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How To Leverage Virtual Communication To Make Sales

If you prefer in-person meetings over virtual ones, being pushed into a remote sales setting might have left you feeling overwhelmed. For better or worse, online sales are the new normal.

There has been a greater emphasis and need across industries to make sales virtually and use digital technologies for communication following the pandemic. Most people involved in business management have had to adapt.

However, how do you build meaningful relationships with your prospects when you can’t meet them in person, analyze their body language, and demonstrate your offering’s value?

While it can be challenging, it isn’t impossible.

Here are some of the best ways to leverage virtual communication tools to make the sales and business management process seamless and effective.

Face-to-Face Versus Virtual Communication

Unlike face-to-face communication, virtual selling refers to leveraging technology; particularly video, to carry out the sales process.

The primary goal of virtual communications is to shorten the sales process and increase closing rates, thereby improving customer relationships. With the world inching closer to digitization, sales processes have followed suit.

The pandemic accelerated the speed of virtual communication for the sales revolution, pushing in-person meetings out of the picture, and leaving salespeople struggling to adapt quickly. Virtual selling can open great opportunities for sales professionals to improve their sales game. However, just because it is widely adopted doesn’t mean it is perfect.

The Challenges of Making Virtual Sale

Only a handful of sales professionals are skilled at selling virtually, and there clearly are several challenges associated with this new concept. For instance, meeting online instead of in-person means you have to fight for your target’s attention with work on their screen and personal life constantly interrupting them.

This makes it tough to keep your prospects engaged throughout the meeting. Additionally, with fewer face-to-face interactions or industry event opportunities, it can be hard to build relationships and prospects.

Also, much of the communication during a sales meeting is nonverbal. So virtual selling can make reading body language a challenge. Lastly, a poor internet connection for either participant can lead to communication gaps, thereby lowering productivity.

Many sales teams are finding it hard to become familiar with digital technologies, particularly for communication and the new standard of making contact with clients, leads, and more.

An important point, however, is that these challenges bring forward valuable learning opportunities for sales teams, and there are plenty of strategies to help your sales team succeed at virtual selling.

Securing Sales Virtually

Currently, virtual selling is the new normal, and there are several challenges to selling in a digital world. Nevertheless, here are a few tips sales reps can leverage to make sales without physically being in the same room with a potential client.

Get the Right Tools

You need the right virtual communication tools to impress your target audience and potential partners. Virtual communication tools have become essential for businesses to connect with customers and close sales. Some popular tools include Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEX, and Google Meet. However, consider Salesforce, Owler, Vidyard, and Khoros, which help with customer relationship management and engagement.

Live Chat And Video Conferencing

Live chat is a useful tool for interacting with clients and providing them with immediate answers to their inquiries. It’s a fantastic approach to connecting with potential customers and offering prompt service. You may raise sales and increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly and helpfully.

The preferred method of distant customer communication for sales teams is now video conferencing. It’s simple to organize virtual meetings and communicate face-to-face with clients from anywhere in the globe with the help of platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

It’s crucial to get ready in advance in order to maximize the benefits of video conferencing. Make sure you have a steady internet connection, crystal-clear audio, and a quiet area. Possess a professional background and dress properly. Be prepared for your pitch and make an effort to involve the customer by actively listening and posing questions.

Virtual Communication sales

Go Prepared

Meeting a prospect might seem casual and more relaxed, but preparation is essential. In fact, you should research your leads even before you schedule a call and be knowledgeable about the business, its pain points, and its values.

This information will help you personalize your presentation to showcase your products and services in a way that perfectly solves the customer’s problems.

Share the Presentation Beforehand

It’s important that you share the presentation with your prospect in advance. When they can read it in advance, they will easily be able to focus on your talking points. Make sure to use your business logo design and branding elements as part of your presentation design. It will make your brand looks professional and convincing.

Furthermore, in case of technical difficulties and the video lags, your prospect will still have the valuable material in their hand.

Explain the Sales Process

Just like you; your prospects are also adjusting to the whole idea of virtual selling. So, spend some time explaining to the buyers what they should expect regarding demos, calls, etc.

This will help them feel more at ease and allow them to express their concerns about the process. Additionally, it is an opportunity for you to establish trust and build rapport.

Impress Your Prospects

With minimal or no in-person interaction, impressing clients might be challenging. For this reason, you should come up with out-of-the-box ideas like sending them care packages with branded products like custom keychains, pens, notepads, etc. It might also be a great idea to send such products along with sales paperwork or pamphlets to add an extra caring touch.

Virtual Selling: A Game Changes

Virtual selling, when done right, can sign up your sales game. However, remember that things will go wrong initially, even when you have done everything right. Be patient and professionally handle the disappointment, and soon things will start working out in your favor.


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