3D Logo Premium – Give your logo an amazing 3D effect


Showcase your logo as an innovative 3D Logo Design

Upgrade your 2D logo and give it a unique and innovative 3D effect that stands out! Use it for your websites, business cards, letterheads, social media, and much more.

File Included:  JPG + PNG transparent


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SKU: 3D-00044
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Showcase your 2D logo as an amazing 3D Logo Design

Upgrade your logo presentation – Give your design a unique 3D effect that stands out!

Get the high-resolution standing 3D mock-up and turn your logo into an amazing 3D. Use The 3D logo for presentations, websites, business cards, Facebook, and more.

File Included:  JPG + PNG transparent

  • SIZE: 30 cm * 20 cm


3D Logo mockup sample:




Branding tips and tricks to create a logo

Create an eye-catching 3D logo

Your logo should represent your business on the Internet. Therefore, you need to create an eye-catching logo for your business. You can add colorful pictures, shapes, or logos to your brand. These colorful accessories can make your customers interested in your business. You need to be sure that your brand can stand out from the crowd, so you can overcome the competition in your industry. If you want to create your own creative branding, you should consider using the 3D logo maker.


How to Choose the Best Font for Your Brand

The font may play an important role in your brand or your business. Creating a good brand requires you to choose the best font for your brand. There are a lot of font types or sizes that are available today. It means that you have to select the best one for your business. A good font is very useful to boost the performance of your business.


Select the right font type

Different font types may communicate different attributes and personalities. Therefore, you have to select the best font type that can represent your business as a whole. Your customers will always make assumptions on your business just by looking at your brand, logo, and font. You need to notice that there are several types of font classes, for example, Sans-Serif, Serif, Slab Serifs, Script, etc.

Different font types may bring different benefits and impacts on your business. For example, Serif fonts may bring a conservative, refined, classic, and traditional look on your brand, while Sans-Serif fonts can deliver a clean, modern, and simple appearance on your brand.


Select the right colors

After you find the best font size and style for your brand, you also need to work on your branding color. You may design your logo and text in many different colorspaces. It is a good idea for you to work on your design, so your fonts are readable from both close and far ranges.

It is a good idea for you to optimize your font type, color, and size based on your needs. When you do some experiments in selecting the best logo and font for your brand, you should be able to boost the performance of your business effectively.