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Ready-made digital Online Logo Template decorated with an image of flowing modern dots. This professional 3D Abstract logos are excellent for branding consulting and management companies. In addition, Digital Logo Templates also can be used as a computer logo or as an Art logo, etc.

How to design a logo online using our 3D logo creator?

  1. Browse our logo-shop gallery to select the perfect template.
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Here is some useful information on how to get started with your new logo design. Watch the step-by-step video guide and find out how to make a logo with our logo design software.


Animated 3D Logo Trends; Awesome Ways to Use 3D Logo Animation

With increased global competition and the shrinking attention span of humans, there is more and more demand for brands to stand out and captivate their audience at the shortest possible time they’ve got. Companies are daily looking for a way to create a great impression with their brands and hence set themselves out of the competitive market.

One of the ways they are achieving this is combining great logo design with animation to create a fun, vibrant, and visually striking slice of brand identity that obviously leaves a great and lasting impression on their audience.

Intro to Branded Videos

Today, video marketing is receiving more attention, and things are going for its favor by the day. Reports have it that more than 99% of marketers in 2020 are using video, and the majority of this population said they have the plan to spend more on video creation this year than they did in the previous year.

This means we might likely be having more competition in video marketing this year. But starting your videos with an animated logo can give you an upper hand over the competition. This will also help you send out a clear message of ownership right from the time your audience press the play button.

Outro to Branded Videos

Just as it is for the intros, animated logos also do work great for outro videos. Adding your animated logo at the beginning and end of your video is a great way to end your message and also remind your audience who you are.

After watching your video, it is normal for you to expect them to take some action. This could be to subscribe to a product, downloading an app, or contacting you for a demo of your product. When you end your video with your logo, you will be able to keep your brand at an important position in the mind of your customers, hence encouraging them to take that important step you want them to.


Presentation is another avenue that allows you to showcase what your brand is about to people in real-time. That is usually of the times you have 100% of their attention. So there is no other perfect time or place to show off your animated logo. Using animated logos in your powerpoint presentation will also make the presentation more memorable.

Social Media

It is a fact we can’t deny; social media is becoming more and more of the visual platform. So more marketers now employ the use of visual assets in their social media marketing to reach more people. But when we talk about visual content, videos, of course, top the list. Motion grabs people’s attention, and now that social media is becoming more crowded by the day, there is a need to stand out from the crowd. A good way to make that happen is by using animated logos to keep people glued to your brand.

Get the Animated Logo Done today

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