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Small Business Trends for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is known to be the oldest form of business organization in the world. In fact, the concept of entrepreneurship is believed to have been born in the 1700s. In today’s day and age, with the rise of the digital economy and the desire to earn independently, an increasing number of people want to start a business and be their own boss. Gradually making our way into the third decade of the 21st Century, business is accelerating as a combination of changes in technology and society are merging together Even the smallest hobbies can be turned into the best small business ideas with a little online marketing, commitment, and hard work, especially while in the midst of a global pandemic where it is gravely important to socially distance ourselves from others and creatively find workarounds during this rough time. It is also imperative for small businesses to need to learn ways to improve efficiency and adopt changing technology and tactics, as once these skills are mastered, can prove beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs. This article features 6 (social distance friendly) well known small business trends that can possibly get your gears turning.


1.      Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model where it is not needed to manage any physical products. Also, all you have to do set up an online store, and become affiliated with suppliers that can store, package, and ship orders to your customers. Basically, it is a concept in which a seller procures products in bulk from suppliers and sells them further to the end-users.


2.      Translation

Multilingual people are always in demand, so if you can speak more than one or two languages, it is a good idea to start a small business where you can monetize those skills. Your expert knowledge of another language can prove invaluable. Combining your strong language skills with the best grammar checkers online can ensure that your written content is of the highest standard, and once this takes off and you start to work with more and more companies, you can hire more translators who are experts in other languages to expand your service offerings.


3.      Online Tutoring

If you are an expert in subjects such as art, mathematics, photography, or anything learnable, you can start the business of online tutoring. Offer online coaching classes to students and if that proves successful, build a community to help while building your online coaching business. For the best results, always teach subjects that are in your area of expertise because you will be able to share your skills and constructive knowledge to make the learning experience better. You can deliver lectures and interact with your students over video call platforms, making online tutoring one of the most convenient online businesses start.


4.      App Development

There is an app for anything and everything, so it is a good idea to get into the business of app development. App development is one of the most profitable small business ideas because so many companies whether developing or developed, require an app to promote their businesses. Offering in-app purchases and charging for a premium version of your app is also a good strategy.

5.      Instagram Influencer

Nowadays, consumers are increasingly turning to niche influencers on Instagram. Thyey do that to get advice on a product they are looking to purchase. Once they have gained a mass following are trusted to share their recommendations with their followers, they even start attracting sponsors and paid collaborations along the way. Make sure to select the domain area you are well versed with. People with the right marketing skills and thousands of Instagram followers can earn from $500 to $6000 per post.

6.      Content Writing

Content writers are in huge demand, so this is a skill to have. If you have the ability to craft engaging stories and write convincing articles, then you can put your skills to use as almost every company with an internet presence needs help with creating content for product pages, blogs and so forth. Also joining content writing groups on social media platforms like Facebook to promote your business to a wider audience. In addition, there are many ways you can make a good impression on clients, such as by offering keyword optimization and other perks along with your services.


Thousands of entrepreneurs from all walks of life have executed these business ideas to earn money. So, be sure that you are putting your time and effort into something that can prove successful with time. All things said however, you have to work hard in the beginning. Because it is unrealistic to expect that anything you decide to do will come to you easily. But, once again, rest assured that your hard work and commitment can prove fruitful.