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5 Tips To Create Your Own Security Logo

The rise in the number of businesses and companies has led to the corresponding increase in the number of security companies. Gone are the days when security services were only needed for their ability to protect physical properties. Now their services include cyber safety, data protection, and lots more. There are lots of competition in the market, and with new security providers joining the already established numbers, there is a great need to stand ahead of the competition. This is why representation matters, and what better way to represent than by using a robust security logo.


A properly designed security logo can be of great benefit to a company. It is an instrument to garner the attention of customers towards what the business does, and what’s more, it is a tool to express business values and reinforce the brand message of the company. A lot goes into the making of a great security logo, and this guide provides you with 5 helpful tips that you can use to create your company logo.


Understand your business

Why are you in the security service business? What are your aims and objectives? do you hope to achieve as a security service provider? are your values, mission, and vision? Answering all of these questions would give you a bird’s eye view on your logo can offer a proper representation of the question. Remember, a cyber-security logo would be different from a property security logo.

Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Wikipedia


Look for a good color scheme

The most prominent part of any logo is the color. The right blend of color can help pass a certain kind of message and build up the right kind of emotion and response. So ensure you choose colors that can evoke the necessary emotions you need from your prospective customers.


Appropriate Typeface

Selecting a suitable typeface for your company logo is a must. Security logos are known to have bold typeface, and this exudes key traits like protection, strength, and more. The typeface exemplifies your brand’s personality, so take the time to pick something befitting.


Don’t go with the crowd

You want to avoid cliches at all costs. Allow your logo to be unique in every way. From the concept, colors, and other features and elements, let your work stand out. Don’t go with the overused security guard concept, try and come up with something that accentuates the message of your brand.


Simplicity is class

Try and make it simple enough so people can get the message of your logo without stress. A simple blend of one or two logo colors is enough. No need to go overboard trying to be overly creative. A simple piece will serve you remarkably well.


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