Animated logo is becoming industry standards in almost all markets. Even the super-brands and the multinationals, which used only conservative language to express their image, turn to animation to communicate that they are progressive and creative.
So if you want your company to appear up-to-date, consider updating the way you present your identity, brand, and get your logo animated with the animated logo maker.
Whether you are starting a new business that needs adequate branding or looking for an update, see some of the great inspirations can make the process easier.


A logo is like the heart of the brand’s identity. It presents the personality of a company or a product and plays an essential role in a branding strategy. A powerful logo can connect with the target audience and tell the story of a brand. If graphic designers do their job correctly, a logo establishes a compelling brand image that serves as the foundation for a successful marketing strategy.

The era of static graphics projects has focused on printing alone. Modern technology opens up great opportunities and professionals need to take advantage of it. To breathe new life into the logo, design experts decided to add some movement.

The animation level can range from simple movements to short presentations of the entire video. A company and designer agree on the type of animation to choose from and how long it will be in line with the company objectives and the kind of a personality they wish to demonstrate to their clients.
Currently, the tools that allow you to create animated graphics are in open access, such as an animated logo maker. Furthermore, it is quite clear that graphic designers often create animations on their own. However, if a brand needs an elaborate video, it may be useful to consult with animation designer or make use of an animation logo maker specialist.


An animated logo is a dynamic and modern way of presenting a brand. You can show the character of a company and transfer a specific message attracting customers. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to differentiate you from the competition, since an animation of your logo guarantees originality. Let’s see the list of advantages that an animated logo brings to a brand. You can showcase your video on youtube, facebook, twitter, powerpoint presentation an much more.

An original image

It is no secret that some brands have similar logos and even more, sometimes they can be competing. This can happen not on purpose, but only because the brands are forced to apply some elements of recognition in a logo that would give a clue to their services.
To add exclusivity to a logo, designers can add some movement. Motion Graphics leaves your imagination out of control. The original graphics combined with different visual effects create a unique way of perceiving the logo.

Greater brand recognition

Many experts say that animated images, as well as video content, are more understandable than static images, which means they are easy to remember. A great animated logo connects to potential customers and catches the eye effectively. Some animated logos can last up to ten seconds, which increases the storage possibilities compared to a brief look at the still image.

Logo Animation Brings New Life To Your Brand Marketing

Greater brand recognition

Many experts say that animated images, as well as video content, are more understandable than static images, which means they are easy to remember. A great animated logo connects to potential customers and catches the eye effectively. Some Motion Graphics can last up to ten seconds, which increases the storage possibilities compared to a brief look at the still image.

Beautiful first impression

The first impression usually has a significant impact on the way people see a product. It only takes a few seconds to decide if we like what we see or not. Since a logo is the first thing clients usually use to identify a brand, it should impress potential customers. Logo animation is an excellent way to surprise people and increase the chances to remember your brand. The first positive impression helps to attract users’ interest.

Emotions evoked

People like new and unusual ideas and an animated logo is an excellent way to surprise them. Effective animation of the logo can become a trigger for joy, excitement, and intrigue. If a logo can bring positive emotions to the target audience, the chances are good that it will remember a brand and associate it with something amusing.

Better storytelling

Animation a logo can become a functional part of a narrative process. Animation can provide a more detailed explanation of a company’s nature than a static logo. It works like a small video that tells a unique story about a product or a company. Video content can quickly establish an emotional connection with viewers. Also, the video can be shared on the web, which means that more people can see a logo.

Business professionalism

Customers may not be marketing experts, but they understand what the trend is. Many famous companies, including Google, have already purchased animated versions of their logos and share them proudly all over the world. That’s why when a brand proves to be updated with innovations, people see them as the real professional.


The content of the video is directed to the entire digital space and can be applied in different cases for different purposes. Let’s see what they are.

Social Networking

Currently, social networks are one of the leading platforms for product promotion. People spend a lot of time surfing the Internet and communicating on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Video content is a compelling and easy-to-share marketing tool that can be quickly found in the rest of the content. Also, animated logos can be converted so that GIFs become a useful material for social publications so that they can be shared on social networks.

Business website

Websites are like a resume for a company. It is essential to ensure that a website works effectively. An animated logo can also be used to improve the image of your site and increase your SEO (search engine optimization). Visitors will see the animation of the logo and, in this way, will spend more time on a page. This indicator has an essential impact on the positioning of the site in the search results.


Public figures often have to make different presentations, whether it is a product demonstration or a business meeting. By including an animated logo on the slides, you can add the element of originality and creativity to the presentation.

Promotional videos

In our previous articles, we described the role of promotional videos in business, and we have said that many companies benefit from this marketing tool. So, why not polish a promotional video with an original animated logo? This combination can carry out certain commercial and marketing tasks.


It is evident that an animated logo is often utilized as a useful promotional tool. It helps increase brand awareness, memorization, improve storytelling, and create an original image for a brand. To work efficiently, consider the following factors.

  • Keep it short. Try not to create a complex film of a logo.
  • Before creating a logo animation, analyze the company’s aims, objectives and think about the personality that a brand will display.
  • Perform the user survey. Logo animation should be targeted to user preferences.
  • Create an animation in this way so that the final result is unpredictable in the first second.


An animated logo is one of the ways to improve your marketing strategy and to stand out from the competition. It can also be used in many different ways not only on your website but also in your social media marketing campaigns. Use the features mentioned above to create your animated logo and make sure you use it in your marketing strategy. On a tight budget? An animated logo maker will solve the problem.

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