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Branding a business online never been easier! Create your brand like a pro with our Holding Hands Logo template, decorated with an artistic Hand symbol. Design Free Logo Online allows you to make a logo of your own for free in a few minutes.

For instance, using the hand symbol will be an excellent branding solution for a painting class and a painter, Arts, crafts, nail salon. Also using it for Holistic medicine, physio, spa massage. Similarly, groups holding hands icons are good for helping people, a child psychologist, Community center, Charity, non-profit organizations, educational psychologist, an occupational therapist, helping people, child psychologists, etc.

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How to make a logo free in minutes‎?

Be your own graphic designer for free! Easily create unique creative design ideas for free. Build remarkable branding without registration.

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Follow these simple steps to instantly design an artistic logotype online for your business.

  1. Browse our online logos shop and select the best original template as your starting point.
  2. Instantly use the user-friendly Business Logo Maker for free. Customize your own creative designs, simply type your name, choose fonts, and modify colors.
  3. Create as many fresh artistic ideas as you need. Only when you are 100% satisfied with your final Hands Holding Logo makin, place an order.


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Download your brand-new Hand logo from our website. In addition, receive it via E-mail within just 24 hours! Our professional graphic designers will quickly prepare & deliver your order, as you created it, ready to advertise.

Use it for all your marketing needs on a variety of platforms. Advertise it on Business Cards, Letterhead, Flyers, website, or blog. Additionally, Place the transparent PNG logo on top of a picture. Publish it on all digital media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

  • License: Non-exclusive template.
  • Print & Web Formats: PDF, JPG, PNG Transparent.


Take advantage of Despising the Importance of A Logo

When creating a brand for your business, there are some key factors you need to put in mind, and one of them is your label. It is important that your branding conveys what your brand stands for. So play around with brand colors and typography to make a good brand. The brand is the seal, the spirit, and the identifying symbol of the company and that uniqueness and image must be perceived by your customers.

Your brand colors are important as well as the type of font. If you can’t afford to hire a professional to design a good brand for you, you can create one for yourself. You can take advantage of the several templates on the logo maker to create your own unique branding even with little or no experience in graphic design.

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Custom Logo Design

5 Reasons to Create Your Own Brand

Most entrepreneurs and SMEs do not give any value to the brand. And I don’t mean the logo, I mean think about the positioning of your business, what you want to tell your customers, your audiences. That’s why I think that if you are going to create your own brand you should read this post.

It will open your eyes to some important reasons you should consider creating a brand for your business without any delay. So let’s get started!

1: A Brand Differentiates You from Your Competitors

The brand is essentially something that makes a difference. It is a “signal that is made or put on someone to distinguish it, or to denote the quality of belonging”.

As is evident, the first attribute of the brand is the ability to differentiate. Differentiation is essential if we want our products or services to be an alternative to those of other competitors. A customer cannot choose what he cannot distinguish.

Having a brand is a differentiation process that will allow us to have more options in the market. Creating your own brand allows you to differentiate yourself and be more visible.

2: It Allows You to Position Yourself in the Minds of Your Customers

Differentiation occurs because the customer sees your product in the market and gets an idea of ​​it. That idea is built with what you tell through Communication and Marketing; with what other people say about your products or services; with the experiences that the client himself has had.

The brand is the element with which those ideas that the client builds in his mind on your product or service are identified. Then the brand allows you to associate the product with the positioning (that idea that you have built).

3: Your Brand Transfers Intangible Values ​​To Your Products or Services

But it’s not about your brand having values ​​and attributes. The importance and value of a good brand are that it transfers intangible values, difficult to copy and imitate (increase differentiation and success) to products or services. So that the customer does not buy features, but buys values that they are represented in the products and that they identify with their own way of thinking and living.

4: A good brand builds lasting relationships

When we manage to identify and creating the Holding Hands Logo, our values ​​with those of our clients, there is an emotional connection that generates lasting relationships. Consumer’s emotional connection makes our customers buy more, for longer and recommend our products. And I’m sure it’s something you would like to have in your business. Besides, when creating your own brand you have to think that the goal is not to sell, it is to develop those lasting relationships that will generate more success.

5: The Brand Builds Trust and Improves Sales

Corporate reputation is the subscription in which our clients’ trust towards our brand and our project grows. That trust is once again focused on the brand, which is the element that identifies us and differentiates us from others.

Trust is the engine of sales. The brand identifies with its customers, differs from its competitors, and creates relationships through Corporate Communication and Marketing. The result of this is the generation of reputation and trust that lead our customers to buy.