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Ethnic logo Designs are used for branding a wide range of Middle Eastern Shawarma food. This amazing branding can also be used for Turkish and Middle Eastern catering, Shawarma or Shawarma and any pita served fast food. Also, as meat, grill, and bbq restaurant.

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Create Shawarma Logo design with the Free Logo Maker

Create Shawarma Logo design with the Free Logo Maker

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Best Colors to Use for Branding Fast Food Shawarma Businesses

You will help more prospective customers to remember your brand and recognize your products by including a strategic color palette in your marketing mix. Studies have shown that colors are the biggest motivator for nearly 85 percent of consumers when it comes to selecting a product or brand.

Therefore, the selection of the right colors for your small business will help your target audience form an emotional and favorable connection with your products and services. Here is a list of the best colors you can use to brand your small business.


Red is known to stimulate the senses. This color increases the heart rate and makes the breath faster. People associate it with energy, passion, and excitement.

The color is also a great attention-grabber but it can be excitable and provocative. In the branding world, it signifies liveliness, strength, passion, and enthusiasm. Darker shades of red depict luxuriousness while the bright hues give out an energetic and exciting vibe.


A combination of red, orange and yellow colors will introduce all the traits of primary colors in your Shawarma brand. Originally, orange was known as the yellow-red color and the word “orange” was adopted by the French after people started importing the Mediterranean fruit.

Most people associate this color with change – more like the orange skies during sunrise and sunset or the autumn leaves. This color is a perfect choice for any brand that would want to look different.

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