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How to create your 3D Globe logo design?

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  2. Instantly use the online 3D Logo Maker. Customize your own innovative design ideas, type your name, choose fonts and colors.
  3. Create as many free 3D logo ideas as you need. Only when you are ready to use it and satisfied with your final 3D logo makin, place an order.


Tips to Make Your Brand Innovative

Do you know what it means to create an innovative brand? Being innovative business means to introduce new ideas, use new methods, or to be creative in thinking. In today’s rapidly changing world where business competition in marketing is also at its peak, it is crucial for companies to be innovative in order to survive.

In order to remain competitive in your chosen industry, you must not be contented with simply doing business as usual. The demands of your customers are changing, so also should your company concepts and ideas. You need to anticipate the future needs of your customers factor that into your plans. By being proactive and innovative, it becomes easier to stay ahead of competition instead of simply reacting to it.

But creating an innovative brand is easier said than done. So how can you build a creative brand? Check out these tips for the help you need.


5 Ways to Create an Innovative Brand

Establish a Strategic Plan

In order to achieve substantial success with your brand, there is a need to put up a strategic plan. Having a well written and strong strategic plan will provide you with the framework you need to maintain your corporate identity.

A strategic plan will also cut the chances of the risk of short-term profits at the expense of the company. It will allow the brand to use innovation as a tool to increase the long term benefits of the brand, as well as increasing market share, and building long-lasting customer relationships.


Get Everyone in the Company Involved

Most times, when a brand thinks of innovation, the usual aspects being focused upon are marketing, graphic designing, etc. however, it is recommended that when you are looking to make your brand more creative, you need to involve every department in the company.

Don’t only focus on the “usual suspects” but bring together different departments to spark the fire of renovation. Some of the most innovative ideas may come from your frontline employees. Remember they are after all the ones that engage with your product, services, and customers on a daily basis.


Understand Corporate Identity

Before you think of making your brand more innovative, it is important to know the identity of the brand. What impression does the public have about your brand? How do customers view it? What does the corporate perspective about the brand look like? Once you are able to determine the identity of your brand, coming up with innovative ideas that fit into the strategic plan will become easier.


Use Innovation Correctly

It is important to keep innovation in the proper place within a company. This will make innovative ideas to support and promote the brand and not the other way round. Innovative ideas can help a company grow stronger and market share. It can attract new customers and new markets when used correctly.

However, when handled improperly, innovation can easily kill an existing brand and render it useless around the world. Whether it is changing your brand color or making a major change in your strategic plan, ensure you are not improperly using innovation.


Make Emotional Connection

When thinking about making your brand innovative, you may need to look beyond just solving a problem. Today’s competitive market is full of many copycats who quickly copy any innovations that come to the market, therefore creating many similar products.

If your company wishes to maintain a connection with your customers, you may need to make an emotional connection with them. Make your customers feel as though they are connected to a larger entity. Let everything about your brand speak deep into their mind. You can change your static logo into a loving one, such as using a 3D design to make the logo more captivating.

Logo animation has a unique way of drawing in your customers and making them feel closer to your brand. If you think changing the color of the brand will cause more emotional reactions in the heart of your customers, go for it. Effect the color change on your logo also.

Sometimes, it may require you to change your logo entirely. If that is the case, you can create a good looking logo for your brand using the best free logo maker. There are templates there to also help with the job.

Emotions play a critical role in making your customers stay connected to your brand. Innovation without emotional connections will soon be relegated to the back seat!