Why Is It Important to Use GIFs Instead of Pictures on a Website?

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “animated GIF”? Do you know the main rules on how to make a GIF and how it can make your website better? In this article, we will tell you what a GIF is, how to make a GIF for a website, and why it’s important to use GIFs instead of pictures to attract more potential customers.

How Animated GIFs Are Used in Web Design

If we talk about using animated GIFs in web design, they can be a wonderful tool for various design mock-ups and email marketing pitches. Discover some samples of how you can create and use animated GIFs effectively:

  • Mock-ups. When you present a mock-up for a website or a mobile application, this can be quite difficult. Usually, designers present static images to customers, but it doesn’t work as well as GIFs can do it. Animated GIFs can easily solve the problem and simplify life.
  • Alternative to CSS3. Animated GIFs work better compared to CSS3 because even old browsers support them well. Sometimes, animated GIFs are used instead of videos because it’s a more lightweight option.
  • Engaging new clients. Thanks to animated GIFs, your website can be more attractive for potential clients. You can add some GIFs with your products or services and showcase them in new exciting ways. Compared to usual photos, animated GIFs can attract people’s attention more effectively.
  • Email marketing. GIFs can be added to your email to attract the receiver’s attention. Creative and interesting content gives more results compared to traditional emails when you are showcasing the company’s services and products.
How to Create an Awesome GIF?
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How to Create an Awesome GIF?

It’s not so difficult to make a custom animated GIF for your website even without any professional knowledge in this sphere. You can find many GIF makers on the Internet or use any special programs and apps, including Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Movavi. Of course, if you are planning something a bit more complicated, you can hire a freelancer with solid experience in web design to make your dreams come true and provide you with a high-quality animated GIF.

Why Use GIFs on Landing Pages?

GIFs appeared in the 1990s, but even nowadays, they remain popular. It do not support audio, and they play with no pause on a loop. Also, GIFs have become a trend for landing pages because it’s cheaper to create them compared to videos for demonstrating your company’s products or services.

With GIFs, you can explain how your product works in a more automatic and short way. Plus, the loading speed of your landing isn’t affected by animated GIFs, as it may happen when you post large videos on the website.

Using Animated GIFs in Emails

Needless to say, not just every company and brand can use GIFs for their business. But if you make products or services for young and tech-savvy people who deal with GIFs every day, you are free to use them to promote your offers. Here’s how a GIF works for you:

  • Helps you send a clear message to potential clients.
  • Highlights the most important information in an email.
  • Informs people about the main features of your service or product.
  • Adds some excitement and fun to your message to the clients.

When you want to add something new to your emails, try some GIF animations to make your messages more interesting and attractive to readers. Invest some time to create successful GIFs, and get more potential clients who will be interested in buying your products or services.

Animated GIFs can be used in various ways, including fashion industry products, as a showcase to demonstrate particular products or services, showing to potential customers a line of products, or demonstrating special features of a certain product.

Using Animated GIF Logos

With an animated GIF logo, your company will stand out from others and attract more potential clients. Here are the main ideas of using logo animation for your business to make your website more popular among people:.

  • Intro to the video about a brand. Needless to say, video marketing takes one of the highest places on the market. People watch videos more often, so companies try to provide them with high-quality video content. You can use a GIF animated logo as an intro for the video about your company. This will help you introduce the brand to new potential clients and engage more people.
  • Outro to a brand’s video. Your animated logo will work perfectly at the end of your brand video. This is a wonderful way to finish your message for potential customers and remind them of taking the next step – download the program, buy a product, order a service, etc.
  • Screensaver at a trade show. An eye-catching GIF animation works great when you need to attract people’s attention. Nothing can be more effective than a screen that shows an animated GIF logotype of your company.
  • Signature for an email. Ordinary emails are sent to attract clients, but most people ignore or delete such messages that do not look eye-catching enough. Add some excitement to your emails with an animated company logo and make people interested in your brand.
  • As at trade shows, you can show off your company to potential clients using presentations. It should contain the main benefits of your products or services to attract potential customers. That’s why it’s a great place to paste your animated logo and make the whole presentation memorable to all people who will watch it at least once.
  • Social media. Many brands use social media marketing to get more people engaged with their company and products. When it comes to visual content, videos are getti