo

Choose your image 

When it comes to logo design, selecting what sort of image to use for representing your company is incredibly important. The image you choose is going to be one of the first things that potential customers see (and think of later) when it comes to your company, so take your time to select something you’re comfortable with.

Also, don’t feel restricted to basic and commonly used images when choosing a logo design; many companies will often select a simple image that represents what their company is selling (an arts & craft store might use a paintbrush in their logo for example, or a clock repair shop will use the image of a clock) but selecting something abstract for your logo is perfectly fine as well (as long as you can create a strong association between that image and your brand for the customers). Try the innovative 3D Logo maker and design an outstanding logo for your business.

Choose your font 

The type of font you use in your logo (assuming that you use any sort of lettering at all) is just as important as the main image itself. Different fonts carry with them different vibes and connotations; thick and bold fonts (such as the fonts that are done in all capitals letters) are typically more impactful and give off a more powerful and masculine vibe, whereas other more flowing scripts (such as cursive scripts or calligraphy scripts) have a more elegant and refined feeling to them.

As with the main logo icon, it’s important to choose a font that matches with your company’s image; if you run a bridal boutique, for example, perhaps choose something more elegant, but if you run a CrossFit gym then perhaps a bolder font is the better choice.

Choose your colors

Colors are the third most important part of logo design. Logo colors can be particularly impactful for customers because every color has its own associations; red is the color of passion, for example, but also the color of anger. Yellow instills a feeling of energy and brightness, whereas blue is a more serious and regal color.

Make sure to select colors that are appropriate for the image of your company. Also, try to avoid using too many colors in your logo; using many colors at once can be eye-catching, but also come across as over-the-top.