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Cross Logos as this beautiful design, used for branding a wide range of holy products and brands. Cross Jesus symbols excellent for branding Holy Bible, Jesus Christ products, vintage cross jewelry, Church, a priest, Christian products, etc.

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What Do The Brand Colors Say About Your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing colors for your product launch, brand, or email marketing campaign, it is important you carefully consider the impact of color when making your choice. Colors have a great psychological impact on people when they see it. Colors evoke moods, emotions, and feelings.

Therefore, you must understand the power of color psychology to help you make better decisions – whether as a consumer or marketer. More than we often think, color plays a much bigger role in influencing what we purchase.

What does Each Color say About Your Church?


This is one type of mysterious yet sophisticated color that tends to be mostly used with high-end products. Why? It always elicits a kind of royalty and elegance and great for a Cross Logo and logos for churches. The color is also associated with spirituality and could help bring a magical element to your branding.

Color code: sophistication, royalty, nostalgia, spirituality, mystery, etc.


If you are looking to evoke the feeling of positivity in your identity, you might as well think of the color yellow. It is associated with the sun and its various shades bring optimism and hope. The color yellow also easily connects with people because it always stands out among other colors. You will love to tap into the well of creativity that color yellow offers.

Color code: light, motivation, positivity, creativity, warmth, happiness, etc.


White is associated with purity, simplicity, and cleanliness and can be wonderful for your Cross Logo. This is one reason the color white is very popular and holy and can be use in for your church. It also works well in child-related business and cleaning business too. White can also represent a sense of trust.

Color code: nobility, purity, cleanliness, and soft