• How To Generate Content For Your Video Marketing Campaign

How To Generate Content For Your Video Marketing Campaign?

Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to customers and make a lasting impact. Because video films can effectively explain topics and put a face on a business, consumers adore interacting with them.

A survey conducted by HubSpot discovered that 54% of consumers interviewed preferred videos from brands they support. Other forms of content like emails, blog posts, and images were less preferred.
Brands must, therefore, generate video content to stay relevant to this consumer preference. This can be achieved using a text to speech software, which converts any written text into realistic AI voices in different languages. This approach helps the brands in connecting with a larger audience globally.

Video production has been made possible with the evolution of powerful smartphones with strong cameras and available editing software. However, you might not be able to create high-quality content that will help your marketing without a certain set of abilities and understanding.

Below is a guideline on how to generate content for your video marketing campaign:

Generate Content For Your Video Campaign

1. Decide What Type Of Video You Will Produce

The purpose of your marketing campaign will determine what type of video you will produce. You can incorporate video marketing in aspects like brand awareness, increasing sales, or upselling more products to your existing customer base. Video production services can aid you in this regard by helping you professionally deliver different types of videos.

Below are some of the types of videos you can make:

Event Video

A video can be used to showcase to the audience what happened at an event. Therefore, a business can capture the activities at important gatherings like annual general meetings, corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns, and exhibitions.


A company brand can utilize social media channels to create live videos that can show customers around the facility or explain a technical concept to their audience. Because viewers can provide an immediate response or ask questions, live videos have a high level of engagement.

Product Demos

Brands can record a video to demonstrate how a product works, such as how to install an electrical appliance.

Brand Videos

You can also make a video to explain the company’s culture, mission, or vision. Brand videos assist in giving a better perspective of the company, which is an important aspect of marketing.


You can make a video recording of an expert in the industry or a guest in the business world. Such a video is important in improving the diversity of content in the video marketing strategy.

2. Create A Video Script

Before you take a camera and other production equipment, you should be well prepared by creating a video script to guide the shooting exercise. Create a text document containing all the words you’d like to be captured.

Use the help of an internal editor or copywriter to create a short, impactful message. You can also list the key points to guide the video shooting process.

A good video script is necessary because it reduces the overall editing required and the duration of the recording. Some marketing professionals will advise you to repurpose existing blog and website material in order to give it a new feel. Therefore, try incorporating shareable graphics into your posts that you can share on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, make Instagram Stories and advertise your current content with them.

3. Incorporate A Solid SEO Strategy

Videos can be posted on various platforms like YouTube channels, social media, and websites. Depending on the topic of the video, they also compete with tons of similar content. A good search engine optimization (SEO) plan is important to ensure videos are ranked highly and attract high traffic to your site.

Below are some of the SEO aspects to incorporate when making videos:

  • Titles – Use short and informative titles with 60 characters or less. Ensure you also incorporate keywords in the title. An internal YouTube keyword planner is a good option to generate relevant keywords.
  • Description – Most video platforms have a tab dedicated to inserting the video description. Ensure the description is packed with valuable information. Viewers use this information to determine whether it’s worth watching a long video. You could also incorporate relevant keywords to improve the ranking aspects of the description.
  • Thumbnails – Thumbnails are images that provide a description or a hint of what the video is all about. Use visually appealing, descriptive, and branded images to improve the search qualities of your video.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Currently, the biggest percentage of internet traffic originates from mobile devices. Ensure your video is optimized for mobile viewing to take advantage of mobile traffic. Google and other search engines offer better rankings to videos that are responsive to mobile devices.
  • Brand Identity – This is an important element and any small business brand must include its brand in its videos. It refers to all of a small business’s immediately recognizable components for customers. It encompasses the ビジネスロゴ, color scheme, lettering, and fonts, as well as how it promotes itself on its website and on social media.

4. Make Your Video As Descriptive As Possible

As you make the video, there may be other videos out there with similar content or competing to rank for the same keywords. Therefore, viewers are spoilt for choice—they can skim through videos to determine which is worthy to watch. Your videos must, therefore, offer value at a glance to capture the attention of viewers.

Some of the aspects you can work on are:

  • Transcribing – You could use accompanying text to make your videos impactful. This way, your viewers can read through the text before viewing it. Google can also easily crawl through your video for a better ranking. You could also incorporate subtitles to improve the viewers’ ease of understanding the concept or the message.
  • Include a Synopsis – A synopsis is a description found below a video link. Ensure the description contains the benefits of watching the video or the main points discussed.

5. Optimize Your Videos For Conversion

All video marketing efforts should be geared towards meeting a goal like increased sales or improved brand awareness. Therefore, your video should direct the viewers to a sales page or an action that improves your business.

Below are some of the improvements you can make to your videos:

  • Call-to-Action: Include urgent messages like ‘Call Now for a Free consultation,’ ‘Click here to get a 20% discount,’ or ‘Visit Our Shop Today.’ These messages are good for convincing a lead or prospective client to move to the next stage of the sales process.
  • Choose a Good Publishing Time: Choose the best time to publish your video, which can be based on your target audience’s time zone, work schedules, or on weekends. A video that gets tons of views in the first two days is ranked highly by search engines, which is crucial in attracting more traffic.



As a business owner, a good video marketing campaign is based on quality content and other considerations made when publishing it. It would help if you made efforts to improve the videos’ SEO properties.

If you get it right, the business will get extended traffic and exposure to your videos. To improve the performance of a video marketing campaign, ensure the videos have a good description and a clear call to action.

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