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How to create a powerful real-estate logo design?

When it comes to the real estate industry, logo design in an important but often under-appreciated aspect of crafting a successful company image. A logo is a visual representation of who you are and what you do; as such it must be both attention-grabbing and unique while also still remaining professional.

Because we understand the importance of an effective logo design, we’ve put together this quick article listing and explaining some useful tips to keep in mind for when you create a logo of your own.

Tips For Real Estate Logo Design

Avoid overused imagery. Many real estate logos use cliched logo designs featuring houses or homes ( or features relating to houses, such as a roof or a fence). While these designs do represent the real estate industry fairly accurately, they have become so commonplace that using them is not a good choice if you truly want your logo design to be distinctive.

Try to think outside of the box when you make a logo instead and use different symbols for your logo design; geometric shapes are increasingly popular on account of their relative simplicity, but the abstract design is becoming more widely used as well.

Another popular design tactic is to have a logo design that relates to your company name rather than the company’s industry (in this case, real estate). If your company is called Mustang Property Management, for example, you could use the image of a mustang horse in your logo design; this sort of unique and distinctive design would help you to stand apart from rival real estate companies using more traditional imagery.

Use the right typography. Choosing the right font for your logo more often than not just as important as choosing the right colors. Different fonts carry different feelings and connotations with them as well, and as such it’s important to choose a font that accurately represents the feel of your real estate business. In most cases, bold fonts with straight lines and sharp corners are usually the best choice when it comes to real estate logos; anything too whimsical or comical can cause potential clients to experience subliminal doubts as to the seriousness and reliability of your real estate operation.